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           Live Eagle Sacrifices  Continue  

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"people are happier in all outdoor environments (except fog or rain) than they are indoors."*
... a study by George MacKerron and Susana Mourato from University College London and the London School of Economics.
*The Economist, 09/14/13

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Appellate Court Unanimously Rules For REF     

"IV. Breach of Contract

In light of our conclusion that the 2009 amendment is unconstitutional, the trial court’s judgment in favor of the Department on REF’s breach of contract claim must be reversed. It is undisputed that the Department breached the contract with REF, and the Department can no longer rely on the 2009 amendment to excuse its breach. The case must be remanded to the trial court for a hearing to assess damages on REF’s breach of contract claim.

V. Violation of Permanent Injunction

We also conclude that the trial court’s judgment in favor of the Department on REF’s claim for violation of the court’s 2002 order must be reversed. Although the trial court acknowledged that the 2002 order required the Department to sell specialty plates only to REF members, see REF I, the court nevertheless concluded that the order “must give way to the law as amended in 2009,” essentially vacating the 2002 order. Because we have determined that the 2009 amendment is unconstitutional, the trial court’s determination that the amendment obviated the 2002 order cannot stand. Therefore, at the hearing on remand, the trial court also should consider what damages should be assessed for the Department’s violation of the 2002 order.

In view of our reversal of the trial court’s summary judgment in favor of the Department, we need not consider REF’s appeal from the denial of its motion for a new trial.

The judgment is reversed, and the case is remanded to the trial court for further proceedings consistent with this opinion."

The complete published opinion is here...just click.

 Contact Us with your comments-please note, they will be published below.  Thank you.

Appellate Court Finds State of Colorado In Contempt!

The excerpt on the left includes two of the most important conclusions issued today (12/27/12) against the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles and for the Raptor Education Foundation.  This is the second time the Department attempted to breach their own contract with us concerning the issuance of our Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates.

This time, however, the breach was initiated by a small, greedy politician named Randy Fischer (Representative) of Larimer County who snuck through an amendment in 2009 in which he basically attempted to legislatively loot our trademarked and copyrighted design to benefit his preferred  organization.  Despite being informed that we had a contract, and that our design was protected under copyright and trademark laws, this egotistical parasite thought differently, and ignored our constitutional rights, and our property.

His incompetence as a legislator, his conceit and ethical vacuity has cost us tens of  thousands of dollars, and that much again the taxpayers of Colorado who paid for the Attorney General's office to defend the Department of Motor Vehicle's obvious violation of our state and federal constitutional contract rights.  More on that later as we report on the entire case pertaining to Representative Fischer's lack of integrity and ethics.

We are pleased to have the Appellate Court's opinion today written by Judge Booras with concurrence from Judge Casebolt and Judge Bernard.  No doubt, the state will appeal this decision to the Colorado Supreme court showing more disregard for the use of Colorado taxpayer's funds to try and further beat a little non-profit into submission.  After all, it is not their money.

Thanks to Fairfield & Woods, our legal eagles, and in particular Jack Tanner who championed our cause long after we had run out of funds with which to pay. Considering the Appellate Court elected to publish their opinion, they obviously felt it merited historical attention and continuity to re-enforce precedent and the constitutional viability  of contract law.

In the future we will disclose how all of this was an enormous waste of our state's resources, and our very limited resources as we had to fight to protect what was legally ours under state and federal contract law and an earlier court injunction against the DMV. 

One thing you can be sure of, however,  Representative Fischer doesn't care a bit.  As a legislator he is immune from answering for his incompetence, greed, and guile. It's also not his money!  He is just a cheap cowardly punk! A reprobate at best.

more developing....stay tuned.

Peter Reshetniak, Director: Raptor Education Foundation



To those of our audience unaware of the matter, the report below relates to the take of young golden eagles by a small sect of Hopi Indians, who then religiously sacrifice the young eagles.  We have been protesting this practice as an act of religious barbarism, not much different  than any live animal or human sacrifices, which have been wisely prohibited by civilized people for ages.  Maybe that is one of the things that makes humans "civilized?"    We must acknowledge Frank Buono for his continued vigilance in reporting this situation to us and our supporters.


On April 23, 2013 the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Regional Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico issued a new permit to the Hopi Tribe to collect up to 40 golden eagle nestlings in northeastern Arizona during 2013.  The permit requires the Hopi to submit a 2013 collecting report with their request for permit renewal for 2014.   PEER will seek that report when the Hopi submit it.   The USFWS action was accompanied by a Finding of No Significant Affect (FONSI) for an Environmental Assessment.   The original EA/FONSI (April 9, 2013) limited the Hopi to take no more than 5 eagles from Navajo lands but the amended and final FONSI of April 23 removed that limit.  The USFWS – Southwest Region posted the EA and signed FONSI on their website. To PEER’s knowledge there was no public comment period. 


The Permit cannot be used in areas of the national park system, such as at Wupatki National Monument or Petrified Forest National Park.   The standard language that forbids the permits use in violation of any “other Federal law” remains in place, as it has since the 1986 date of the original permit.    



PEER’s March 23, 2013 report did not contain information about other tribes, except for the issue of the Northern Arapaho on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.   PEER has since learned from the USFWS that Jemez Pueblo reported on January 3, 2012 that it had successfully taken a golden eagle during 2011.   On March 15, 2012 Jemez applied to take 25 golden and 15 bald eagles of various age classes.   The USFWS issued a new permit on October 18, 2012 to Jemez Pueblo to take a single golden eagle.   The collecting report has yet to be submitted by Jemez but the USFWS confirmed in writing that Jemez was successful in taking one golden eagle.   The Jemez permit may be used in “parts of Sandoval, Rio Arriba, Los Alamos, Santa Fe and San Miguel Counties” in northern New Mexico



On April 16, 2012, the Jicarilla Apache Tribe applied to take 4 golden eagles.  The USFWS denied the permit.



PEER began its scrutiny of Tribal eagle collecting in the southwest as a result of the 1999 Hopi attempt to take eagle nestlings from Wupatki National Monument in Arizona.  The USFWS permits may not legally be used to take eagles or hawks within any area of the national park system except under 36 CFR 2.1(d) where such take is specifically provided for in law or as a treaty right.  Neither is the case at Wupatki. 

If the Evidence Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit

Update: 09/07/14- The evidence regarding the theory of Climate change in a simple graph.   Update: 09/07/14-   Alternative energy calculations reveal an inconvenient truth, and guess who is paying?  Update: 09/05/14- So, what happened to Global Warming? More-  What a recent discovery has revealed about glacial retreat and growth will shake the AGW acolytes.  Just click...   Update: 08/25/14- What happened to the summer of 2014?  Is it also buried in the deep?   Update: 08/25/14-  Australian AGW proponents caught manipulating temperature data much like their UK counterparts.

Better Research on Antarctic Glacial Melt & Other AGW Claims

The Thwaites Glacier in western Antarctica is melting, but new research does not confirm the AGW reasoning.  Instead, researchers have discovered  geothermal activity from submarine volcanoes.  These massive sources of heat, have never been factored into any of the AGW computer models, because the data is largely unavailable.  This is just one of the areas that the AGW computer models fall far short of reality.  Ooops!  Just click...   Freedom to enquire, to question, to communicate your thoughts?  Not if you do not hold politically correct thoughts about the subject of AGW- look at this!   June 19: BULLETIN-Now come a set of predictions that will chill any Algorian warmer. Hard research is politically incorrect, and it is not consensus driven.  July 1:NOAA changes data again, quietly,  after being caught manipulating climate data.  July 11: Peer Review Scam Busted!  July 18: Penguin populations prospering.   The 5 Fatal Flaws of solar energy collection.  July 27: Coolest summer on record!  August 1: Is there a business case to Solar Power  America?  Also, let's not forget about the solar energy industry's massive solar furnace in California incinerating thousands of birds every month.

Red-tail Attack!

It is a rare event, but it does occur, especially during the nesting season when raptors can get quite aggressive protecting their progeny. On Denver's front-range, Swainson's Hawks have a fierce reputation in protecting their nests and chicks.  Since they nest on virtually every golf course up and down the eastern side of the Rockies, we get periodic calls.  One call, described a pair of golfers being attacked while they were in their golf cart.  This report from Pittsburgh illustrates the power of a stooping red-tailed hawk.  Just click...

Polar Bear Numbers Made Up...Ooops!

Here's another admission from scientists about the alleged danger polar bears are facing because of AGW, aka, global warming, climate change, climate disruption or whatever they are now calling their computer models.  For the Algorians still too proud to admit you have been conned, how long are you going to hang on? Just click...    HUZZAH!!  Here is a measured assessment  from a world renown ecologist about the recent IPCC report.  This should be required reading for anyone interested in this subject.  It is not at all overly technical, i.e., anyone can understand this...even an expert on something!   Just click...

Burrowing Owl Attacking Badger!!

I'm not sure why this appears in a UK tabloid before it shows up anywhere else as prominent, but it is where you find it.  Some amazing photos of a little 5 ounce burrowing owl harassing a creature that can back down a bear without any hesitation. This is truly a badgering owl!  Check this out:  Just click...

$29,000 Per Student Failures

If you want an excellent example of what the heart of the government state will produce in the way of an educated citizenry, then turn your focus on the Washington D. C. school system.  They spend more money per student than any other school system, and their results are the worst on record. These are the people who want to manage your life, your health, your thinking, and your environment. If you like your literacy, you can keep your literacy-period!  Just click...   Next, the nation's report card further confirms the dreadful results of the monopolistic educational ecosystem.  Remember some basic ecology, nature does not support monocultures for very long, being as how they are vey unhealthy.  Just click...

The Disruption Of The Warming And The Change

The propaganda machine is generating a fever of fabrication. Using many of the government's own statistics, IBD discredits the POTUS's claims about the end of the world if we don't bow down to the consensus.  Fortunately, science has still maintained a spine in that some of its adherents stand by the data coming in from field observations. Just click...   The Algorian plague, however, has another disruption to deal with, in a recent study indicates more field data that disrupts the Algorian church.

ABC Ready To Sue Over Eagle Slaughter

Finally, the American Bird Conservancy is preparing to sue the Interior Department and the U,S. Fish & Wildlife Service for the corruption of laws that has led to the 30 year waiver allowing wind farms to slaughter eagles and other birds with impunity.  Just click...

