Rare Earth Reality

The alternative energy scheme that’s been promoted for decades to solve the emperor’s problem of his invisible wardrobe runs into the reality of manufacturing batteries, solar panels, wind turbines et al.  That reality is dependent on a supply chain that is enslaved to Chinese masters. How do the green new dealers reconcile that fact?  They […]

What About These Masks?

There are billions of them in use, and when they are not in use or waiting to be used, what happens to them?  They are all covered in germs.  Germs, including some that are contagious, and some of those billions of masks are harboring the dreaded Wuhan/COVID virus.  Most of these masks are used once […]

Energy Poverty Heading Our Way

The graph above is quite telling, and if America falls into the quagmire of a green new deal we will experience what Germany and Denmark have brought upon themselves.  Suicide by CO2 Phobia is the final result.  As you look at this article you will see another graph that illustrates the results of those European […]

Alternative Energy Future?

It appears that the future of America’s electricity generation is headed the same way Germany has chosen for its citizenry.  Germans have taken their final energy solution to new levels of insanity by erecting more wind and solar capacity that still cannot produce one electron when the sun does not shine or when the wind […]

What Did Not Happen By 2020

The scientific process produces verifiable, repeatable results and accurate predictions arise from those who practice it honestly.  When the process is corrupted you get the type of predictions revealed in this short video.  The predictions come from individuals and institutions who gain from spreading fear and confusion.  Spend a few minutes to be reminded of […]