For those who have reached the top, and wish to soar above the crowd… The 
Fellowship of Eagles:
The Double Eagle

Eagle Fellowships include both individuals and businesses 

The Double Eagle Fellowship supports  the following:

lTen  school programs anywhere in Colorado.
lTwo eagle’s care, feeding, and housing for 4   months.  Your choice of Bald or Golden eagles. lTwo special programs (yearly over 5 years) for an event of your choice*
lSpecial activities related to the Eagle Defense Network.

The Double Eagle  Fellowship confers the following privileges on each  Double Eagle Fellow:

lLifetime Membership in REF.
lOne 16 x 20 cibachrome portrait of REF’s first Bald Eagle.  This is the world’s only bald eagle portrait created using an 8×10 format camera. Includes Double Eagle Certificate. lInvitations (annually) to exclusive Eagle Fellowship events.
lA picture of you and one of REF’s Golden Eagles and one Bald Eagle.
lTen  Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates for member and/or as gifts per year for 5 years.  Fellow or gift recipients must be Colorado resident(s).

To join the Double Eagle Fellowship, a minimum $10,000 donation is required. 

Request that an REF representative  contact you.
Online Membership Donation

*Some restrictions apply-This is only a partial listing of Fellowship privileges/opportunities. Please request a hard copy booklet for complete and current information.

The Golden Eagle Fellowship

The Double Eagle Fellowship

The Diamond Eagle Fellowship

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