Earth Day Plus 44

If you take some time to "google" all the great predictions from the first Earth Day organizers, you will quickly realize that virtually all of them were completely wrong.  The interesting issue, however, is that many still fervently believe that the predictions of Paul Ehrlich, and his brethren, are right.  The great economist, William Simon, understood why Ehrlich was wrong then, and is still wrong now. Simon made a famous bet based on his understanding and Ehrlich lost it, because he was crippled by his lack of understanding how the world works.  An article from the Wall Street Journal reports on this continuing great rift between ecologists and economists, despite the fact that they are joined by the very origin of the root word that describes their disciplines.  Just click...   UPDATE: May  22, 2014: Ehrlich is now predicting cannibalism for humans if we don't listen to him.  I will volunteer to eat Paul Ehrlich today.  Just click...

Arabian Insanity Alive And Thriving

It is very difficult to understand the insanity of the royal elites in Arabia, but there is no other explanation for the type of slaughter a Saudi prince has been implicated in.  With far more money than brains, many of the Saudi royals have been party to similar incidents over  many decades as they continue to confuse their sexual predilections with  killing and/or abusing the wild creatures around them.  The culture appears to treat their women in a similar fashion, and hides behind a stone age barbarism infused into their religion of peace. Just click...

Ghost Owls

New strobe technology helps photographers achieve beautiful ghostly images of owls in flight.  Need a new toy, check this out: just click...

Our Newest Raptor Team Member!!

Welcome To Colorado

Our new red morph Eastern Screech owl, arrived Saturday, March 29, from Raleigh, North Carolina, via Atlanta. Many thanks to Senior Docent Jenni McAllister, her husband, Delta pilot Brian McAllister, and the entire staff of Delta Dash, particularly Becky Chambers in Atlanta, for organizing the logistics for a complicated, two-flight journey. "She" (yet to be confirmed) ate the very first night, less than 12 hours after her arrival. Today she spent her first few hours with her new roommate, our very popular male gray screech owl, and we are pleased to report that introductions went well!  Be sure to come to our Open House on April 12 for some very unique photo opportunities with both owls.    

Which Side Of This Debate Are You Taking?

"...if renewable energy had proved by now to be cheap, clean and thrifty in its use of land, then we would be right to address that small risk of a large catastrophe by rushing to replace fossil fuels with first-generation wind, solar and bioenergy. But since these forms of energy have proved expensive, environmentally damaging and land-hungry, it appears that in our efforts to combat warming we may have been taking the economic equivalent of chemotherapy for a cold."  This excellent article from the Wall Street Journal is precisely why we have launched our campaign to Stop Conflict Energy.  Please note, no other raptor or bird friendly organization has yet to sign up with our Conflict Free Energy Coalition.  Could it be, as is being reported, that these groups are getting paid to look the other way?  Or are they simply more comfortable with being "chickens?"

Dollars Increase: Education Declines

This devastating report on the state of the American educational system reveals that we are spending more dollars and not getting smarter students.  Common Core will accelerate this decline and increase the dollars that are being harvested by the rent seekers associated with the public school system.

Join Our Conflict Free Energy Campaign and Help Stop Bloody Energy

March 6, 2014: We are asking everyone who loves wildlife, raptors specifically, other birds and bats, and who wants a rational energy production program to join our campaign to get the word to the rest of the world, and stop the slaughter of wildlife in wind farms and massive solar furnaces.  Put this sticker on your car, and register your name with our Conflict Free Energy Coalition.  For details, just click...  

March 9, 2014:Update: To show you how ahead of the climate Nazis we are, take a look at how they are hiding their own United Nation's data.  Despite this empirical evidence on climate sensitivity, America's politicians push for this war on wildlife.

"The Right Stuff" astronauts and engineers agree with our assessment of this insane war on wildlife.  Read about the dead parrot model mirroring AGW. For you Monty Python fans, this is perfect.

Rarely does an industry enjoy such disproportionate favoritism. Even though the wind industry produces only 3.5% of the country's electricity, it receives 42% of the federal government's electrical financial support.

Combined with other targeted incentives, the federal government gives wind producers $56.29 per megawatt-hour, according to the Energy Information Administration. Natural gas, oil and coal power, by comparison, only get 64 cents, while nuclear power receives $3.14."  From Investors Business Daily.  Read more by going to our Stop Conflict Energy page.


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Global Warming's Early Priest

One of the best pieces on the origins of the global warming/ climate change religion takes us back to the character of Carl Sagan.  This is a great read for any Sagan fans and introduces the original sin of the AGW adherents.  Just click...   The tale of two homes: This is a great follow up on two political creatures, one is an ex-president, while the other is an ex-wannabe. Their two homes reveal a very inconvenient truth.  The wannabe, by the way, has several homes which tell a similar story.

Where Did This Winter Come From?

When you look at the preposterous AGW modeling of climate conditions decades hence, and the howling of those who insist there is a "consensus" about things not even included in the climate models, or even known, here is something much closer to reality that the government brains failed to predict:  Where did this year's winter weather come from?  The government prognosticators failed miserably on this year's forecast.  Click on this link to see how bad the experts were, and some people insist that these types of experts have global forecasting decades ahead figured out?  Just click...  Update: The climate Nazis have run up against reality again.  Now, the Algorian Climate Nazis are advocating killing off anyone questioning the religion of AGW- just click...  Update: This article describes the insanity of the forecasting elite, who are consistently more wrong than correct, and yet they continue to extract billions of dollars from taxpayers...just click.  Update: Greenpeace co-founder testifies against the AGW theory.  He states there is no evidence supporting AGW.

Best Osprey Fishing Pictures

The Osprey is the quintessential fisherman with skills that any bald eagle would love to have, which is why bald eagles often steal from the smaller Osprey. Here is a story that is mostly visual showing off some exemplary photographs of an Osprey in action.   By the way, if you read the story, they quote the Osprey moving at 80mph with the carp...doubtful!   Just click...

AGW Data Collection Crippled & The AGW Con Sensus Con Tinues...

The facts related to proving or disproving the computer models of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) depend on a great deal of data being gathered all over the globe.  Once gathered it is then interpreted and applied into the scientific process as best as human reason permits.  However, if the data collection points and systems are degrading and/or disappearing, science becomes crippled.  This story further illustrates the reality of the AGW debate: Just click...    If everything occurring in our changing climate is attributed to "The" one theory of everything, then we actually have hitched our wagons to the theory of nothing, as the con continues..Update: 03/21/14: IPCC complicity in AGW fraud made simple.

New Bald Eagle Nests on Front Range?

VALENTINE'S DAY UPDATE: URGENT, URGENT, WOW!!..Valentine's Day: 09:00hrs - Just confirmed that the 120th avenue nest sites for the bald eagles are actually two distinct adult pairs. I arrived at the Prairie View Middle School site first, and found one of the adults, I took a couple of pictures and drove off to the E-470 site. When I arrived, both adults were there. One was in the nest, the other jumped out, dropped into the tree line on the south side, came back around with a branch and settled into the nest. No doubts about the situation now, but, everyone should be paying attention to Homo sapiens interlopers. The Prairie View site is close to the road. Please use your common sense and do not approach closer than the road (120th) allows. Pictures will be posted later. Update: 02/17/14 Mr. John Carr dropped by our offices to further confirm both sites are distinct pairs.  Mr. Carr has been watching the PVMS site for quite some time, along with some other folks who brought this to our attention during the Eagle Festival at Barr Lake State Park.  These two sites are 2.8 miles apart.

February 6, 2014: At the intersection of 120th and  the E470 toll road, we have been following what appears to be another bald eagle nest being established. This image captures the female coming in with a branch to the nest. We have been posting many images to our  Face Book for Raptor Education FoundationCheck there for future updates.  

If this site is established, it will be about 1.5 miles from the nesting area of the Barr Lake State Park bald eagles. This will create a territorial overlap, however, if the geese remain plentiful along with other water fowl and fish, food fights should be minimal. In the past 4 years, this nest was smaller and occupied by a red-tail hawk pair. To the south is another smaller nest where we have observed a red-tail hanging out.

This site is actually located on Commerce City open space land.  We have alerted the management of the toll road company to potential issues on the exit ramp to 120th.  Keep visiting these pages or our FB pages for updates.

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Government Fraud Continues

Government scientific agencies caught once again  doctoring the AGW warming numbers to support the Algorian fraud of AGW.  For those of you who may not know, AGW (anthropogenic global warming  dba, climate change) is being dropped by past "believers" in Europe, only to be pushed harder by the current American political elite. Just click...

The most preposterous pronouncement, however, come from the POTUS.  See what alternative energy is producing in Germany.  Here is another illiterate statement, with no science beneath it.

Let's look at a real climate scientist's opinions on the Algorian alarmists- just click. A realistic look can also be found here.


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Caracara Cameraman....

Hilarious and superb footage of a "Johnny Rook", or Striated Caracara stealing a special egg camera and flying off with it.  Our Northern Caracara has some of the same behavioral tendencies, although not quite as pronounced.  Just click...

Political Economy Lessons From Nature

As America's current political ecology of central planning ( Obamacare as the most obvious example) continues to degrade a free market's liberty, it might be valuable to understand what central planning has accomplished  in the past.  Please note, nature's market place, which involves trillions of agents and interactions every second of every day, has no central planning authority. None, zero, naught, zip! Read about the environmental outcomes when the state controls everything: Just click...

Fungi Foil AGW

Just when you think the AGW theory cannot survive anymore reality, along comes another researcher's discovery the shows how simplistic the AGW hypothesis really is.  It appears that soil fungi control carbon loads in soil, which was never part of the AGW theory. Most of us do not think of our soils as a living thing, but this report will illuminate a new world to those blinded by the Algorian fog.  Just click...

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

BBC Busted In Green Scam

This is an excellent report on how a previously world class news organization conspires with "greenies" to push green propaganda at the gullible, scientifically illiterate public (see below)Then, when the British Broadcasting Company is caught in their secret agenda, they spend more than 20,000 Pounds on attempting to prevent an amateur's discovery of their fraud from going public.  Do you think this is happening only in the U.K?  .Just click...

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Science Illiteracy: Keep It If You Like It

51% of Democrats don't know the earth travels around the sun and takes a year for the journey.  America's educational system continues to degrade its product as students score lower  on international tests in math and science. Only 28% of the American public is considered scientifically literate, as politicians push the polis to underwrite extremely dubious and/or fraudulent projects such as AGW/climate change theory and the related solutions of subsidized alternative energy programs. When you read this story, pay close attention to the lesson from Germany's leader. Just click...  One of the scariest surveys, however, is here. 

