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Part of our annual health management for all of our raptors requires vaccination against the perpetual threat of West Nile virus every summer.  The only vaccinations available for birds, eighteen years after the virus’ first appearance in the US, are those meant for horses. Ongoing studies and trials confirm that vaccinating does confer some immunity to raptors, however, the level of protection varies widely among species and ages of birds.

The cost of our vaccinations this year is $600.  Can you help us meet this expense?  Please select one of the buttons below, or call our office at 303-680-8500 with your credit card contribution.  Checks may be sent to:  REF, PO Box 200400, Denver, Colorado 80220.  On your checks, please indicate the funds are for 2017 vaccinations.

The top PayPal button has pre-set amounts (options 1-5) entered, or you may use the Donation button to contribute any amount towards our vaccine costs.  Thanks to Dr. Alison Hazel, once again, who is donating her veterinary talents to make sure all of our birds are properly immunized. And, thanks to everyone contributing to this year’s vaccination process!

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