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March 6, 2014: Remember Blood Diamonds? This term was changed to "Conflict Diamonds."  The same thing is now being done to our wildlife by politicians who are blind to the science and economics of alleged alternative energy technologies. Or maybe they just don't care as they wage war on our wildlife!  Almost every time we use electricity, an animal's blood colors the light, or taints your toast.  In Germany the energy extremists' schemes have turned electricity into a luxury good, as the schemes can't come onlineIt is time to stop this extremist energy exploitation by the real 1 percenters.  In Spain, the avian holocaust is staggering, while their energy prices skyrocketAudubon Magazine has an excellent piece by Ted Williams  on the avian and bat slaughter in America.  In the United Kingdom it appears they are finally waking up, and are moving to rid themselves of windfarms. The Hawaiian experience is predictive as well. High tech data centers all rely on cheap energy from hydrocarbons not wind farms, and from Canada, we get this report that further undermines the rotten science excusing the wildlife wars. In Europe sustainable alternative energy schemes are proving unsustainable, as people struggle with their electrical bills.  In Portugal, the actual data from observations in many disciplines does not support the climate jihadist's computer models, but natural variations in climate activity make complete sense further undermining the push for "alternative energy" schemes. This report on the Achille's heel within the turbines themselves is smoking hot! Big Wind continues to promote their attack on the tax payers of America via their political cronies.  Wisconsonites, however, have just declared wind turbines as health hazards to people!

Colorado's Phil Anschutz is working on building the largest eagle killing machine in the world with his 1,000 turbine Sierra Madre and Chokecherry projects in Wyoming.  The BLM estimates that 46-64 eagles will be slaughtered each year. We suspect that estimate is conveniently on the low side.  Go Phil, that's a fine thing to do with your billions!  Maybe he plans to put all those dead eagles on display at his 45,000 acre Eagle's Nest Ranch?  Go Phil!

Here is why another billionaire (W.Buffet) builds windfarms, the tax credits, in his own words.  Essentially, your political representatives are giving investors like Buffet and Anschutz tax relief by underwriting  these wildlife wars with your taxes. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside- how about you?

Join our campaign to stop the egregious slaughter of birds and Chiropterans (bats) by politicians promoting expensive, inefficient, polluting wind turbines and the solar furnaces that fry birds flying near them. This largest of all solar furnaces, partially owned by Google, now wants a $500 million bailout out by taxpayers. None of these alternative energy schemes would exist without significant taxpayer subsidies, which are weakening America's electrical grid.Order our static cling stickers (below) which will alert everyone to this tragedy, forced on all who use electricity, by politicians and tax subsidy leeches.  We will list organizations and politicians (below) that support our mission. Is your organization or elected representative listed below?  Ask your bird group, professional/environmental organization, political party, town council, business, church, or representative why they aren't on the list.

We know the good people at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and various state agencies cannot speak the truth for fear of losing their jobs, so we may not see their names below. However, a recent report reveals that America's wind industries claims about wildlife mortality have been benefiting from fabricated data. This report is a real shocker, and illuminates federal and some state wildlife agencies in a very bad light.  Here is another report that most " alternative enviros" will not wish to read. And if you think the goal of all of this alternative scheming is affordable energy, take a look at another type of conflict resulting from the current corruption of science. If you like your affordable energy, you can keep it!  Update: A court action may finally begin!


 Contact Us to book an eagle and a speaker to learn more.  Our program, Eagles, Energy, the Environment & Economics looks at the evidence of "alternative energy" and helps you understand the hype.   Read about Conflict Energy Where are you in the energy wars?  Hydrocarbon and nuclear energy, especially Thorium, is still the best alternative to the aerial holocaust being forced on everyone by our corrupted political process, and corrupt scientists.

Join Our Conflict Free Energy Coalition*
The good guys are on this list. They are against the alternative energy holocaust!
Display your stop sign on your car, your shop, your office, your church.
Help us grow this list! 

