Political Ecology
Understanding and directing the dynamics , which exist between all forms of life within the unified field of behavior, and experiencing how all such forms transform each other into the pulses that flow through the river of life. For forms to exist, they are defined by boundaries, by their communication systems, and by the cultures they express.

Eco-Logical Bill of Rights
copyright, 2002, REF, All Rights Reserved

Introductory Protocols and Notes: Not wishing to re-invent the wheel, I have simply followed what I feel is the best model for our starting point, i.e., the American Bill of Rights, obviously translated to reflect the inclinations I have described in the Introduction with an ecological foundation.  Each of these revised articles serves as a starting point to begin a transparent evolution of the articles based on input from registered delegates.  The end that will guide the outcome will always be measured by Life and Liberty as they are continually revealed in nature’s marketplace. The goal here is to reconcile the existing abstract conventions with what ecologists and economists have learned in the past one hundred years, especially revealed by the same problems appearing over and over again..  My premise is that things can be improved, and  need to be improved, if we are to get out of  chasing our own tails in tighter and tighter circles expecting different results. 

Some of the re-stated articles have my commentary attached- as a starting point revealing my priorities, again based on ecological principles, which have their origins in the root meanings of  the words, economy and ecology.  The latter refers to the order of the household, while the former refers to the “management” of the order of the household.  One of the other principles that applies everywhere in nature is: nothing for nothing-Humans are the only species operating under the delusion that they can gain profit or substance without expending energy (work)–this has been inculcated over millennia with the concept of “compound interest” which is essentially a perpetual motion machine…this is simply an accounting deception with no basis in reality.  And it is this accounting deception which creates the marvelously seductive illusion that humans are exempt from the laws of nature. The best description of this deception I have seen comes from writer and ecologist, Frederick Soddy (Oxford), a Nobel Prize Winner in chemistry in 1921, and the author of Wealth, Virtual Wealth And Debt, first published in 1933 from which the following quote is lifted: “Plants or animals are sedulously collecting solar energy, and, wonderful as the process is biologically, there is no physical mystery about the appearance of ham and eggs and toast on the breakfast-table.  Granted, first, land and sunshine in the ownership or possession of one set of people, and secondly, human industry furnished by another set of people, the means of support of the gentleman, if not visible, are not very well concealed.  From the contemplation of this mode of gentle livelihood, honoured by tradition and history, let us turn somewhat abruptly to the modern passport to gentility, the ownership of, say 20,000 (British Pounds),  a ball of gold some 9 inches in diameter.  As a possession it obeys the laws of conservation of matter and energy.  As money in its original sense, something to be exchanged for wealth, it possesses no powers of self reproduction.  As a hoard or store used to buy goods it would diminish in quantity, like soap when you wash with it.  But lent to someone else, and buried out of sight in the vaults of some bank, like a seed in the earth or a fowl laying eggs, it reproduces its kind. If the rate is 5 per cent per annum, it becomes capable of supporting in gentility and perpetual motion a whole family and their heirs and successors after them on 1,000 Pounds a year.  It may buy a farm or some other source of revenue, and the labour of the farmer and his labourers, out of the increment of which they and our family together may be supported for ever after.  It rises superior to the laws of physics and now energises even an entirely idle owner.

If its owner has sufficient independent income to do without it, he may lend the interest, so that the rate of increment changes from simple to compound.  The revenue of the hypothetical farm is now hypothetically sold for more gold and more farms,  In 1070  years out of our 9-inch ball of gold, disposed of in this way, there would arise legal claims to a golden ball equal in size to the earth, and weighing four times as much.

Or, if we are to get the best out of both possible worlds, let us maintain our chosen family in the state of the somewhat shabby gentility and diminished perpetual motion possible on 500 Pounds a year, “putting by” half the income to “accumulate.”  After enduring this for four centuries, our family would be in a position to supply a world population of 2,000,000,000 souls each with the same principal as itself it started with.

This is the celebrated fallacy of compound interest…” Addressing the origins of this delusion, Soddy writes: “Society, “in the unconscious recesses of its being,” remembers the day when there was neither economics nor science, nor even religions of the modern Sabbath and Sunday type.  Older than these, and infinitely more powerful in its sway over the mind of man, there still persists, as a full-blooded weekday religion, the worship of the golden calf.”  Hence the delusion that supports parasitic inclinations in the human species, and the psychology associated with it becomes self-evident as Soddy describes, “Psychologically, the economic aim of the individual is, always has been, and probably always will be, to secure a permanent revenue independent of further effort, proof against the passage of time and the chance of circumstance, to support himself in old age and his family after him in perpetuity.  He endeavors so to do by accumulating so much property in the heyday of his youth that he and his heirs may live on the interest on it in perpetuity afterwards.  Economic and social history is the conflict of this human aspiration with the laws of physics, which make such a perpetuum mobile impossible, and reduces the problem merely to the method by which one individual may get another individual or the community into his debt and prevent repayment, so that the individual or community must share the produce of their efforts with their creditor.”

