Maunder Minimum Returns

Serious sun spot observations have been accumulating for hundreds of years, and the data compiled points to the obvious cyclic turns of the world’s climate. The bitter cold weather being experienced in the northern hemisphere is more evidence supporting what happens when the sun goes quiet. NASA’s  most recent report documents this cycle…global cooling is […]

Colorado Heading For German Crash

As Colorado’s newest Governor Jared Polis announces his plans for a big push towards electrical car distribution and the associated renewable energy fantasy, he appears to be blind to the reality of both ideas.  They will not work! Germany is in the midst of discovering just how bad the push for pure energy really is.  […]

Solar Panel Waste Disaster

Just another one or two decades into the future the zealots from the sunshine and breezes free, clean, and pure energy religions will still be promising apocalyptic outcomes unless all of us convert to their brand of climate salvation, but none of them will deal with the dirty secret behind their dogma.  Their climate salvation, […]

Can We Learn From Germany?

As 2018 comes to a close, and we look back to see  what is left in the chaotic wakes of our current “ships of state”  are there any lessons that might benefit civilization’s apparent intent to repeat historic blunders on a much larger scale than ever before?  Let’s  look at Germany’s current new final solution […]

Another Algorian Failure

The role of science is to make observations of the “real” world and then to be able to predict some major or minor event from those observations.  When one does that on a regular basis, then one’s theory about those observations has validity, but when one’s predictions or forecasts fail consistently, then one’s theory about […]

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