International Sportsmen’s Expo

When you’ve succumbed to cabin fever this is a great place to find adventures such as photo safaris, hunting and fishing adventures, camping stuff, great vehicles to take you and your family into impossible country. We will have a variety of our raptors present every day to inform and educate, or to just let everyone feast their eyes on our beautiful eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls. Don’t miss the opportunity!

420 Years Of Solar Data: Winter Is Coming

  The National Science Foundation is caught (again) fudging data about solar cycles.  Fortunately honest data sources are still available to reveal the grand cycles that really control earth’s climate.  The reality does not predict a planet that is going to cook itself because of increasing carbon dioxide levels.  Despite the IPCC’s incessant propaganda pushing […]

Raptor Photo Safari

The opportunity to create images of America’s iconic eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls requires a great investment of time and money. We specialize in making those experiences come true at a much more affordable cost. Going after pictures like these on your own involves many hours and days of getting nothing. Our photo workshop provides the subjects in natural settings almost guaranteeing exceptional results!

Eat The Babies

If this short video doesn’t convince you of the insanity of the climate change lunatic fringe, then nothing will.  When you are operating out of fear, you avoid reality at all costs.  Here is a young woman at an AOC gathering who gets her 15 minutes of fame as she implores the audience that the […]