Organizations/Businesses: Three sticker minimum for listing Individuals: One sticker or more Elected Representatives: Three sticker minimum required to be listed
      (your name/organization here)    Any elected official (except Randy Fischer ) is welcome to join this list.  This is not an endorsement of  anyone on this list  by REF.  All political parties are welcome.  Ask your elected official why they are not here!
03/14/14-We have mailed one page fliers to the various  raptor groups (including rehab) on Colorado's front range. Let's see how long it takes for them to get listed. Greg Albers (CA) Our First!S.Wolford (MA), F. Ramirez (CO),  The Svenstag Family (NE), W. Sullivan (WY), R Whittle (KS), P Smith (CO), C.J. Winnerman (ID), B. Walters (CO), C. Schmidt (IL), R. Horst (WI), D. Evanston (CO), T. Jackson ( WY), A. Sorreno (NM), B. Whiteside (AZ),  P. Sanderson (CO),
L. Washington (FL), H Anderson (WY), E. Mertz (NV)
V. Torrance (TX), D Winston (CO),
T. Whitehurst (CT),  G. Falleron (CA), K. Metz (CO), M. Murmanski (IL), R Walton (MT),T. Ballisteri (OH), R. Arnold (CO)
S. Hickens (CA),  B. Anderson (CO),  E. Halton (FL), J. Milliken (VT), H. Searson (MT), E. Hart (ME), B. West (OK),
Our First! former U.S. Congressman, Republican, Tom Tancredo (CO),



03/14/14-We have sent all Republican gubernatorial candidates a special letter to join this cause.  Let's see how they respond.  We know where the current Guv is on this, but he is welcome to join the Conflict Free Energy Coalition!

  B. Lerner (CO), W. Samuleson (NY),  C. Yarrow (VT),  J. Carrington (NY),
L. Whitehorse (SD), S. Richards (CO), N. Mottleton (NJ), W. Mapleton (WA), M. Johnston (CO), K Berglund (CO),  L. Holtsen (IA), D. Collins (NY),
W. Williams (MI), B. Packer (CO)
J. Walters (IA), B. Rice (CO); R.Winters (WY); P. Williston (OH), G. York (CO), S. Nelson (CO),
R. Wilson (CO), A Arndt (IA),
J. White (CO), G. Johnson (CA),
V. Illyushin (CA), D Bader (CO), S. Cole (CO), E. Edson (CO), F. Smith (CO), J Billings (CO); K. Astry (CO);  W. Phillips (WA); A. Delittle (FL); R. Wearing (MA); F. Simprest (TX); C. Morgan (CO); W. Manchester (U.K); J Noble (MA); F. Tunney (FL); R. Smith (CO);  C. Dharmawardhana (CO);
W. Jones (CO); R. Warner (FL);
J. Spooner (WY); E. Sproot (NY);
C. Melitine (CA); W. Walters (CO);,A. Keeth (CO); J. Winters (CA); A. Arden (WY); D. Donner (CO); C. Tenton (CO); C Vargas (CO); E. Brougham (CO); T. Waterbury (CO); M Quintana (CO); J. Winston (WY); D. Sergesketter (CO); R Jensen (NY); L Petak (CA); A. Williamson (FL); A. Regis (Ill), P. Wilson (KS),  C Preston (CO), J. Williams (WY),

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               Adhere to inside of window.              
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Submission Form: Get Listed!

Yes! I am an American individual who deplores what politicians are doing to enable the killing and crippling of eagles and other wildlife...sign me up with the coalition!

Yes, as an elected representative,  I am totally against using alternative energy subsidies to kill and cripple eagles and other wildlife. I have just ordered your Stop Conflict Energy stickers and am proud to put my name on your coalition list.!

Yes, as a business,  a church, or a fraternal/professional group, as a environmental organization, a birding group, I wholeheartedly support your mission to Stop Conflict Energy schemes like wind farms and solar furnaces. I have just ordered your stickers and am proud to add my organization's name to your Conflict Free Energy Coalition list.

I have purchased one or more of your Stop Conflict Energy stickers, and want to add my name to your Conflict Energy Coalition above.

Complete Name (business or personal)

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Professional identification, affiliation, avocation, etc., i.e., birder, doctor, falconer, angler, hunter, environmentalist, etc.

I am an elected representative. 

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Keep my money.  Do not send me a sticker, but put my name on the list.