Year End Reality Anyone?

12/31/13: Reality check anyone?  The best metaphor that presents itself regarding, science and its high priests, AGW, climate change, Obamacare, and  the polluted stream media establishment, is to be found on the other side of this link.  If you cannot see the immediacy of it, then I would venture a guess that you are too far gone for any redemption back to reality.  The hard, cold, facts holding that vessel trapped by its own false assumptions is this year's best analogy for where the west finds itself on this very last day of 2013.  Happy New Year!  Just click...

Redbook Contraband

Commanding up to $150,000 each from Arabian sheik with more money than sense and ethics, 59 gyrfalcons and one peregrine were seized from wildlife smugglers in the remote Russian Kamchatka peninsula in November 2012. With the local economy being very weak, and with the Arabian demand being very strong, residents of Russia's wild and far flung regions rarely fear the consequences of being caught by wildlife authorities. Although this seizure was a success, several of the birds had already died from the small containers they were in and the drugs used to calm them down for transport.  Rehabilitating these falcons, the world's largest, is not always a success, with the resulting decrease in wild populations causing further problems to the overall status of gyrfalcons on our planet. Russia's far-east probably holds the world's largest reserve of these endangered species.

Wildlife authorities in Russia face similar resource challenges to those in the U.S. but Russia spans 11 time zones, and with a population half that of ours, the challenge of protecting any wildlife is extremely difficult.  We salute this small victory in trying to arrest the jihad against these large falcons coming from the Arabian countries.  Just click...   and http://www.rbcu.ru/news/25700/ .  You may have to copy this second link and paste it into your browser manually to get it to work.   NOTE:  If you run the web page translator, it is translating gyrfalcons into vulture, or merlin in these stories.  Photo by A.C. Batalova.

Frank Bond, RIP

Frank Bond, Counsel Emeritus for the North American Falconers’ Association, died on Christmas Day. We mourn his passing for numerous reasons; he was a giant in the American and global falconry communities, yet found the time to review and contribute useful comments on Fidget’s Freedom, our first book in the Fidget series. His technical understanding of the nuances and intricacies of US regulations governing raptors was unmatched, and he was instrumental in the effort which resulted in the UNESCO designation of falconry as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage. For more on Frank’s professional career, click here:

EPA Protects Nothing But Itself

Just when you think it cannot get any worse as the Obama administration wields its incompetence on many fronts, the massive fraud and deceit coming out of the Beale revelations at EPA will give you pause to think.  Beale was a top level EPA official for many years, and after admitting his massive fraud against the taxpayers as he pretended to be a CIA operative, can you imagine what he may have been concocting as an EPA top dog?  This is what happens when the fraud and incompetence at the very top of the Obama administration (Obama him self)  sets the tone for all of his underlings.  It is the emperor's new clothes cloaked in layers of political and racial correctness.  Beale was just pretending to be CIA, just as Obama is pretending to be POTUS.  Just click...

27 Eagles Dead

   01/01/14 Update: 27 dead from West Nile Virus.  Update: 12/26/13-Death toll is now 16. Something is afoot in Utah, although nobody as of yet has any idea.  Twelve bald eagles, and maybe more, have died from a mysterious agent.  Necropsies are being performed, but it maybe up to a month before any definitive results are available.  Just click...

Just As Al Predicted

Another of Algore, the Munificent's predictions has indeed come to pass.  The North Pole has vanished, just as he predicted it would.  The ice is all gone...gosh, he is so brilliant, so scientific, so precocious, so...so Algorian.  And, of course, his brilliant mind has made him rich by sticking to his principles and his daddy's  dollars.  Just click...

Falconry, Then & Now

11/15/13:Denver, CO- Denver Catholics Home Educators hosted REF's exclusive program on the history of falconry: Falconry, Then & Now.  Presented by REF's Curator and Master Falconer, Anne Price, the students were taken back 4,000 years to the beginnings of falconry somewhere in Central Asia.  Anne demonstrates how a "hood" is placed on a peregrine falcon as she brings the ancient sport to life  for almost 100 students and parents.


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Cargo Cult Climate Science Reflections

If you like your climate you can keep your climate, and of course, everything related to this type of magical thinking.  Richard Feyman's historic assessment of the scientific process is well worth reviewing today, as we are seeing science in all of its disciplines succumbing to the ignorance of experts.  And the belief in the "ignorance of experts" as Feyman's quote reminds us, is what science is all about.   Just click...

2012 Docent Banquet Celebration

11/10/2013: Lakewood, CO: Best Western Denver Southwest Hotel hosted our delayed docent banquet in their brand new hotel. Because of scheduling conflicts we had to delay our normal banquet until yesterday.  Although not everyone could attend, we had a wonderful gathering to review the past year's accomplishments, eat some excellent food (our group has some great cooks), and acknowledge the many hours and hard work our docent team contributes to our operations every year. Pictured from left to right (top row) is Anne Price, REF's Curator, Tom Weber, Kevin Corwin, Bernie Hafner.  Middle row: Melissa Nesavich, Jenni McAllister, Bernie Gardetto, and Jen Redmond.  Front row: Savannah Grout, our new Mews Assistant. Not pictured are husbands and wives, but we owe them all many thanks for understanding and supporting our passion for the birds we care for and the mission we have been promoting for the past 34 years.


Thanks to Meredith and Greg Tally (Hotel owners) for providing their brand new facility to host our event along with the numerous programs they hosted (see below) over the course of the summer.

36th Anniversary Savings for our exclusive license plates: $24.95

Stop Conflict Energy Subsidies

We continue to be the only raptor organization in the U.S. to point out the insanity of providing billions of dollars of  taxpayer money to the industrial wind farms  that kill over 800,000* bats per year and over 500,000 birds, including over 80,000 raptors per year. To bring that metric closer to home, every hour 92 bats are chopped, maimed, or their lungs exploded. Every hour 57 birds are chopped or crippled; out of those 57 birds, nine are raptors, which includes eagles. Every hour!  We have noted below that these conflict energy subsidies are the equivalent of taxpayers paying for conflict or "blood" diamonds.  Just click...

*The numbers used are rounded down. Actual numbers, in all probability, are higher. Go to our Stop Conflict Energy campaign page to see more.

Update: Solar farms found frying flybys. More avian cookery, and yet another story to whet ones appetite... what does a fried peregrine taste like?

Update 11/23/13: Duke Energy pleads guilty. Finally, some action against conflict energy producers.  You may need to copy this link location and then paste into your browser window:   http://news.yahoo.com/wind-energy-company-pleads-guilty-eagle-deaths-215603008--politics


Environmental Ethanol Disaster--more conflict energy.

The dirty little secret behind the administration's ethanol program is concisely outlined in the linked story.  Not only is ethanol for gasoline a bad energy formulation on many levels, but the resulting environmental degradation is finally shocking many of the farmers that have bought into this farm welfare program. Just click...  And click again...

Face Book for Raptor Education Foundation

Biomimicry & AGW Parasites

As the linked report illustrates, AGW climate modeling is very far off of being at all close to observable reality.  In fact, the computer models are pretty much completely useless when it comes to predicting any type of future behavior for the world climate  ( as if such a thing were even possible).  However, this is not stopping the American federal government, and all the parasitic organisms that have attached themselves to the AGW host from continuing to suck dollars at an even faster rate.  Just like parasites that exert behavior modifications on their host organism, the AGW parasites know they are about to lose their sustenance so they are preparing to force their host to expel them into another opportunity to get something for nothing.  If one applies biomimetic principles to the players in question, it is very easy to see what is about to happen. So where does the AGW crowd want to go for their next free lunch, especially when the Obamacareless host appears to be aborting itself?  Just click...

Getting The Lead Out of Condors

Getting the lead out of our gasoline supplies made a significant difference to the health of human populations, and getting the lead out of bullets is the next step in helping the highly endangered California Condors survive and thrive.  Lead shot is outlawed when you hunt for waterfowl, but as the linked story illustrates, lead is contaminating the penultimate winged scavenger and will kill off its recovery in we don't get the lead out. Just click...

Raptors In Ultra Hi Def

October 24, 2013: When industry leader, Harmonic, wanted a variety of compelling wildlife images, they engaged Raptor Education Foundation to provide a large team of raptors, trainers, and locations. The resulting images will be part of a world-wide promotion of the next generation, 4 K  (Ultra Hi Def) broadcasting ecosystem.

This new technology is not yet in general use throughout the broadcasting world. The images of our raptors will be part of the driving force to adopt this cutting edge technology.
Left: A barn owl flies directly over the Ultra Hi Def camera

36th Anniversary Savings for our exclusive license plates: $24.95

Left: A rare white gyrfalcon comes directly over the  Hi Def camera. 

More than a dozen species were used in a variety of settings.  Everything from both of America's eagles species to falcons, owls, and hawks.  And, of course, our famous turkey vulture.

Stay tuned to our web site to see the final edited piece.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this great effort.  More developing...

Face Book for Raptor Education Foundation

When Will We Learn?

Update:  The Skeptical Environmentalists are gaining.  The sad truth of the last fifteen years, is that so many people got sucked into the vortex around The Algorian fog of lies, distortions, and hypes.  But worst of all, science got smeared by the almost infinite variety of schemes for governments to separate taxpayers from their money as one massive calamity after another was proffered by the charlatans and high priests of the AGW church.  Now, even the IPCC (their college of cardinals) is admitting to the fraud, but ever so slowly and circuitously. Billions were wasted, science was crippled, and Algore made millions. What a country! Just click...   Remember, we told you so way back in 1998.

Eagles Spying for Israel!!

The Israelis are now being accused by Hezbolla of using eagles to spy on them. Apparently the Israelis are so good at training raptors that they do not need drones flying over terrorist territories.  They just let some raptors go though Mossad training and off they go.  Is there any wonder by any sane person why not much of any creative science or technology is coming out of Islamic countries when they can believe this sort of nonsense?   Well maybe they don't really believe it?  Maybe they are just using it to stir up the ignorant masses?  Maybe the moon is made of green cheese, and maybe Islam is the religion of peace?  Just click...

