Spend some time and view some of the highlights from past videos we have published on our Facebook page and other web locations. Our first video to be featured, Collapse & Rescue, was viewed by over 65,000 people world-wide, and is by far the most popular piece we have published. The process of curating videos to this page will develop slowly as we must convert them from the Facebook platform to our Youtube channel. Thanks to the folks that do not use Facebook who made requests to get some of our videos available more easily to them.

During the few years that the bald eagles known as the E-470 eagles were found in an expanded red-tail hawk nest, near the intersection of 120th avenue and E-470, REF organized a group known as the Eagle Brigade. The Eagle Brigade was organized to assist the young eagles when they fledged, because their nest’s location was very close to two very busy roadways with lots of high speed traffic. Little did we all know that we would be watching the collapse of the nest after getting soaked to the point the old dead branch could no longer hold the weight. Thanks to the highway camera placed the the E-470 Highway Authority, the collapse was recorded, REF staff was notified and we responded quickly with the help of Eagle Brigade members we rescued the youngsters and turned them over to the Birds of Prey Rehab Foundation. They spent another year at that facility and were released. Unfortunately, we could not convince authorities to either band them or place telemetry on them to track the movements. Survival rates for young eagles are very poor.  We just hope they are still out there.


November 25, I depart my home near 6th avenue and Holly St in Denver, Colorado. and head east on 8th avenue. As I approach Olive street, I’m startled by a large pair of wings flapping over my open sun roof, and not more than 30 feet above my car. As the large bird flies over me I realize that it is an adult bald eagle! I watch the eagle heading north, and I turn on the next street to head north as well. Will the eagle perch? It was flying down the middle of the street the last I saw it, so I drove to 11th avenue and stopped. I looked west, and there she was, sitting atop a convenient perch. I drove a few feet west on 11th and pulled into someone’s driveway and started recording. People started coming out of their houses in disbelief. Urban birding does not get much better than this if you like eagles. If you know Denver, then having an eagle in this old residential area is that much more astonishing. Cooper’s Hawks are common, and sometimes a Red-tailed Hawk, but a Bald Eagle? Wow!

St. Mary’s Academy, home of the Wildcats, first booked our programs 25 years ago. We were pleased to come back for their Middle School students in late January, 2018 and once again present our signature program, Raptors and the Environment. The free flying segments coupled with the role playing have enthralled and enraptured audiences of all ages for 38 years. Below, another school group discovers the magic our programs continue to deliver since 1980.


Since 1997, when our raptors were part of the inaugural ceremony opening the Birds of Prey course in Beaver Creek, we’ve been the “face” of those raptors which name the runs, jumps and turns featured on the the only American stop on the FIS World Alpine Ski Championship circuit.

Our iconic raptors appear in Beaver Creek Village as well as up on the mountain during this annual competition. Our 37 year old golden eagle continues to be part of the opening and awards ceremonies broadcast world-wide. Over the years she has appeared before television audiences in France, Austria, Italy, Germany, and the United States with tens of millions of ski enthusiasts recognizing her as the Birds of Prey course mascot.

Coverage of our raptors at this international event truly puts our educational mission in front of an world wide audience!


Wildlife photographers spend countless hours waiting for opportunities to capture stunning images of eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls in the wild.  Raptor Education Foundation creates those opportunities for both professional and amateur photographers during their free flying raptor seminar workshops shown above and the non flighted sessions below.


Raptor Education Foundation pioneered presenting raptors in large public settings back in 1982 when its birds were presented in the education pavilion at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. From there REF’s birds made appearances at a variety of state and county fairs, and they have even had their live raptor programs on cruise ships off the coast of Alaska. They continue to set the standard of using non-releasable raptors to educate millions of people to the plight of raptors all across the world.