Political Ecology
Understanding and directing the dynamics , which exist between all forms of life within the unified field of behavior, and experiencing how all such forms transform each other into the pulses that flow through the river of life. For forms to exist, they are defined by boundaries, by their communication systems, and by the cultures they express.

Declaration of Inter-Dependence
and the
Eco-Logical Bill of Rights

A Call For Delegates to Draft The World’s First Ecological Bill of Rights

Anyone concerned about the direction of the current state of human relationships within our own species and with all the other life forms that constitute our ecosystem, is invited to register as a delegate to assist in drafting a global Eco-Logical Bill of Rights (ELBR). This will also be a public exercise to examine many of our long held assumptions-most of which we follow blindly without even knowing they exist. Registered delegates will be expected to submit comments, critiques, and written contributions to the ELBR. Delegates may register via REF’s website, or via conventional mail. A $20 (U.S. funds) registration fee is required. Registration fees will be used to defray the costs of handling the extra load on the REF website, and to facilitate editorial collaboration. Sponsors are invited to support the effort. The final document will be published conventionally and digitally, and will include a list of registered delegates and sponsors. REF has provided a departure point for this cyber-convention on these pages, and invites interested parties to join this exclusive effort. Delegates must have access to e-mail to expedite communications between each other and the working groups. Adoption of the final document will be based on a 75% majority vote of the delegates. Prospective delegates must read REF’s introduction to understand our biases and inclinations leading to this convention. The first call for delegates to this cyber–convention will be capped at 1,000 participants.

The Growth of Parasitocracy

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this cyber-convention is to open a big can of worms.  The Ecological Rights enumerated below are a starting point to address the ecological shortcomings that have become apparent in the last best place: America.  What became obvious in the final five decades of the 20th century is that the evolution of various forms of economic, and therefore, ecological governance have resulted in the accelerated destruction of nature’s hierarchy of principles, which predicate a healthy organic order. 

The evidence of such disease in the human (macro) sphere is the proliferation of various political systems, which have established governing parasitic behaviors (parasitocracy) and expectations (parasitic cultures) within large segments of the human population worldwide. All that a parasitocracy requires to flourish is the proper medium and a weak immune system.  Whether the parasite is micro or macro is irrelevant, because the behavior is identical and it follows the parasite’s creed, either acted out or verbally expressed “ something for nothing.”  A parasite hijacks existing life forms to extract its own life requirements.  Correspondingly, the world is witnessing a significant increase of parasitic behaviors on the micro level. Viral diseases like HIV, are just one of the obvious examples. Listen to eminent scientist, E.O. Wilson writing in his book Consilience,  “In gene-culture co-evolution as now conceived by biologists and social scientists, causal events ripple out from the genes to the cells to tissues and thence to brain and behavior.  By interaction with the physical environment and preexisting culture, they bias further evolution of the culture.”  The  bias of governance is socialism, which is the cultural euphemism for parasitism. Synonymous terms are liberalism, progressivism, egalitarianism, and communism.  In America, both political parties nurture American parasitocracy, but at different rates of growth, although as evidenced from some of the recent budgets, the republicans are giving the democrats a good run for the tax payer’s money.  As when parasitic organisms, such as viruses, take over the human ecosystem,  certain diseases result, a corresponding condition arises when parasitic thoughts dominate behavior.  Ideas have consequences as Richard Weaver noted, and extreme forms of thought are quite literally, the expressions of “sick” body/minds. 

The American form of a constitutional republic with its democratic institutions, and quasi-free marketplace, is the best system yet seen which benefits the most people, including those outside of America’s geographic boundaries. However, despite American pretensions at a free-market economy, what actually exists, for instance, is a centrally controlled department of agriculture not much different than the failed communist system, and a re-distributive socialist bureaucracy that makes indentured servants of most American taxpayers for at least 5 months of every year. 

At the same time a federal education system consistently fails to produce an educated citizenry, and in fact, appears to be “dumbing” down the students passing through the government’s education monopoly. This serves to increase dependency on a governing elite while producing a more uniform and compliant citizenry. America’s two political parties have a dismally successful record of growing the American parasitocracy. . The spending of both parties only serves to secure the expansion of a parasitic ethos within America’s culture, along with the entrenchment of a royal political class, which regularly lies to the very people they are allegedly representing. Just look at the record of president, William Clinton, who exemplified the liar-in-chief mentality and ethics.

