The educational programs we have been creating and delivering for the past 32 years are made right here in Brighton, Colorado.
They are produced by a dedicated team of educators who love the natural world and think people are an integral part of this
great living planet we call home.  Our programs are delivered to  children in a variety of schools, and to other audiences
in a variety of other venues.  So when you purchase any of our gift options, your dollars directly support our operations.  Those
funds feed our birds, keep the electricity flowing and the water running.  They keep our phones and digits streaming, and they
keep us in operation for another year.

Please review our  select assortment of superb raptor  memorabilia and help us continue into year thirty three.  If you do not wish
“stuff” in return for your contribution , our  Donation button provides that option  to support our year-end campaign.   Or, you
may  Adopt any of our raptors and receive an adoption certificate. This year has been the most challenging of our past 32 years,
and your generosity will ease our year-end budget battle.   We are facing a $50,000 shortfall and every contribution is important. 
Thank you for your support.


  $25.00- Fine pewter, hand painted Red-tailed Hawk pin $15.00- 22ct gold plated Red-tailed Hawk pin


$8.00- Fine pewter Red-tailed Hawk pin

BRAND NEW: American Kestrel Earrings

The Jabebo folks have created a wonderful collection of
raptor earrings from recycled cereal boxes. 
Go to our earring order page to learn more, to see the other
raptor designs, and order.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

      FinalCoverWeb.JPG (69913 bytes)   $12.00-  Our ninth edition, still the best available for kids and beginning birders. Fidget’s Freedom: $10.00-Brilliant illustrations and a great story  brings and endangered species
to life for beginning readers.




Both books: $18:00- Great savings!



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We do not sell or give away names to any entity whatsoever, except as required by law.

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