Click the Submit button only once.  Thank you!

*We acknowledge that no living process is without conflict.  The amount of conflict is a relative metric, however, and when one compares wildlife mortality numbers, it is demonstrable that wind farms and solar furnaces do kill and will kill far more animals than nuclear and hydrocarbon systems. These deaths are a massive waste of resources on many levels, which is  why we have created the Stop Conflict Energy campaign.  Help get the word out.

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Letters Regarding the Conflict Free Energy Coalition Campaign

From time to time, we receive letters regarding this campaign.  Thank you for the positive ones, however, the ones we publish below are critical, and these will be published for their educational value. The most recent are on top. Our responses are on the right.

Subject: Birder, CFO member, former Vestas employee who's seen the light.

Kristy Astry


Our Response: Normally we do not publish letters that agree with our position, however, this quick note from Ms. Astry was just too good to not publish.  Thanks Kristy.
Subject: Hello raptor keepers, I was at your open house and think you're doing a fine job providing a home for these beautiful birds. However, I am quite distressed at your stone-headed approach to wind energy. This planet is in major trouble, and reducing carbon emissions must become a major priority world-wide. Wind energy has made great strides in adopting measures to do just what you advocate - keeping birds alive and undamaged. Your efforts would be much better spent in working with - not against! - the industry toward that goal. To adopt such a militant attitude does the raptor center, and your good work, a true disservice.

Julia Bucher

Our Response: Thanks Julia! You are correct, I am stone-headed (probably the nicest way I have heard my condition described), but you are wrong about your assertion that our planet is in major trouble and reducing carbon emissions is a major priority world-wide. Should we follow Al Gore's carbon-reduction plan with his jet setting and massive personal carbon foot-prints?

What is scary is that less than 30% of the public has any literacy in science, which is how computer models promoting AGW have become a religion for a noisy group of  people who are pushing the current version of Lysenkoism onto the gullible. If you have taken any time to follow the links on this page, then you will discover that Big Wind is more interested in harvesting big tax credits than creating safe, clean, energy.

The current data on the safety, and green aspect of wind energy is abysmal, but you need to open your eyes, and look at the data, and I will  continue to be stone headed about the unwarranted aerial abortions of the stunning creatures that are being decimated by blind adherents to  thoroughly discredited AGW computer models.  Anthropogenic Global Warming is what it used to be called Julia, before it was changed to the more encompassing Climate Change, Global Warming, etc.  These terms mean nothing and cover everything.

If we do not adopt a militant attitude when we see the body counts piling up, who will?  You have obviously taken a position, well, we are in opposition to that stance, and will take the stones thrown at us by those who seem to operate with a stone-age understanding of the world. P. Reshetniak: Director

 Subject: Get Out Of Politics: Your support for right wing hate mongers like Tom Tancredo has NO PLACE in a non-profit wildlife foundation. Remove me from all future e-mails and solicitations. I'm going to actively purse having the non-profit status of this PAC masquerading as a wildlife group removed and all funds returned to contributors.
Shame on you!
Chuck Dunleavy
Our Response: Thanks Chuck! We provide a place where anyone, of  any political persuasion may join our coalition to get  bad politics out of the process of  creating energy systems for one and all. Thus far, only Tom Tancredo (as a political entity) has decided he wants to stand with us against the wholesale slaughter of eagles, birds in general, and bats. He is supporting us, not the other way around, as you imply.  We do not require anyone pass a politically correct test before you join our coalition to bring this avian holocaust to an end. When you refer to him as a right wing hate monger, is it because you are one on the left side of the spectrum?  Without  politics in wildlife management and conservation Mr. Dunleavy, the Endangered Species Act would not exist; nor would any hunting and fishing or game management program. Access to national and state parks, is all determined via the political process, and that consists of a myriad of diverse species, including Homo sapiens, such as yourself. It is the  bad politics of this administration that created a 30 year waiver for wind farms to slaughter eagles with impunity. It is bad politics of both parties that has permitted a small group of Hopi Indians to sacrifice live eagles during religious ceremonies during past decades. We stand against eagle slaughter, your  position is obvious, shame on you!  Oh, and "purse" away, actively or otherwise!  And Chuck, you may remove yourself from our future e-mails, by using the built in feature.   P. Reshetniak: Director. 
Subject: Re: Open House Last Notice and Our Dynamic Duo