The accountability of the governing class, especially at the federal level, is virtually non-existent. In the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars are unaccounted for every year in every major government department. On January 29, 2002, CBS News broke the story that Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield, admitted that the Department of Defense could not account for $2.3 trillion, while at the same time he was asking for billions more! That the American taxpayers seemed to show little outrage at this remarkable admission of fiscal impropriety is not surprising, considering that September 11th opened the doors for politicians to usurp more power under the guise of security, while the press pushed the Enron fraud as a more significant event. So trillions of dollars vanish, but a timid populace frets about things that appear more immanent, and which might upset their comfort and lifestyle. 

The public shell game, enabled by the media, and underwritten by the invested interests who fatten themselves at the public trough, is visible everywhere. It is designed to detract attention from where the issues are. It is a conspiracy by default, not design, as all it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing. And America’s culture, addicted to its entertainments, to its illusions, quickly learns how to do less and less, to apparently get more and more. We delude ourselves in the process, as entitlements and lottery living become a daily preoccupation for tens of millions in the U.S. while billions pursue identical inclinations across the planet. The ultimate delusion, that Liberty is free, is now being put to the test, as America asserts what principles of liberty it can,  in the face of the parasitic cultures of necrotic Islamicism. The rise of such parasitic classes and cultures can be seen on every continent, and a bloated host is the first indicator that parasites may be busily feeding. Or, if the parasites have been successful, the remains of the host will be struggling to reestablish a more viable form- just look to the old Soviet empire.

While trillions go missing at DOD, the Department of Interior has completely mismanaged tens of billions of dollars belonging to the Indian Trust Funds over the past 100 years. At the same time, Interior promotes bad science that undermines the safety of endangered and threatened species, and they permit a small sect of Indians to illegally sacrifice live golden eagles for their religious ceremonies. Other government departments, both state and federal, have the same dismal records of functionality. This is incompetence and/or theft, and citizens may not fire the bureaucrats who enable the plundering of America’s resources. It is no different than the scams of accountability at Enron enabled by Arthur Anderson, or the horrific corruption of moral accountability at the Catholic Church- all enabled by the church’s leadership. If we are to point fingers at priests, bishops and cardinals; at CEO’s and accounting partners, then logic demands we point fingers at senators, representatives, presidents and their enabling bureaucrats. They are, without question, the foxes in the hen house, the wolves amongst the sheep, and the parasites on the host. Don’t forget, the host is you and I.

If private business conducted its operations like the government, most of its officers would be placed in jail. Social Security is an illegal Ponzi scheme, if it were to be conducted by anyone except the government. It includes accounting tricks that are identical to what Enron did to hide massive amounts of debt, ” and they boastfully lie to us saying they’ve not only balanced the budget but created a surplus.”* Because the government is exempt from the laws it spawns to coerce obedience and property from those it governs, it operates above the law. This is nothing but a blue and gray suited monarchy with upper bureaucrats playing the role of nobles to the princes and princesses in Congress and the King or future Queen in the White House. Many from this elected royalty consort regularly with the alpha oligarchs from the corporate, lobbying, and NGO empires. On occasion, our royalty displays firemen and police officers amongst them to show their compassionate and democratic sentiments. Or trendier still, they rub elbows with the many charming and beautiful fools from the celebrity kingdom to show the demos how “hip” they really are. Everywhere present, discretely of course, in dark suits or crisp uniforms, are the real projectors of power and force, our security services that give this courtly cabal any gravity at all. One of them carries the nuclear football.

Many lawyers, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats in ways that the founding fathers would have, in all probability, considered obscene have serially adulterated the first contract with Americans, its constitution. If you doubt this, just observe that as the constitution has been, and is being subverted, its direction of subversion is always predictable. All changes and interpretations of the constitution serve to further empower the government and its agents, growing the parasitocracy,  while weakening limitations,  and dissolving boundaries (the original purpose of the constitution) on the government’s power over an individual’s freedoms. And as individual human freedoms are eroded so are those of all the other species interwoven into the unified field of behavior from which resonates the human species. 