IPCC Admits Planetary Emergency Over

We have been declaring that the whole Global Warming scheme is bad science since 1998, in our copyrighted sticker, and now the United Nation's  latest report on the matter admits that things are not as bad as the great climate jihadist, Algore The Munificent, has been propagandizing.  Sorry Al, but real science has falsified your religious scam so many ways, that only government agencies and those sucking off of the federal teat are still pushing the con. Just click...

St. Elizabeth's Hawks

October 9, Denver, CO:  REF's two very different Red-tailed Hawks visited St. Elizabeth's School to permit the students and teachers a chance to meet the raptor, which the school has adopted as their mascot.  The entire student body and staff were quite enraptured and excellent questions followed the 30 minute program.  Thanks to Robert and Roxanne Koehler for sponsoring the program.

 36th Anniversary Savings for our exclusive license plates: $24.95

How Far Can They Fly?

People often ask us "how far can they fly?" when they see one of our programs.  Here is a report that will provide some scope to that question.  Not only how far, but how long?  These little birds are not raptors, but look like falcons, and perform some truly astonishing aerial feats. Just click...

Every Bunny's Nightmare & An Eagle Attacks Pets in Michigan

Nature's free market place does not care about anyone's intentions.  The primary motivator is eat, and avoid being eaten.  After that you might get a chance to reproduce.  Here's an illustration of this principle in no uncertain terms.  Just click...   Keep your pets on a leash...carefully.  Just click...

Blood Diamonds & Bloody Energy

Update: Even the Wall Street Journal on 10/11/13 is turning its editorial eye on this national insanity. (WSJ Subscription Required)   Blood diamonds were publicized  a lot for awhile. The Hollywoodian press  (polluted stream media)  and politicians are good at that.  Remember, the diamonds sourced from parts of the world, especially Africa, that were drenched in blood because those wars were funded by production of the shiny hard stones so beloved by many?  Not much press on them now, although they are still funding wars in Africa.  Well, how about bloody energy flowing into your toaster,  smart phone, and every electronic device connected to the grid?  As wind farms spread their massive footprints across the world, the wildlife sacrificed to those spinning blades is saturating the energy grid with their blood, bones, feathers, and lives.  Here in Colorado, Xcel Energy is leading the charge to push more people into using bloody energy, and in Wyoming, one of the largest wind farms in the world is being built.  This shall increase the blood of eagles and other birds  flowing into your electrical supplies. When you turn your light switch on, look carefully, there is a pinkish hue to those photons bringing light to your world.  You can choose to not buy blood diamonds, but you have no choice about the blood in your electrical supply.  You will not hear about this in the press. It is unpleasant to consider, so let's not discuss it...maybe it will go away!  We cover these totally unnecessary tragedies in many stories below.

A Phd Candidate's Letter of Resignation, and More Evidence of Scientific Corruption

This may be one of the  most important and best links to any informational source we have connected with.  If you wish to get a better grasp of what has happened to science, scientists, and the academic ecosystem in which they propagate themselves, then I encourage you to spend the time to not only read the post,  but as many of the comments you have time for.  This confirms how and why Feyman describes science as "the belief in the ignorance of experts."  Just click...    The AGW fraud is a classic example of what has infected a large swath of the academic and scientific community.  Just click again...  And what about governments censoring science when it doesn't support their political agenda?

Eagles Losing Lives For Wind Farm Follies

Wind farms are chopping up eagles (both golden and bald) at an alarming rate.  Your government appears to feel that their economically unsound, subsidized alternative energy schemes are more important than  dozens and dozens of eagles, and thousands of other raptors. Half a million birds each year meet these giant spinning dull knives to the detriment of the feathered denizens.  Just click...


Europe Waking Up To Green Energy Nightmare

Urgent Update: 29/08/13: The World Federation of Scientists declare the planetary emergency of global warming is over.  Europe is waking up to the disaster their "green" energy pursuits have produced, and the awakening reveals the clean green energy fairy tale in all of its ill conceived ugliness.  The rich got richer on the backs of the poor, jobs in related fields are vanishing or never materialized, and the alleged economic and environmental benefits are evaporating as government subsidies are withdrawn.  How's Algore the munificent fat cat dealing with this inconvenient truth?  Smiling all the way to the banks...a sucker is born every minute, while the fantasy White House and Prince Obama push America into energy oblivion.   Just click...  Meanwhile, the reality of the AGW theory continues to bleed believers.   Alternative energy promoters are in fact promoting a parasitic paradigm...  while Algore continues his fear mongering religious based rants.

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Spotted, Sparred, & Barred War About to Begin

The federal agents in charge of determining what's natural and what's not are about to embark on a jihad against Barred Owls in the Northwest.  After determining that the Barred Owls have transgressed some abstract Homo sapiens' boundary of what belongs and what does not, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife service has planned a shooting war against the more successful cousin of the Spotted Owl.  These feathered  immigrants are just looking for compatible habitat where they can work and raise their families, and the Northwest's deep dark woods are a perfect spot.  So, might the federal agents who are about to embark on a shooting war against Strix varia, be allowed to enforce the political border along the Rio Grande?  Just thinking.    Just click...

Wyoming's Growing Black Hole For Golden Eagles

The Obama Administration is enabling the alternative energy industrial complex to increase eagle and other bird deaths with impunity.  Coal or oil energy operations that kill migratory birds face prosecution and heavy fines.  Massive wind farms can pretty much kill whatever flies into the path of those acres of spinning blades...no problem.  Wyoming's massive wind farm footprints are increasing the chop rate of eagles beyond the big bird's reproductive rates, and the politicians steering this illogical and uneconomic energy policy give the culprits a get out of jail card for 30 years.  Just click...

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

Audubon Magazine Top 100 Bird Photos

With the advent of digital photography, amazingly fast self-focusing lenses with brilliantly sharp optics, the images being produced in the wildlife genre are fabulous.  The photographers featured in Audubon Magazine's annual contest benefit from all these improvements, plus a lot of hard work to put themselves into positions where their skill, patience, and luck produce these visual gems.  This is a great look at all types of birds, but the raptor assortment is superb!!  Just click...

Heavenly Blenders

A very rare sighting of one of the fastest birds in the world (level flight) ended in disaster as 40 birders witnessed this swift beauty meeting a wind turbine blade head on.  These heavenly blenders are springing up in the wake of the alternative energy Algorian fetishists who spin and whirl as their religious fantasies of free, clean energy take their toll on wildlife world wide.  Just click...

THE Inconvenient Truth

The greatest difficulty facing the promoters of the theory that human emissions of carbon dioxide cause dangerous global warming is the inconvenient truth that it is impossible to measure the average temperature of the earth’s surface by any known technology. Without this information it is not possible to claim global warming. For a sobering dose of reality, just click... The sad part of all of this Algorian fantasy is that the scientific community has almost achieved the same level of trust as have our representatives in Congress.  That trust factor is at a shocking 10%, i.e., only 1 in 10 people trust their elected representatives.  Remember, "Trust but verify?"  If you cannot verify how can you trust?  AGW is an article of faith...not science...just click.   Now, (08/08/13) the iron age is showing its ferrific power in adding more mystery to what the Algorians say is settled science...just click..

We copyrighted this back in 1998, when our instincts knew the reality of anthropogenic global warming was BS.  In 2013, the numerous proofs (NOT) of global warming, and its causes, confirm our instincts- just read Unstoppable Global Warming-every 1,500 years by Singer & Avery if you are still drinking the cool aid that the Prophet Algore Ayatoldya is pouring into the public drinking fountain.  Otherwise, put this on your car's window and watch people's brains heat up. Rational people are waking up... this helps them on the way.

Our self-sticking vinyl (4" x 5") slogan is supported by real evidence from all over the globe.  Evidence, not consensus is what  real science is all about. $3 each: Order here.

Bald Eagle Visits REF Offices

May 27, 2013, Brighton, CO: REF Offices had a surprise visit from a young male bald eagle who had decided he would hang out for awhile and listen to the cacophony of raptors from the mews just a few feet away. He originally came in and landed on the north side of our building. He then flew away and returned to the center section of the roof.  He left after about 30 minutes, and then returned for a third time to sit on the power pole seen on the right. We have seen this individual for the past 2 months, and he seems most comfortable hanging out within  close proximity to our captive collection.

Maybe he is just attracted to the license plates on our Curator's vehicle?  Shouldn't your car have a set of our plates on it?  Just click the plate below.


36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95  

Hopi Indian Barbarity Continues

Denver's one and only newspaper, The Denver Post, despite its decidedly lefty progressive leanings and political correctness, actually came out with a Ted William's piece on the Hopi Indian's religious slaughter of Golden Eagles.  REF's  Eagle Defense Network got a top mention in the piece as did the PEER network's constant monitoring of the deplorable acts committed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in deference to their political masters in the White House.  This is bringing Sharia lawlessness  into America's regulatory corpus designed to prevent abuse of our wildlife and our natural resources.  To our knowledge, REF is the only raptor organization taking a public stand against this barbarity.  Where are all the other "raptor" groups who claim a reverence for raptors? Or how about any Indian tribes claiming a reverence for Eagles?   Quiet as any invertebrate church mouse would be.  Good job for the Denver Post, Ted Williams, and PEER.  Click on the Eagle Defense Network link above for more on this  deplorable live animal sacrifice ongoing in the 21st century. For the Post article,  just click.  REF's response to Mr. Peter Whiteley's  counterpoint is posted here.

Ford Explorer Donated To REF

Long time friends and early supporters  of REF's mission as Eagle Members, Robert & Roxanne Koehler of Denver, and Crawford, Colorado donated a very low mileage Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition to support some of our program and field work needs.  The SUV has all time 4-wheel drive, and lots of bells and whistles allowing us to deal with whatever Colorado's changing  climate will throw at us.  Thanks to the Koehler Family for their wonderful gift.

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

Whooping Cranes, California Condors, Eagles Disappeared By Wind Farmers Enabled by Govt.

The industrial wind farming complex of government subsidies and short term money extraction from dormant taxpayers is horrible on its own, but add the fact that those same wind farmers are killing and crippling the above species with the permission of the Interior Department whose mission is to protect America's wildlife, and you have a classic example of the political corruption that is running rampant through the U.S.A.    Just click... and click again...  From the AP- This story provides an excellent overview of government enabled eagle slaughter- 83,000 raptors chopped up each year...click once more. And just in case you think you haven't read enough, this one is worth your time to click that mouse!