Click here for 10 full quotes on Environment OR background on Environment.
  • Scored 28% on Humane Society Scorecard on animal protection. (Jan 2007)
  • USís world-scale consumerism is a measure of success. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted NO on environmental education grants for outdoor experiences. (Sep 2008)
  • Voted NO on barring website promoting Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump. (May 2006)
  • Voted YES on deauthorizing "critical habitat" for endangered species. (Sep 2005)
  • Rated 5% by the LCV, indicating anti-environment votes. (Dec 2003)
And you think Tancredo gives a rip about Raptors? Your tacit endorsement of him has made me question your integrity and that of your organization. If you truly think Tancredo has any interest in conservation that isn't tied to "big oil", you are deluded.

Perhaps you need to rethink your "three sticker" policy, spending $10 on stickers is easy, unlike actually voting for conservation. Or perhaps, though I hate to think so, you and your organization have become pawns of "big oil" yourselves.

In any case, if you don't rectify this you can count me and my friends and family among those no longer supporting you, and working to redirect any funds to alternate organizations.

Larry Switzer

Our Response: Thanks Larry!  Listing anyone's votes on a specific issue, as you have provided, without showing the entire bill put up for a vote is nice cherry picking, but hardly damning of anyone.  Our goal is to gain support for our Stop Conflict Energy Coalition, not to determine who is free of sins, real or imagined.  We will let you throw those stones.

And using the League of Conservation Voters as a neutral judge of anyone's position on conservation issues, simply shows how one-sided you are. If you go to this link, it is obvious the LCV supports one party exclusively.

Should another political persona, from the opposite side of the political spectrum stand with us against the aerial holocaust, they will be credited just as we have Mr. Tancredo. "Big Oil" is a better option in our perspective than "Big Wind."  Big Oil was never able to receive a 30 year waiver to kill wildlife with impunity as has Big Wind from the current administration.  That's no delusion.

Politicians of both persuasions have lots of ways to hide behind their votes. The "I was for it, before I was against it."  syndrome is not uncommon amongst the political crowd.   Actions speak louder than words, and Tancredo has taken a small action to stand with us against this aerial slaughter.  If you can arrange some "big oil" money to support our campaign, I will send you 3 stickers.  Neither Gore or Bush Jr have much to endear them to us, however, just look at how they actually live now.  Which one is a friend of the environment?

Larry, while I don't know who your friends and family are, your $20 sent to us two years ago was very welcome, but our position on the bad science behind the bad politics, which is driving Big Bad Wind was quite apparent on many pages of our web site back then.

I trust  this rectifies our position for you. We just don't think the promise implied in "if you like your wildlife, you can keep your wildlife" has any credibility.  P. Reshetniak: Director

From The Economist, July 26th 2014


"If all the costs and benefits are totted up using Mr Frankís calculation, solar power is by far the most expensive way of reducing carbon emissions. It costs $189,000 to replace 1MW per year of power from coal. Wind is the next most expensive. Hydropower provides a modest net benefit. But the most cost-effective zero-emission technology is nuclear power. The pattern is similar if 1MW of gas-fired capacity is displaced instead of coal. And all this assumes a carbon price of $50 a tonne. Using actual carbon prices (below $10 in Europe) makes solar and wind look even worse. The carbon price would have to rise to $185 a tonne before solar power shows a net benefit.

There are, of course, all sorts of reasons to choose one form of energy over another, including emissions of pollutants other than CO2 and fear of nuclear accidents. Mr Frank does not look at these. Still, his findings have profound policy implications."



The excerpt on the left is from a study by Charles Frank of the Brookings Institution. The latter is certainly no conservative think tank.  His study is extensive and economically damning of  "alternative energy" schemes foisted on one and all by the premise of AGW that reducing carbon emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, is an issue warranting the energy bankruptcy of America.  Mr. Frank, does not include the "externality" of wildlife slaughter in his equations.  That would damn the wind industry even further. P.Reshetniak,:Director


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