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Natural Warming Cycles

More evidence appears that what the world is experiencing has little to do with carbon dioxide discharged  by the benefits of the industrial revolution. Instead, we are seeing a relatively modest warming due to naturally cycling patterns that have been going on in one form or another for thousands of years.  You will not see […]

Paradise Lost?

Hawaii is learning  lessons about wind farms that many other states should look at very carefully. Not only is an endangered species about to face the ultimate sacrifice to those who believe wind is the clean, green, free answer to all their energy needs, but look at what has happened to the island’s previous wind […]

No Climate Accord In Paris

If you cannot obtain real data by which to measure your progress towards a clean environment, a clean climate, or whatever you are forcing billions of people to pursue, what’s the point?  This BBC report further undermines the entire basis of the Paris Climate Accord, which reveals the massive sink hole ready to swallow the […]

Speaking Truth To Power

An honest crab fisherman knows more about the real world than the ex VP of the United States.  This man had the temerity to let the Climate Change con-man Algore in on the simple observational fact that because of his crab-fishing business he has not seen any sea rise since 1970. Gore’s response was to ask […]

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