Would Algore Ever Have The Stones to Admit The Theory Does Not Fit?

Fraud is not uncommon in the academic/scientific world.  In fact, in today's world, when you look at the fraud committed to support the AGW theory, fraud may be the common denominator in much of what taxpayer's support in the statist scientific industrial complex, i.e., Big Science.  The following  story reveals in exquisite detail how an academic fell from the stars into the swamp as he admits to a massive research fabrications over his entire career.  This is probably just the tip of the iceberg, as the revelations about Rachel Carson  bring to light.  And as far as Algore admitting anything...well this would require he actually understood any of the rubbish he has been flogging.  Just click... 

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Freeman Dyson on the Climate Cult

When Albert  Einstein passed away, the person who took his place at Princeton had some pretty damned big shoes to fill.  That man's capabilities have shown him to be more than a consensus builder, which is just another term for a community organizer, like the fellow in the White House.  A real scientist follows the facts and knows how to ask the questions that reveal the facts or the falsehoods.  Dyson's comments on the global warming cultists might help clear the Algorian fog from between your synapses. Just click...  Even the popular main-stream press is now publishing the bad news for the climate cultists, just click.  Just note how they constantly hedge their questioning the gospel of the Algorians.

Owl Pillows Back in Stock  

OWL LOVERS- Sleep  (safely) with your favorite birds

March 27, 2013-We have just received a new shipment of the very cute hand made owl pillows from Madison Park Studios of Seattle.  These are exclusive for us and are a real limited edition with hypo-allergenic stuffing.  They sold out very quickly when they were first introduced.   Pricing is $7 each or 2 for $12 plus $7/each for shipping and handling.  Check out all our designs!  Sleep with eagles, owls, or those little brown jobs!  Only at REF.  Order Here


Peregrine Falcon  Genome Revealed  

The first complete genome sequencing of two iconic falcons, the Peregrine  (Falco peregrinus)  and the Saker  (Falco cherrug) , has been achieved and sheds light on the evolution of these high speed predators. Just click...

AGW, dba Climate Change On Life Support

The news for climateers like Algore, the munificent is not good.  The levels of carbon dioxide are increasing but the temperature is flat and/or declining  for more than a decade.  Other  anti-warming evidence is regularly coming to light, and even the pages of the Economist Magazine are beginning to show waffling in their support.  American progs, however, keep forcing the square pegs into round holes thinking nobody will notice.  Just click...   The Climate Industrial Complex is showing sure signs of death, and just like a parasite that must launch itself into a new host, this one is busily concealing its identity, confusing its current host (the public purse), and seeking a new place to hide.... just click.  Another blow to the warmer's assertions...just click.   Here is some more outright fraud by the Algorian scientists concerning their hoax... click again.

A Most IMPORTANT Talk You Need To Hear Now!        

This is probably the most important piece we have ever published a link to.  It deals with healing  massive sections of land world-wide, by simply mimicking nature's normal processes.  The revelations in this TED video are absolutely shocking in what they reveal about the consensus of range land health practices over the past century. Dr. Allan Savory's talk illustrates his remarkable discovery with a series of experiments that are turning the world upside down. Dr. Savory's work is saving parts of  the planet- right now, and in ways that are simple, easy to implement, and yield results almost overnight.   Dr. Savory discovered this lesson after killing 40,000 elephants from another tragically  failed experiment.   Just click...  If you have an hour to spend with Dr. Savory, then I suggest you invest that time to listen to this lecture, which will provide a more comprehensive look into his Brown Revolution. Make sure you view the full lecture: Just click...   If you care anything about ecology, wildlife, etc...this will be the best hour you have spent in ages-guaranteed!  Remember, however, Alan Savory has his critics, and here is a link to one of the best- just click...
36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

Climate Corruption Revealed Again  

"In short, the global warming movement is corrupt to the core. Billions of dollars in government funding–I am too polite to say “bribes”–have bought not just the acquiescence but the eager collaboration of many scientists in a massive fraud."  Just click...   The UK abandons climate change education for their children, because the actual data does not support the theory's claims as a newly published graph brings home without any doubt...just click.   Who gets to pay for all the lost jobs, who returns the wasted dollars of one of the world's most expansive confidence games?

Zero Emissions?  Not Bloody Likely  

Considering a zero-emissions electric car?  Consider carefully says a famous skeptical environmentalist who has carefully analyzed the full life-cycle of  an electric vehicle. Not only are the electric cars not producing zero emissions, they are a dreadful financial deal for all tax-payers in the process. Just click...   Update: 03/20/13- This story tells more of the same story as the most expensive production electric vehicle is about to lose all of the money US taxpayers were forced to subsidize the Karma with.  Just click...  Maybe that is karma for real.

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Global Cooling Answers AGW     

If you have not yet recognized the inflated hyper-bubble that is the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) theory then take a mere 60 seconds to look at the video that is attached to this link. Spend one minute for that eureka moment when all the global cooling hype clears up all the warming hysteria. That's right, the global cooling hype, clears up the warming hysteria.   Just click...  Remember, brevity is the soul of wit.  Or, just listen to Leonard Nimoy in the attached video link.

The Industrial Wind Complex Wages War On Eagles and Other Flying Things     

Just one month after opening, this wind generating industrial complex has claimed the life of one eagle.  It will be the first of many, and the corrupted political Homo saps  in the White House are making sure the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service  does not apply the laws equally.  An oil drilling operation that would have killed the same eagle, would have been fined and dragged into the the abyss of bureaucratic hell. No constitutional equal treatment by this administration.  Review these 3 links and see how hypocritical the powers in this administration are.  Just click  And here is more, and more again.  March 25th- another eagle's death by the wind.  They come for our eagles, they come for our arms, and then they come for you.  These are killer-watts!

UPDATE: Industrial solar complex littered with toxic wasteAbound Solar, one of the Obama Administration's crony corruption bankruptcy success stories for clean energy has hundreds of solar panels stored in Denver warehouses that have just been shown to be leaking toxic cadmium. Remember, these are those wonderfully useful solar panels that ignite when exposed to the sun!  Just click... 

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

A Razor Cuts through AGW and the Growing Season in the UK    

A razor from the 13th Century cuts through the complications of the AGW theory (dba- climate change) quickly, precisely, and illustrates the differences between science and religion. That razor, however, cannot trim the fat bloated thinking that saddles  the politics of energy re-distribution. Just click...    But wait!  A founding member of the Green Party is fighting the construction of wind turbines in his own back yard. That's right, the Gaia Theory creator is also benefiting from this ancient razor to trim away his cluttered theory...just click.

The growing season in the UK has been tracked carefully for a very long time.  The hard data resulting from the concerns of a population about their food supply yields some exact measurements.  Those historical measurements are revealing about the current AGW debate...just click...

Colorado's New Energy Economy's Audit

Colorado's previous governor, Bill Ritter, heading the "new energy economy" deserves all the kudos everyone can muster for getting this great energy rip-off rolling.  Of course, the fellow who stepped into Ritter's shoes hasn't done much of anything to improve the waste of state and federal dollars being "disappeared" by this marvelous new energy being created.  But as another well placed politician says, "what difference at this point does it make?" Just click...

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

To Frack Or Not To Frack?  

Here is a great reasoned look at the "evil" of fracking, which is now producing so much cost effective energy for the U.S. market coupled with a surge in employment in the fracking zones, that "greenies" have started a massive assault upon it.  From movie stars to politicians who covet a crisis which affords them a stage on which they may prance, fracking is the new show in town.  Get some facts before you frack or frack not. Just click...

Head Start Fails Again, and Again     

Beginning in 1965 during the "Great Society" infections Head Start programs began to ramp up their promises and now, $180 billion later,  a Congressionally mandated study demonstrates once again, Head Start does not work. In fact, evidence shows that Head Start causes regression in its participants in several areas, or simply does nothing to help the majority achieve Head Start's goals.  Okay, that's clear, lets send more money to Head Start.  Just click...

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

Algore Turns Into Aljazeera

Look at who just bought Algore's Current TV, and rewarded the munificent Imam of green energy with about $100 million in dirty oil proceeds.  Yes, Al Jazeera (oil proceeds) from the Arabian sands, just paid about $500 million for current TV giving the Arabian princes access to the American market of infidels.  What a wonderful example of the Algorian hypocrisy.  The only green Al is interested in, is the color of money. Of course, Algore will take dollars from anywhere, even fellow travelers in the terrorist television network.  Another inconvenient truth. Just click...

Happy New Year: Thoughts To Ponder  

Conservation in the 21st Century will require some new approaches if it is to successfully cope  with the challenges facing the ever growing use of planet earth by Homo sapiens.  Fortunately, one of the leading thinkers on such matters at the Nature Conservancy has written a wonderful piece which thoughtful "naturalists" might wish to read. However, a cautionary admonition to those who read the linked article, it is easy to get caught up in the external facts about how humans are cultivating the macro-environment, while easily overlooking  how our internal micro-biome is cultivating us and directing all we do.  And to what end, one might ask? Just click...

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

Killing Eagles Logic  

"Somehow, the environmentalist love of windmills is seemingly without limit.  If you bother an eagle -- even pluck a feather from a dead eagle -- you are looking at hard time in the federal pen.  But if you operate wind turbines that kill eagles on an industrial scale, you don't have to worry.  Eagle-killing windmills are specifically exempted from liability.  Windmills trump our national symbol.  Just don't pick up the eagle feathers under the windmills."   Read the following story to understand the insanity of the windmills in some minds, and the hypocrisy of the politicians promoting the slaughter of raptors on the altar of political correctness. Just click...  And if you haven't enough, here is another good look at the wind farm hypocrisy.

 Jihad Against Eagles Continues    

As the madness whirls around us, from the blatant corruption at the highest reaches of government, we can look back for the past 25 years and note that 20 Golden Eagles were slaughtered every year by a small sect of Hopi Indians in furtherance of their religious barbarisms. And who says Sharia law will not find a home in the United States?

"Based on results from these sources, all of which suggest measurable declines in nesting attempts and productivity of Golden Eagles in the areas of consideration in the southwestern U.S., we believe that if these downward trends continue, we may re-examine the authorization for 40 birds to the Hopi Tribe in the future.”  This excerpt is from the report that follows. Although the government has been giving the Hopi tribe permission to slaughter 40 eagles, the actual numbers support just half that allowance.  Nice of them to be so generous.

