Crescent Dunes Dies

Solyndra’s bankruptcy was an early warning about solar energy being a viable alternative for supplying energy to maintain civilization’s needs.  Others followed, and now the collapse of one of the biggest centralized solar farms in the Nevada desert illustrates the failure of such government subsidized electron streams.  Guess who’s on the hook for those federal […]

Lessons From Australia

Watching the horrible reports on the devastating fires in my homeland is gut wrenching, but what’s more devastating is the reporting and political emanations attributing all the fires to climate change.  Ignoring the dozens of  arson arrests the press and public officials further ignore the chief culprit eloquently described by a veteran of Australia’s forest […]

International Sportsmen’s Expo

When you’ve succumbed to cabin fever this is a great place to find adventures such as photo safaris, hunting and fishing adventures, camping stuff, great vehicles to take you and your family into impossible country. We will have a variety of our raptors present every day to inform and educate, or to just let everyone feast their eyes on our beautiful eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Another Solar Alternative Bites The Dust

Solar proponents are attempting to cover up yet another alternative energy failure. Unfortunately their spinning the reality of what happened will only impress a media that is economically and ecologically illiterate. “Crescent Dunes was a serious project designed to attack the great weakness of solar electricity.  Sunshine is strongest in the middle of the day, but […]

A Sunburnt Country

I love a sunburnt country A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains.* Drought, then, is not exactly a new phenomenon in Australia. And with drought comes fire. Indeed, the aborigines or First Nations, or whatever the fashionable woke soubriquet is this week, used to conduct frequent controlled burnings […]

Just Facts: 30 Years Ago

  Thirty years ago and every year since, we have been bombarded by the scariest stories told to children to make them behave themselves or force them to go in a particular direction.  The stories, of course, in all cultures are just that…stories told to children.  The current story, however, has gripped the minds of […]