What becomes readily apparent when one expends a sincere effort to observe the natural relationships, which constitute organic order, is that every single life form shares two common behaviors. Regardless of the size or complexity of the life form, every one of them accumulates and expresses energy patterns/designs resulting in the “fountain of energy” first illustrated by Aldo Leopold is his writings describing how our ecosystem functions.

Observation reveals that each life form displays one or more of five behavioral traits (described later) in the course of accumulating and expressing energy. These behaviors may change or overlap in each life form’s cycle of appearing out of, and disappearing into the unified field of behavior which is the warp and woof of existence. The best description of how this works, is the Chinese word for nature, which translates into “what is so of itself” or spontaneity. This is the first and only true “free marketplace”, and it is transactional, or inter-dependent, i.e. there cannot be a seller without a buyer, a predator without prey, or a sentient being without something to sense. Every transaction of each participating agent in this natural marketplace, results in a transformation of energy and/or form. This happens incrementally or catastrophically, but without nature’s marketplace, nothing moves.

Only one agent in this spontaneous system produces what may be called “capital” in any real sense, and that agent is the only  significant one that is capable of transforming sunlight into the energy by which most other living forms profit. That agent is chlorophytic in behavior and appearance, and exists in a multiplicity of forms and diversity of habitats. And to our current knowledge, only one agent in this system produces the unique expression which is symbolic of the material world in which it lives, and breathes, and has its being. That agent is the human species, and that symbol is the idea, which is human capital. Through the expression of symbolism, the human species has come to dominate much of the Garden of Eden. This relationship has yielded remarkable fruits, while at the same time it has produced catastrophic tragedies on scales unknown by any other species. In the 20th century alone, human kind’s bewitched fascination with its symbols has resulted in the deaths of at least 100 million of its own family. The collateral pain, damage, and toxemia to the living, is immeasurable as those deaths reverberate into current and future generations, of not only humans, but many other species as well.

The fact that nature’s marketplace is capitalistic is undeniable, but the human version, in its current state of evolution, is a discordant echo of nature’s dynamic symphony of exchange and transformation. Evolution is quite literally the free exchange of insider information, and a market which disallows this free exchange is tyrannical.  It fails on all counts, and this convention is a start in looking at relationships, which must be transformed if the system is to further accommodate the remarkable diversity of agents who comprise the unified field of behavior permitting them to grow and prosper. Listening to Hayek we can learn from his astute perceptions, “…the only alternative to submission to the impersonal and seemingly irrational forces of the market is submission to an equally uncontrollable and therefore arbitrary power of other men.” Nature and her forces, however, have been revealed to be more rational than most men’s thinking will ever be, and she only asks for our cooperation, not submission. But as history has shown repeatedly, humans continue to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. Will human integrity and dignity yield to the monolithic, monocultural mentality, and the parasitic impulse to collectively industrialize humanity in pursuit of chrematistic and egalitarian efficiencies? Will we turn ourselves into a mechanized, inflexible, and over-regulated caricature of life’s glorious, organic, and spontaneous fountain of energy erupting from the infinite river of life? Anti-globalization forces may be intuiting such an outcome, but they are no less trapped by their own symbols, than are those against whom they wail and gnash their teeth.

It is time we reason together, for as Richard Weaver wrote in closing his great book, Ideas have Consequences, “Nothing is more certain than that we are all in this together. Practically, no one can stand aside from a sweep as deep and broad as the decline of a civilization. If the thinkers of our time cannot catch the imagination of the world to the point of effecting some profound transformation, they must succumb with it. There will be little joy in the hour when they can say, “I told you so.” And their present efforts show small sign of effect.

.” .”

The goal of this cyber- convention is to catch the imagination of the world. The spice of life is diminishing in abundance. It is time we replanted.

Peter Reshetniak

*Walter Williams, Ph.D., George Mason University Professor of Economics writing in the Jewish World Review, April 17, 2002

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