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Inconvenient Al

He is at it again with a sequel to his error ridden Inconvenient Truth movie.  The only thing about Algore’s movie that was positive was in being able to line his pockets with the only “green” he is interested in: greenbacks. Al has made millions off of the backs of the poor sots who bought into […]

The Era of Fake News & Fake Data

Another round of scientists have just issued a report on the accuracy of the AGW mongers, their enabling scientists, and the associated Scientology theories, and the conclusion is not a surprise…to those of us who knew the AGW theory was bunk to begin with.  How are the Algorians going to spin their way out of […]

Dislocated Natural History

On September 12th, I received a link to an article published online by the Columbine Courier on September 6, 2016. We have published that link on our Facebook page to address the question raised about the article’s content relating to osprey having adapted an ability to “dislocate their shoulders upon entering the water, otherwise, they […]

Necropsy Report Inconclusive

Necropsy Report Inconclusive: As you see, the necropsy report from the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Animal Health Laboratory details several findings regarding the body of E4. Unfortunately, it seems that the refrigerator holding the body failed shortly after the eagle was placed there on July 9, and by the time the issue was discovered, some […]

New Owl Arrives

Meet our new male great-horned owl! He arrived around 11:30 AM August 5, from Michigan. He is one year old, having jumped early from his nest last year, and fracturing his right wing in the process. He was on the ground for about a week behind a barn before he was finally picked up and […]

Our New Web Platform Launches

After several years we have migrated from our old web platform based on Microsoft’s Front Page software to the universally most used Word Press platform.  Special thanks to the great people at ECentral, our ISP, and Chris Canipe, REF Docent, for making this evolution as simple and as cost-effective as possible.  Our old web site […]

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