To see the entire report of this barbaric behavior enabled by the U.S. Federal government, just click...

Falcons To The Slaughter      

Falcons To The Slaughter        

Just when you begin to think that the world is mostly a sane, civilized, and logical place, another dose of reality imposes itself and dissolves your delusions. This story is particularly dreadful to follow.  It chronicles the wholesale slaughter of 10,000 or more Amur falcons each day during migration though northeast India.  That slaughter totals more that 100,000 little falcons each migration, each year, and despite India being a signatory of  CITES, this illegal slaughter proceeds without consequence. Just click...  WARNING- not an easy read!

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

Another Solar Company Flames Out... or How To Kill-a-Watt.  

Colorado's crony connections into the Whitehouse produced Abound Solar, a new energy company promoted by green energy utopians.  They produced solar panels, that worked really well, unless you put them into sunlight as one employee stated.  68 million dollars (taxpayer funds) vanished into the stratosphere, and hardly anyone in Colorado's media community takes notice. Just click...     And, how about the wind energy crowd in Colorado?  Well, without taxpayers footing the bill, that industry is vanishing as it sucks taxpayer funds into spinning black holes  of clean energy jobs and low carbon footprints...just click...  It appears Colorado is killing watts with impunity.  Not to be outdone, however, here is another of the life-changing utopian green corporations that was THE answer the goobermint types foisted on the taxpayers, going bankrupt on a battery business...just click...  And how about all of that "free energy" business?  How free is it...just click...

First Folly Flies In....     

September 21, 2012: The first copy of Fidget's Folly, was flown into the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association convention in Denver, Colorado.  The remaining books have been delayed by about a week clearing customs in Seattle. The first copy is shown with Anne Price, REF's Curator, and John Rimel of Mountain Press Publishing.  Written by Stacey Patterson with illustrations by Vadim Gorbatov, this is the sequel to Fidget's Freedom shown just below Fidget's Folly.

See the Russian version of this intro on Vadim's website...

Join us at the Tattered Cover in LoDo on October 6 at 2:00pm as we accompany Stephen Bodio with his introduction of his new book, An Eternity of Eagles, and we have a first public release of Fidget's Folly.  Our male golden eagle will also be there.

Holding the book open, Anne reveals the sumptuous character of Vadim's exquisite illustrations.  Stacey's story, brings animation to the beautiful renderings of The iconic endangered species recovery. Peregrine falcon's are back, and the story of Fidget will capture young readers imagination as they follow Fidget in her second book.

Thanks to everyone at Mountain Press Publishing for adding the Fidget Series to their list of  new titles, and thanks to Stacey for being as determined as the scientists who showed the way to bring  peregrine populations back to the United States in numbers that insure their long term stability.  Congratulations to Stacey for having faith in her vision, and to Vadim for portraying that vision better than any artist alive today.

Fidget's Folly is just another example of how the Raptor Education Foundation leads the way with its educational mission to insure the appreciation and survival of one of mankind's most revered family of birds. From Moscow to Montana to you...another REF first.

Available very soon at REF appearances and our web site...stay tuned....

Farewell, Ned Cabot


The Raptor Education Foundation has lost a friend and dedicated supporter. Dr. Edmund Cabot, one of the pillars of the prominent Cabot family of Boston, Massachusetts, drowned on September 1st when the yacht he was sailing on was hit by a rogue wave off the coast of Newfoundland. Dr. Cabot, a very experienced sailor, had been at sea for approximately 50 days, sailing across the Atlantic from the northern coast of Scotland.

Dr. Cabot was a surgeon at Brigham & Women’s Hospital for more than 25 years, and also taught at Harvard Medical School. He was a devoted husband and father of four. He was also an avid hunter, conservationist and was a regular visitor to the Bar NI Ranch outside of Stonewall, CO which is where we first became acquainted with him and other members of the Cabot family. REF was the recipient of several generous grants from the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation. With their support, hundreds of local schoolchildren were able to experience the thrill of seeing a hawk fly just a few inches away, look an eagle in the eye, and visit the scenic and historic Bar NI Ranch.  For more on Ned, just click...

He departed this world far too early at 69, yet lived an incredibly full life helping others and pursuing his passions. We wish you smooth seas and gentle breezes, Ned.


New Snowy Owl Earrings  

The wonderful folks at Jabebo are forever making improvements and new designs.  We are very proud to have this new set available for your ears...Just Click...

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95

Renown Children's Author Passes Away   

Jean Craighead George 1919-2012

Jean Craighead George, author of numerous award-winning children's books, and one of the last of the Craighead family (famous for many wildlife studies/discoveries), passed away leaving a wonderful legacy for future parents and children. A small part of that legacy was her review (left) of our Fidget's Freedom children's book written by Stacey Patterson and illustrated by Vadim Gorbatov. Her suggestion for the BEFORE  and AFTER  sections were incorporated into the final book design as was part of her review.

During the past year she was aware of the sequel to Fidget's Freedom, Fidget's Folly, being finalized for publication, and we are sorry that she will not see its arrival in another month or so.  Her support of the first book in the series added to its success, and we are certain she would be very pleased with the sequel.

The full letter is shown to acknowledge her contribution to Fidget's story taking flight.

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National Geographic's BioBlitz, 2012

August 24, 2012: Estes Park, Colorado-When The National Geographic Society (NGS) wanted a  live raptor program for their signature BioBlitz event at Rocky Mountain National Park, they selected us. After all, our first book (Raptors), now in its 9th printing was illustrated by Donald Malick, the very same artist who illustrated many of the pages for the National Geographic's Field Guide to Birds of North America. Since our book appeared back in 1985, we have continued to set the highest standards of connecting people, especially children, to the natural world with our collection of live raptors.

REF docent, Tom Weber shows off an Eastern Red-Tailed Hawk, followed by Kevin Corwin with a Northern Goshawk as Anne Price, Curator, delivers a special 8 bird Raptor Summit to the packed tent.



When you want the very best natural history programs for your school, scout group, professional organization, special event (large or small) REF continues to deliver its programming at affordable rates. Contact us today.

"Thank you so much for being a part of our BioBlitz event. Your program was fantastic, and I had at least 3 park employees tell me that either their or their child's favorite part of the entire event was the raptor program. I think it might have been my favorite part, too! The National Geographic staff also commented on what a good program it was.

You and your group do fantastic work, and we were so fortunate to have our event made better by your being there!"
LaShelle Lyman
BioBlitz Festival Coordinator
Rocky Mountain National Park

For more pictures from this year's BioBlitz, just click....

Thanks to the National Park Service (Rocky Mountain National Park) for  facilitating all of our requirements.

IPCC Admits Reports Are Junk        

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has quietly admitted that its prior reports on the state of Anthropogenic Global Warming are all suspect because of their lack of a variety of controls on who contributed to them, who wrote them, who edited them, and who reviewed  them.  Now that America has already spent billions and billions on a variety of schemes and scams to mitigate the alleged affects of AGW consequences, how do we get our money back?  Just click...

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More Eagles To Be Sacrificed at the Altar of Alternative Energy     

Wind energy companies are now asking to chop, maim, and cripple more eagles as they pursue their wind follies across America. The US Fish & Wildlife Service is asking for your comments. As alternative energy sources, wind farms are enormous failures, and now they want another special privilege of shredding birds and bats while generating very few watts.  You might ask why they are not being treated like oil companies?  The current inhabitants of the White House are pursuing their political agendas and damn anything or anyone that gets in the way. Just Click...   Remember all of you alternative energy fans, you can now measure your usage in Eagle Watt Hours!

Feathered T Rex!  

Giant feathered dinosaurs discovered in China.  Further developing the lineage of feathers and dinosaurs going back more than 65 million, this new find adds evidence to the current theory that only non-flighted dinosaurs went extinct. Just click...

Bald Eagle Sacrifice For Religion     

Update:11/07/12- Judge rules for living eagles

Update:04/04/12- The Wyoming tribe granted the permit for two bald eagles is now back in court, claiming the permit they received was a sham.  The bureaucratic stand off will at least grant a reprieve for two bald eagles not to suffer the consequences of religious barbarity.  At least for a little while longer...

We have been fighting this barbarity for years, but political correctness continues to trump reason in the matter.  Now, a Wyoming Indian tribe has received permission to kill two bald eagles within the framework of their religious liberties and sovereign status. This is nothing more than a barbarous act, and should be condemned by any rational being anywhere, and yet as you see if you take the time to read what we have been dealing with, the opposite is true.  By the way, no other raptor organization has the temerity to bring any attention to this craziness. Just click...  Read about one small sect of the Hopis who have killed over 466 golden eagles in celebration of their religious fantasies.  Now that the living national symbol has been removed from the endangered species list, is it now to become a political sacrifice for the insanity occupying our highest levels of goobermint?  Goobermint is now discriminating in favor of certain religious sacraments by supplying the nation's living symbol for ritual live animal sacrifice to favored religions, while denying religious principles for Catholics.  This is simply the King selecting by decree.  And, since some Indian tribes consider owl species to be evil or bad spirits, may we expect that our goobermint  royals will be issuing "kill evil owl" permits as well?  Maybe that's what the war on owls is all about?     Your Donations Help Us

Killing Eagles Welcomes Sharia

Since the mid-1980’s a small sect of Hopi Indians in Arizona is ritualistically killing young golden eagles and other raptors to express some aspect of their religious beliefs. Over 460 golden eagles have died in this barbaric fashion. Now, the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming has gained the same special right to kill America’s living national symbol, the bald eagle.

Starting with only two bald eagles, the Wyoming tribe will no doubt, expand that amount in coming years. They may also expand the number of species requested for ritualistic slaughter. With over 500 recognized tribes in America, will each of them get “special religious exemptions” to kill more eagles? How about scissor-tailed flycatchers? How
about any other animal that figures into their religious practices?

But they are sovereign entities within this country and they are practicing their religious freedom in carrying out sacrifices of wildlife, which rightfully belongs to all Americans, Indians or otherwise. Shut up!

This logical progression, enabled by a lawless administration has now tacitly authorized Sharia adherents to proceed with honor killings, wife beatings, and assorted other barbaric practices not uncommon in the caves and earthen hovels home to citizens of Sharia in the assorted “stans” of the old Soviet empire. After all, they are just practicing their religious freedoms. It is part of their culture. Shut up!

