EV’s Equal Ecocide

Since the great leap forward to provide free, clean, and plentiful electrons using sunshine and breezes a few researchers (engineering types) have been analyzing the real costs involved. In this video, Mark Mills illuminates the real cost of the EV push, which mirrors the hysteria to industrialize the planet’s surface and subterranean worlds in pursuit of those free, green, and clean electrons.  Meanwhile, eagles, whales and a myriad of other wild lives die every day to fuel this fantasy.  Reality, however, is beginning to raise its ugly head.  Alternative energy schemes are failing as countries like Germany, which has pursued this green delusion as only Germans can, are revealing the real costs to any who would look. It is not pretty, clean, or free. Spend 90 minutes with Mark Mills and immerse yourself into the facts and figures about EV’s for everyone, and the associated delusions of chasing electrons from spinning blades and shiny surfaces.  One of the best videos in this genre!  Peter Reshetniak, Founder