The Great Climate Modeling Crisis Looms

“Climate science is dominated by alarmists addicted to the idea that increasing carbon dioxide will cause dangerous global warming. How much warming is thus the central scientific question. This question has been surprisingly difficult to answer despite 40 years of research, costing tens of billions of dollars. Now the issue is exploding because two different […]

Fall Photo Safari

Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph flying and posed raptors in natural settings that would normally take hundreds of hours of field time to capture in the wild…if you were lucky. Limited spaces available. This one sells out quickly!

The Not So Secret Solar Lie

The sun will provide everyone a wonderful bounty of free, clean, green, and unlimited energy.  That’s what the alternative energy cabal has been preaching from their Climate Change pulpits for decades.  Well, the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost as not only do those countries that pursued solar with a passion see their electrical […]

Nuclear New Deal

Proponents of the Green New Deal are hysterically ignoring the soaring costs of solar and wind energy generation. Their climate change crusade considers anything but their religion worshiping clean, green, free electrons as blasphemy.  California’s mad rush to the altar at the center of the climate change crusade reveals the ugly truth of their alternative […]

Gold King Mine 5 Years Later

“The notorious, devastating accident turned Cement Creek and the Animas, San Juan and Colorado Rivers yellow all the way from Colorado through New Mexico and Utah and into Lake Powell. The settlement is good news. Yet those whose memories of are faulty at best may not realize that the EPA is still in the throes […]