In fact, Sharia, with its assortment of primitive tribal barbarisms, has already crept into America much as it has spread into the UK and France, where there are now two laws of the realm: one for you, and another for them. And if you aren’t one of them you are an infidel, and you will convert or be killed. But it is the religion of peace, just as the American Indian tribes are the perfect environmentalists, and peace loving stewards of that great green paradise European tribes debauched forever.

The debauchery, however, is not of our once wild ecosystem. It is of the minds in those who have abdicated reason and civil discourse in favor of a demeaning and destructive parasitic ethos, which inexorably consumes its hosts.

We are witnessing the growth of a virulent parasitic cosmology. Cultured in Europe and the Soviet sphere for a long time, it has infected America’s governing and academic elites. Worse than that, however, it has subverted America’s voting class, which has succumbed to the main principle of parasitism: something for nothing. Under the guise of religious freedoms, the barriers meant to keep invasive barbarians from breaching our defenses have been thrown wide open. Sharia tribes are steadily infiltrating our confused immune systems.

It is religious freedom, you know! What are a few bald eagles anyway? Shut up!

Religious beliefs are fine. Believe whatever you wish, but when you act upon those beliefs and those actions diminish my life, then I will act to defend my rights. Killing eagles or other wildlife for no other reason than sacrificial slaughter diminishes my environment,  my rights, and my life. Stop!  Killing humans under the same cloak of religious rights is even worse, but human history is littered with these religious rituals and millions have been buried as a result. As they come for our eagles, where are you?

Peter Reshetniak, President, Raptor Education Foundation   Your Donations Help Us

 Mike Rosen, KOA Radio, interviews REF's President on this topic.  Listen to the whole interview.

Rhinos Sacrificed to Cultural/Tribal Appetites: Similar to the religious slaughter of eagles, the Asian tribes/cultures are also slaughtering wild animals for the superstitious beliefs related to sexual prowess and magical cure-all nostrums.  The damage is enormous, as this story reports.

When Hell Freezes Over and The Wind Doesn't Blow     

The freezing Eurasian land mass should drive this point home to everyone in love with wind turbines and solar alternatives to that nasty, oily, oozing stuff  trapped below ground.  But, because of  AGW religionistas like Algore the holy prophet of all things known and unknown that point will be missed completely.  Maybe not?  Just click...  And despite all the claims made by the IPCC, the Himalayas and nearby peaks are not losing their ice masses, and have not in the past ten years.  So much for the vanishing glaciers--ooops!  If you want more, here's an interview from a top German energy expert who was duped by the AGW crowd and is now writing about it.  And  if you want to get to this new energy paradise in your Volt, be prepared to shell out huge amounts of money for a car that nobody wants.  Your government, however, doesn't care about financial sense when it comes to more subsidies for another of its electrical fiascoes.   But for many the delusion of AGW persists, however, that fever also appears to be breaking.  For those that haven't heard, Wind Farm Syndrome (WFS)  is showing up more and more.  And the more its low frequency pressure waves are researched, the more of a problem they are shown to be causing Homo sapiens in the vicinity.  What do you think  happens to non-Homo sapiens? Just click...  For a primer on American energy consumption, just click...

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The Wind Folly Costs You Twice     

Besides chopping eagles to pieces (along with other birds), wind turbines are a very expensive form of energy generation as a new report from the UK makes clear to all except those that are economically illiterate. Unfortunately the latter group occupy the seats of power in governmental agencies, especially where they have bought into the AGW scheme foisted along by the likes of the eco-Imam Algore, the munificent and all knowing. Just click...  Without your tax-dollars being sucked into these schemes, they collapse because they are not self-sustaining, as Colorado now faces the loss of several thousand jobs with the impending Vestas closures.  2-11-12 Update on Vestas--not good as execs quit!

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Sun Setting On Solar and Renewables  

World-wide, the sun is setting on subsidized solar energy.  It looks like people are waking up to the facts that without massive government subsidies (tax support) the allegedly clean and sustainable supply of sunny energy isn't worth it...yet.  How long will it take for "yet" to become now is the question, but it is obvious that the costs to everyone "now"  is the issue. Failing solar firms are sucking tax payers dollars into somebody's pockets, but the public isn't getting kilowatts enough in return. Just click...     Is there any chance that the current crop of political candidates will grasp the reality of what is going on?   Just click...

The chart on the left says everything in a single glance.  The 1.3% for renewables are receiving  massive subsidies which are unjustified by the results.

World energy consumption by source.  “Renewables” are solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass. Note that the traditional use of firewood for cooking is not included. Data from the BP Statistical Review 

Wind is no answer:Altamont's turbines have since 2008 been tethered four months of every year in an effort to protect migrating birds after environmentalists filed suit.   According to the Golden Gate Audubon Society, 75 to 110 Golden Eagles, 380 Burrowing Owls, 300 Red-tailed Hawks, and 333 American Kestrels (falcons) are killed by Altamont turbines annually. Read about the California wind rush....just click.

And remember, stored solar energy (hydrocarbons/fossil fuels) helped end slavery-read about it.
And further, renewable energy is a myth easily understood to be nothing but a myth when you spend a few minutes to read all about it.

Raptor Rodeo Wild Ride     

Raptors often seem invincible to someone not acquainted with the variety of defenses lesser species have at their disposal.  This is a great example of what a gull can do to a white-tailed sea eagle.  These eagles are cousins to the American bald eagles.  As the fantastic photo illustrates, gulls can be quite adroit in defending what is theirs.  Note the eye of the eagle is closed to protect it from the unwelcome wrangler. Just click...

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Excellence In Environmental Education 

24 teachers evaluate our program, Raptors Need Clean Water Too, presented during the Thornton Water Festival in May. Thanks to our sponsors for helping us continue this important program.  May we create a program for your school, group, or business?

Support us every time you shop with our exclusive Raptor Credit Card.

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Rest In Peace

Eugenie Reshetniak: 1921-2011.  "Jenny" passed away July 16th after a protracted battle with severe spinal stenosis. An early and sincere supporter of REF's mission she provided both financial sustenance in our early years along with moral support during tough times. She spent her last years being cared for at Berkley Manor and will be put to rest next to her husband, Alexander, in the Tower of Memories at Crown Hill Cemetery this Friday the 22nd of July at 12:00pm

Coming to America in 1960 from Australia via a German prison camp, where she endured as a captured slave laborer for the 3rd Reich until the war ended.  She managed to survive Lenin, Stalin,  and Hitler and worked hard to support her family of displaced persons as they found their way to the last best place, here in Denver, Colorado.  From the little Ukrainian village of Zabara, she re-started her life over from nothing on several continents and demonstrated  an outstanding and tireless work ethic to all around her.

She is survived  by her son, daughter, and  beloved grandson, Alexander.  She outlived almost all of her old world friends and family at home, and those new world friends  from the small Ukrainian Orthodox community which has almost vanished from Colorado.

Her simple peasant honesty,  honor, and integrity will be sorely missed.

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Very Cool New Products

Jabebo Earrings Support Our Work!

We are offering Jabebo Earrings for the very discriminating raptor connoisseur out there. We have selected a variety of raptor designs and offer discounts on purchases of 3 or more sets.  $9.50 each for 3 or more. One or two may be purchased for $12.50 and all prices include shipping and handling.

To those unfamiliar with Jabebo designs, they are made from recycled cereal boxes.  You can actually see the cereal art on the back side of the earrings. Each pair of earrings also tells a story because of the different designs for each ear.  Visit our Jabebo display, and be amazed!

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2,010 Golden Eagles Chopped Up        

The Altamount Pass Wind Resource Area supplying electrical power to the Bay Area of Northern California has been shredding an average of 67 golden eagles each year for the past 30 years.   That's 2,010  golden eagles contributing their lives to the green energy needs of California consumers.  The numbers are astonishing, and as the national government pushes for more "sustainable" energy sources, more and more raptors are chopped into pieces if they are lucky.  If they get unlucky, they get crippled, and do not die for days or weeks.  If you take the time to read the studies, all of this "sustainable" energy is very expensive, unreliable, and still needs conventional supplies as a back-up when they go down.  Google knows what is reliable and cheap for their massive electrical needs at their server farms, its coal!  We need more nuclear, and  more clean coal electrical supplies, and we need them now. Two thousand golden eagles have been sacrificed on the altar of energy stupidity for the religion of Green imbeciles. How many more raptors will die before common sense returns?   Just click.  And this sustainable green jihad wrecks the economy.   As the folks in Canada are learning, "blowing in the wind" is just another word for dirty expensive energy.

Support us every time you shop with our exclusive Raptor Credit Card.

400,000 + Birds Chopped to Pieces     

Save The Eagles International  ( STEI), based in Spain, is calling for a halt and re-think of construction of wind-farms harvesting energy using wind turbines.  STEI claims the use of a variety of large spinning blades to gather "free" energy has the unwanted side affect of chopping thousands of birds into bits.  Many raptors, especially eagles, are included as the big birds are easier targets for these Cuisinearts of the air.     Just click...   Feather frappe anyone?   Challenge Green Assumptions: A major new challenge to green assumptions, is that wind and wave energy may not be renewable after all. Look at what is being reported on by a  thermodynamics researcher-   Just click...

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The Great Green Colorado Deception  

No matter how much supporters spin it, Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard is an ill-advised law that forces consumers to use expensive, unreliable power with little “green”benefit. Over the next decade, Colorado working families and businesses will have to pay nearly $3.8 billion in additional electricity costs that will not be subject to any rate cap in order to meet the RES and will be collected from ratepayers via the ECA.  Just click...  Or how about all of those wonderful "green jobs" coming out of our current national administration...what is really going on?  Just click...

Schools Lying To Students and Parents     

Shocking!  The top educational bureaucrat from the current administration, Arne Duncan,  admits the obvious, but cannot add one and one and come up with the logical answer.  Yes, the government monopoly school system is dumbing down their clients and their customers.  The students are the clients and their parents are the customers. We've addressed the shortcomings and solutions with America's educational process for 3 decades as have other organizations and individuals.  Maybe it is finally making an impact?  Do you think they will actually take a lesson here? Just click...