As comments, critiques, and contributions arrive, they will be posted in another color with the delegates name attached. At certain points delegates will be asked to vote on submissions and changes.  A 75% vote will establish the amendment, and somewhere in the future, all ten articles will be confirmed with a final vote of all the registered delegates. I expect logistics and protocols  for growing this project to be submitted by those with good ideas in this area, based on operational experience or not. Let’s se what works and has common sense.

Articles 1, 2 , 3 , 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Declaration of Inter-Dependence

When in the course of Events, it becomes necessary for one species to dissolve the relationships which have them interconnected with all other species, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the inter-dependent, Fraternal, and unequal stations to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind and other species requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to such Behaviors, and such Separation.

WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all life forms are created Unequal, that they are endowed by life itself with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of the same. That to secure these Rights, principles are agreed to among those species so capable of, and deriving their just powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the Governed, to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundations on such Principles, and organizing is Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety, health, and prosperity.

Notes on Declaration: The notion of equality within a unified field of behavior is oxymoronic, since one must then assume that an entity exists outside of the field which can then be compared to an identical entity within the field. The act of separating one part of the field from another is purely an arbitrary exercise, and such divisions only exist in mind, not in fact. This is not to say, that making such divisions has no value- it does.  The entire world of science, technology, and communication depends on such divisions, but these divisions are purely made by convention, and based on utility, and they function because they are based on regularly observed (therefore predictable) patterns of behavior within the unified field.

Equality before the Law, which is generally how this concept is defended, in practical terms is non-existent.  The quality of one’s legal representation depends on the money available, and the political mood of the public, the jury , and the judge. Or  as Paul Craig Roberts writes, “Today not even lawyers know what the law is.  This is due not only to the law’s sheer bulk, but also to the ability of prosecutors and regulators to create law on the spot by interpreting statutes and regulations to suit their purposes. In effect, law has become a kind of silly putty out of which prosecutors and police fashion bills of attainder.” The idea that certain people can act “objectively” is patently false, although it is a very popular delusion of those promoting equality for their own reasons. As Richard Weaver observes, “I would mention here the fact, obvious to any candid observer, that “equality” is found most often in the mouths of those engaged in artful self-promotion.  These secretly cherish the ladder to high designs but find that they can mount the lower rungs more easily by making use of the catchword.  We do not necessarily grudge them their rise, but the concept they foster is fatal to the harmony of the world.”

And earlier in the chapter entitled Distinction and Hierarchy of Weaver’s book, Ideas Have Consequences,  the author quotes from the first book of Corinthians, in which Paul defends “diversities of operations.” Paul offers the metaphysical argument: “But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him.  And if they were all one member, where were the body?”

The behavior of evolution would not exist if equality actually existed in nature. Yet the delusion persists and is actually gathering strength as political factions seeking to take control argue for equality of outcomes, equality of opportunities, and on and on.  Each premise begins with the same obviously false assumption, yet few challenge the delusion openly, because they are immediately labeled as racist or worse.

Bill of Rights

1) There shall be no law respecting an establishment of energy acquisition or energy expression behavior, whether that be via religion, politics, science, culture, or art, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the spontaneity of communication, or the right of life forms to assemble, and to petition each other for a redress of grievances.

All life forms share two common behaviors: Energy acquisition and energy expression.  We acquire energy as hunters, as cultivators, as scavengers, as voyeurs, and as parasites. These are classes of behavior,  and within their sphere’s of action evolves the real Class Struggle mis-identified by Frederick Engels in his little book, The Origin Of The Family, as a struggle between labor and capital.   Ultimately this struggle is between those who want to get something for nothing (the parasitic class) and those who will actually express varying degrees of energy  (work) to acquire what they desire. This represents the two poles of behavior evident in any living form: work/rest. But in the current human sphere where “feelings” trump reason,  “The spoiled child has not been made to see the relationship between effort and reward.  He wants things, but he regards payment as an imposition or as an expression of malice by those who withhold for it.  His solution, as we shall see, is to abuse those who do not gratify him.” ** Reasoning requires work, and the greater the capacity to reason the more work that is required. Feeling, on the other hand, requires little work, which is why the purveyors of parasitic ethos promote such behavior. The best place to infect such an attitude is within the very young, whose  intellectual immune systems are not yet properly developed. America’s education monopoly is the prime example of this infection at work.

Humanity’s expressive behaviors, its culture,   includes, but is not limited to religion, politics, science, industry,  and art.  All have their individual and collective aspects of beauty and ugliness, and to impose one of them upon a particular species or all species is tyranny.  Tyranny arises as the various class struggles become more and more defined and rigid, which generally signals the decay of the established form of relationships humans call government.  This is a biological tendency, and not one restricted to any particular species.  Parasites exist at every level, from microscopic to macroscopic.  From the viruses that take over cells and result in diseases like HIV, to the multi-celled parasites that take over a culture and spread the progressive disease of socialism.

