Green Hypocrisy Growing

It is easy to get depressed about the insane pursuit of free, clean, green energy especially when you listen to and watch the bloviating  public servants who never have to pay the costs of their inept and incompetent ideas put into action with someone else’s money. However, the reality of eliminating the use of fossil […]

Are We Seeing The Beginning of The End?

Paving rural America with forests of giant wind turbines and oceans of solar panels won’t solve climate change. It will, however, cost trillions of dollars, blight landscapes, kill untold numbers of bats and birds, make people sick, and lead to more economic pain in rural towns and counties. The Wall Street Journal’s story looks at […]

The Climate Crisis That Isn’t

Spend almost an hour watching and listening to Dr. William Happer, Physics Professor emeritus at Princeton University.  This presentation should eliminate any phobias you might be holding onto as far as the climate change hysteria that is driving the current administration to spend billions and billions on a problem that does not exist.  This is […]

Learning From Germany

Is it possible for Colorado’s politicians and residents to learn from another final solution the German’s have foisted on themselves?  Germany’s electricity prices are the highest in Europe and perhaps in the world. On January 1st the Germans shut down 11 of their coal fired power plants as they pursued their final energy solution scheme.  […]

Rare Earth Reality

The alternative energy scheme that’s been promoted for decades to solve the emperor’s problem of his invisible wardrobe runs into the reality of manufacturing batteries, solar panels, wind turbines et al.  That reality is dependent on a supply chain that is enslaved to Chinese masters. How do the green new dealers reconcile that fact?  They […]

What About These Masks?

There are billions of them in use, and when they are not in use or waiting to be used, what happens to them?  They are all covered in germs.  Germs, including some that are contagious, and some of those billions of masks are harboring the dreaded Wuhan/COVID virus.  Most of these masks are used once […]