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Prince Charles Gone Crackers  

Royalty in the United Kingdom certainly has its privileges.  Besides the cash for being in the royal  gene pool, you get a ready audience for any stupid fancy you might wish to spout off about.  Now the bonnie prince is telling anyone who will listen that the "Islamic" way of life will solve all the world's environmental problems.  Did the fanciful prince ever think to ask the various women of the world living under the benevolent blessings of  Islam what they think of his royal effluence?  How peaceful and eco-friendly is it for the Prophet to marry a six-year old girl and then wait until she was nine to consummate the marriage?  Sharia law is to live under the whim and wham and whip of Allah's will.  Maybe the royal rube will change his Christianity to the great Islamic rule book?  Just click...

Do Those Owl Decoys Work?  

This particular example is from a national developers housing project in Commerce City, Colorado.  The example below is from hotel row near Denver's International airport.  Any questions about efficacy?

If you have ever wondered if the plastic great-horned owl decoys that cost from about $20 to $40 have any positive affect on scaring pigeons...here's your answer.  We have seen this type of scenario in many different areas. Pigeons aren't stupid, and quickly figure out they decoy is dead!  Don't waste your money.   Let us help you eliminate your pigeon problems.

Support us every time you shop with our exclusive Raptor Credit Card.

Eagle Slaughter Continues     


March 24, 2010


In May 2008 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) released to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) the 2007 Hopi Tribe eagle and hawk collecting reports. In 2007 the Hopi Tribe collected 36 golden eagles and 19 unspecified (red-tailed) hawks in northeastern Arizona.   The Hopi’s reported take from 1986 to 2007 is 405 golden eagles, 154 red-tailed and other hawks.  (This report will soon be updated for 2008 and 2009).


On February 26, 2008 Acting USFWS Director Kenneth Stansell issued a new permit to the Hopi Tribe for 2008.   As in the past, the permits authorized the Hopi to take up to 40 golden eagle eaglets in 2008.  The permit continues a limitation first imposed in the 2007 permit that limits the take of eagles by the Hopi to no more than 18 from Navajo lands. 


Since 2003, the USFWS HQ in Washington, D.C., issues the Eagle permits.   The Regional Office in Albuquerque issued a separate, new permit on March 31, 2008 for the Hopi to take red-tailed hawk nestlings in northeastern Arizona in 2008.   The hawk permit limits the numbers of red-tailed hawks that can be taken to no more than 50.  Previous permits did not limit the number.


The USFWS reports that the only permits issued in 2008 was to the Hopi Tribe.   (In 2006 and 2007, the USFWS issued permits to Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico to capture up to 2 golden eagles in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, administered by the Forest Service; to Taos Pueblo to shoot one mature golden eagle on Taos Pueblo Tribal lands in Taos County, New Mexico and to Isleta Pueblo to take two mature golden eagles on Pueblo lands in Valencia and Bernalillo County, New Mexico.   The USFWS reported on May 2, 2008 that Taos and Isleta permitees failed to file their collecting report as required by the 2007 permit).


The permits may not legally be used to take eagles or hawks within any area of the national park system except under 36 CFR 2.1(d) where such take is specifically provided for in law or as a treaty right.  The 1999 Hopi attempt to take eagle nestlings from Wupatki National Monument in Arizona resulted in PEER’s scrutiny of the eagle-gathering permits.   There is nothing new to report about the rule proposed by the Interior Department in January 2001 that requires that the superintendent of Wupatki National Monument, Arizona allow members of the Hopi Tribe, in possession of a USFWS permit, to take golden eaglets in the park.    The rule has not been made final.   However, the National Park Service (NPS) last wrote to PEER on March 27, 2003.  The NPS stated that “…there continues to be no planned action related to this issue at anytime in either the near or far distant future.”    To follow all the reports, just click...  Remember, all these birds are being taken to be killed for the purpose of a "religious sacrifice."   Welcome to the politically correct 21st century.


Thanks to Frank Buono for his continued efforts to follow this travesty and to keep us informed.

Support us every time you shop with our exclusive Raptor Credit Card.

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Eagle Killing Continues     

August 24, 2009: So what would happen if Black Bears decided that they could kill some little old lady that had been feeding them as a ceremonial tribute to their god, Ursus, as their ritual to show their gratitude for the food some kind and stupid Homo sapiens provide?  Could the bears invoke their sovereign nation status as immunity for the murder?  Could they hide behind the veil of their religious freedom to sacrifice one or two stupid Homo sapiens each year as a tribute to their god, Ursus? Well they could, but Homo sapiens would still kill the responsible bear, and any other bear that happened to be snacking on the remains of the dearly stupid Homo sapiens.  How you decide to interpret the actions of the bear will certainly show your bias.  Aren't you just a racist or speciesist as some say?  Bears having rights to their own religious freedom?  Are you insane?  So what if America's eagles got together and decided that sacrificing a few Homo sapiens  (American Indian babies in this case) each year is a right of their passage from fledgling status to the honorific of Adult Eagle?  As eagles, do they not have sovereign nation status as elegantly described by Henry Beston?   Does that not allow them to take such actions as they please?   What's the death of a few Indian babies anyway?  It's not like the eagles are  using automatic weapons and killing hundreds of them... there are plenty of Indians around.  Hell, those Indians would hit the warpath and certainly kill the offending eagle, and who knows how many more just to send a message. Stupid, right?  Well that's what is being invoked by one Indian named Friday for murdering a bald eagle...its a right of his wonderful religious practices as a member of a sovereign nation.  We say this is the height of  barbaric insanity. And the Interior Department authorities continue to issue permits for this insanity, because they have become invertebrates before the god of "religious freedom."  Just click...  Follow this story in the pages of our web over the  past years. What say you?   Where are all the other "erstwhile" environmental or raptor groups/organizations hiding?    Peter Reshetniak

$10 Million Fine= 232 Eagles

The federal government has completed an extensive court case against a Wyoming utility for the death of hundreds of eagles, hawks, and other raptors.  The utility operates electrical transmission lines and had failed to update old fashioned power poles which were shown to be electrocuting a large variety of raptors when the big birds used the poles as perches. Just click...

An Accomplishment For Eagles  

His Day of Many Proud Accomplishments

Memorial Day Weekend
05.23. 2009-Brighton, CO

Eagle Scout candidate, Patrick Tidwell walks along the new fence posts of  his Eagle Scout project. It was installed with the help of 30 scouts, friends, and family.  This is the first Eagle Scout project to benefit the Raptor Education Foundation at their new Brighton headquarters.

Patrick's project was also the largest and most complicated project to benefit REF's operations over the past 29 years.  Not only did Patrick and friends install a brand new 400 foot long fence along our frontage road, his organizational skills managed the entire project from starting at 08:00 hrs to cleanup and departure at 15:00hrs.  Wow!  Let's also not forget, that Patrick's proposal and planning document was the most comprehensive we have ever seen, and they threw in a thorough cleanup of our entire nine acre site just because a few of the scouts ran out of stuff to do.

Thanks to Patrick, his immediate family, and his scouting family.  All of us at REF are eternally grateful!

Are you ready for an eagle scout project?


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New Section Added  

The current economic cycle brings a series of lessons which might instruct anyone paying attention to what is going on. One of the basic disconnects with virtually all economic theorists is still not being addressed in any substantive manner.  One serious scientists brought his focus on economy and ecology back in 1933 at a time when America was in the midst of the Great Depression.  That scientist was Frederick Soddy, the winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry (1921), and his book, Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt, is a brilliant look at our economic system.  It offers much to anyone interested in such things, and it offers a way out of our current dilemma.  This new section will address many of the issues that have come back to haunt all of us again.  Just click...

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2009: Read Again From Henry Beston  

A New Year's resolution could not be any better if it would simply serve to remind Homo sapiens of  their own limits.  To that end, one of our favorite authors wrote in  The Outermost House:

"We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. Remote from universal nature, and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth."

Working with raptors for the past 33 years, many of us at REF have learned to acknowledge some small part of the quote above, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to remind other humans of this unconventional perspective about their momentary presence in this vast spinning, dancing, waving and pulsing universe. If unfamiliar with Beston, we urge you to make yourself acquainted with his perspectives.  You will benefit yourself and all around you.  Happy New Year!

And in the same vein about who we as humans are, science is rapidly seeing us in an entirely new light. "If you have gone through life blithely thinking of yourself as a "human being", then 2009 will bring the shocking news that it is time to think again.  You are a "human-microbe hybrid" or "super-organism", dependent on a vast number of microbes that live in or on your body, do vital jobs for you, and both influence and provide unique indicators of your health.  Their numbers are staggering: Each human is a gathering of about 1 trillion human cells, however, another 10 trillion non-human cells live on or in each human, so Beston's quote above takes on another entirely more personal meaning.  2009 will be the year of the hybrid in more ways than Toyota can deliver.  And to further complicate those numbers, each of those cells has myriads of parasites/viruses living on or in them as well. 

*Link to the speech about you as a super-organism.  It will blow your collective mind.

36th  Anniversary Savings  for our exclusive license plates:$24.95


We copyrighted this back in 1998, when our instincts knew the reality of anthropogenic global warming was BS.  In 2008, the numerous proofs of global warming, and its causes, confirm our instincts- just read Unstoppable Global Warming-every 1,500 years by Singer & Avery if you are still drinking the cool aid that the Prophet Algore Ayatoldya is pouring into the public drinking fountain.  Otherwise, put this on your car's window and watch people's brains heat up.  The theory is collapsing, only the folks who believe the gospel of global warming won't give up on it despite the evidence.

Rational people are waking up... this helps them on the way.

Our self-sticking vinyl (4" x 5") slogan is supported by real evidence from all over the globe.  Evidence, not consensus is what  real science is all about. Visit our new section devoted to global warming issues ..just click

$3 each includes shipping 


Exclusive Carbon Sequestration Program  

The Raptor Education Foundation is pleased to announce its exclusive carbon sequestration program for those individuals and corporations leaving large carbon footprints on the environment.  Our program is unique, requires virtually no capital investment, and shows immediate environmental benefits.  Just click...

Brand New Crafts Gallery

Crafts Gallery collectibles: Our brand new Crafts Gallery opens with truly unique ways to celebrate  the beauty of raptors for any  sincere raptorphile. Together with our new Arts Gallery, you will be seeing the finest in raptor art, brought together for you from all over the world. Visit our Raptor Collection and see what we offer.  All revenues support our environmental education and research projects.

Raptor Art Exhibit

Please visit our Raptor Collection Gallery for a rotating show featuring the peerless work of Louis A. Fuertes-arguably the best bird painter to come out of the American wildlife art movement.

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