As Sir Flinders Petrie wrote: “When democracy has attained full power, the majority without capital necessarily eat up the capital of the minority, and the civilization steadily decays.”

The result is the growth of a parasitocracy.  And all current political parties grow themselves by attracting constituents via the promise of something for nothing. 

All life forms petition each other through various forms of communication. The language may be expressed in a variety of methods, including, but not limited to chemistry, music, dance, and mathematics. The most common theme responding to The grievance that begets all others is, ” I’m going to eat you.” Next comes the second most common theme responding, once again to The grievance that begets all others is, “Oh no you’re not!”

And then the dance begins. From here we see the territorial dance, the courtship or status dance which then may lead to the pro-creational dance all of which continue to elaborate and grow the energy supply and the wonder and terror that comes with the spontaneity of life. “Science has given us many doubts, but it has given us at least one certainty; the trend of evolution is to elaborate the biota.”***  History confirms an ever-increasing elaboration of energy patterns, including the resulting forms humans define within the unified field of behavior as the many from the one. And the thing to remember about grievances, if we wish to minimize tragedy at the human level, is basic: “Nothing makes conditions more unbearable than the knowledge that no effort of ours can change them.” –F. Hayek

**Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences
***Leopold, A Biotic View of Land

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2) A healthy immune system, being necessary to the growth and security of spontaneous life forms, the right of such life forms to keep and bear defensive systems shall not be infringed.

All life forms defend themselves and in so doing become defense systems for others as part of the elaboration of the dance.  When individual defenses fail, that particular form’s energy is added to the other dancers. The dance accelerates, even if ever so slightly, and the patterns elaborate. Defensive systems not only include the obvious behaviors of tooth and claw, but also the more powerful ones restricted to the human species, the armor and Armour of ideas. And if the ideational world is to reflect the real world, contradiction must not be allowed the same measure of value as truth.  Contradiction must, therefore, be weeded out every time it is discovered, and the means to do so exist within the rules of logic by which the human species grows its garden of ideas.

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3) No life forms shall, in time of growth within natural confirmation and constraints, be subjected to arbitrary and capricious genocide, nor shall one life form be forced to accommodate other  life forms under circumstances that violate the private property rights of said life forms without consent.

4) The right of life forms to be secure in their actions, territories, habitats and effects, against unreasonable searches, seizures, and disruptions shall not be violated, and no actions shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Evidence, and exercised through innate behavior and natural design.

5) No life form shall be held to answer for the abstract desires imposed upon it by any species so capable of, except in cases arising in the assertion of immunity, or fulfilling nutritional requirements, territorial rights, or common danger; nor shall any life form be subject to arbitrary or capricious impositions, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of natural law; nor shall private property be taken for another’s use without just and equitable compensation based on a specie’s hierarchy of behaviors.

Private property is the cornerstone for any species to express its own identity. Living forms, from micro to macro, all require an area within which they acquire and express the energy, definition, and significance of their own form or pattern.  As Aristotle is credited, the role of nature is to feed that which is born.  This inherently implies property rights.

“At this point I would make abundantly clear that the last metaphysical right offers nothing in defense of that kind of property brought into being by finance capitalism.  Such property is, on the contrary, a violation of the very notion of proprietas. This amendment of the institution to suit the uses of commerce and technology has done more to threaten property than anything else yet conceived. For the abstract property of stocks and bonds, the legal ownership of enterprises never seen, actually destroy the connection between man and his substance without which metaphysical right becomes meaningless. Property in this sense becomes a fiction useful for exploitation and makes impossible the sanctification of work.  The property which we defend as an anchorage keeps its identity with the individual.

Not only is this true, but the aggregation of vast properties under anonymous ownership is a constant invitation to further state direction of our lives and fortunes.  For, when properties are vast and integrated, on a scale now frequently seen, it requires but a slight step to transfer them to state control.  Indeed, it is a commonplace that the trend toward monopoly is a trend toward state ownership; and, if we continued the analysis further, we should discover that business develops a bureaucracy which can be quite easily merged with that of government. Large business organizations, moreover, have seldom been backward about petitioning government for assistance, since their claim to independence rests upon desire for profit rather than upon principle or the sense of honor… Respecters of private property are really obligated to oppose much that is done today  in the name of private enterprise, for corporate organization and monopoly are the very means whereby property is casting aside its privacy.”-Richard M.Weaver.

Nature is a market place where energy is exchanged, and transformed.  It is a spontaneously self-regulating market with trillions of agents ranging in size and appetite from the microscopic to macroscopic.  All participants in this market operate on a few simple patterns of behavior (rules as humans like to call them)- as to how their energy is acquired and transformed- the first rule is private property rights. This right precedes all others.  This is the force of gravity that maintains relationships. “The territorial instinct arises during evolution when some vital resource serves as a “density-dependent factor.” That is, the growth of population density is slowed incrementally by an increasing shortage of food, water, nest sites, or the entire local terrain available to individuals searching for these resources.”  Every organism or agent in the market has a home range or a hunting territory where energy is accumulated and transformed.  This range is defended using a variety of diverse methods including chemical warfare.  It may be defended actively through confrontation, or if the resource sought is common enough, then an active defense will not be required, i.e., simple displacement or migration will suffice. What’s being defended in this case is the ability for the life form to continue acquiring and transforming energy resulting in the signature pattern of behavior, which each species express.  These property rights overlap and interpenetrate each other creating quite literally the warp and woof of every living life form.  Each life form appearing in the market, therefore, results in the transformation of many other life forms in the spontaneously generated fountain of energy as first described by Aldo Leopold. This is the implied contract that exists between all life forms, without which, life’s incredible diversity ceases. “All mammals, including humans, form societies based on a conjunction of selfish interests.”

The currency flowing through this fountain of energy may be called by different names: calorie, volt, BTU, dollar, or whatever, but each is just another way to symbolize a unit of measure of this basic energy, this “stuff” flowing through the river of life.  In the measurement of the natural world, all the units of measurement are mathematically constant allowing for predictive behavior, which is the basis of science.  In the abstract world, the dollar, the yen, the shilling, have no constant value, and their arbitrary control/valuation produces all the calamities in the business cycle.  This permits one small group to benefit from and control the entire range of behaviors humans exhibit as they act out their energy accumulative and expressive behaviors. The latter group gains under any circumstances whenever any actions occur in the human marketplace, and they represent the zenith of abstract parasitic behavior: the total subversion of the material to the symbolic. In this case of parasitic behavior, we will call it chrematistic parasitism: the creation of purely abstract value (money) from thin air wherein, everyone who participates in the system, feeds those who control this miraculous event.

In this marketplace health exists in the diversity of agents exchanging and transforming each other into a vast elaboration of energy patterns. Disease in the market increases as diversity decreases, or as monocultures become more prevalent, energy transformations slow. Isolated markets are prone to sudden declines or reversals when foreign agents enter, therefore, each market and agent in the market have their own individual and/or collective immune systems to ward off or prevent intruders from taking over their source of energy and their territory (property). In the natural marketplace, large monocultures do not exist- for long- they are very susceptible to smaller, more independent and agile organisms. Even a healthy market place is prone to disruption by the random interruptions of its orderly transformations by catastrophic events such as weather, which may simply act as a way to re-shuffle the deck of changes. Such events serve to reveal opportunities for new transformations which otherwise may have remained hidden.

The most important aspect of a natural market is its spontaneity. The more resistant the system is to self-initiated transformations, the more rigid and lifeless the system becomes, and the less capacity it has to respond to random events.


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6) In all prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public assessment of merit wherein its integrity as a viable member of the ecosystem will be determined; to be confronted by its prosecutors openly and directly or as limited by innate design and behavior; and to have at its disposal any and all defensive tactics and stratagems it is capable of exercising.

Nature brings prosecutions against each of its species as the normal consequence of what is commonly referred to as the survival of the fittest. Viable members of the ecosystem project their form and pattern into the future as they absorb the forms and patterns that sustain them.

7) In Suits at natural law, where the value in controversy shall be life or death, the right of trail by merit shall be preserved, and no merit once established will be free of re-examination in any future time or location in accordance to the rules of the natural law.

Suits in nature occur constantly as a result of the interplay of forms prosecuting each other in the process of gathering or expressing energy. Survival by merit as dictated by opportunity and chance predicate constancy or change.

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8) Excessive taxation shall not be required, nor involuntary servitude, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted upon any life form; nor shall any life form be exempt from the consequences of natural law.

Nature taxes its constituency only twice: as each species gathers energy or relinquishes its energy. The former is as a result of the work required to acquire and express energy, while the latter results as energy and form are surrendered.

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9) The enumeration in this Eco-Logical Bill of Rights of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the inherent nature of any life form, event, or location.

As an ever-expanding elaboration of forms, Nature’s behavior moves incrementally or catastrophically between the poles of what appears to the symbolic mind as discrete and separate entities, when in fact all such entities are part of the unified field of behavior whose actions constitute eternity, and cannot be excluded by abstract notions from existence as part of the unified field without suffering the consequences from the limitations of abstract thought.

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10) The powers not delegated to any life form by its inherent design, nor constrained by natural restraints, are reserved to the unified field of behavior and the intelligence that comprises its being, and all the manifestations that appear to be separate entities within the unified field.

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