Frequently Asked  Questions

Q: May I get my Voucher via e-mail?

A:Yes, just select the Rush Processing option and for an extra $20 we will send you a PDF Voucher.  You must call the office (303-680-8500) to confirm rush processing is available at the time.

Q: Technical Issues: I get a notice my session has ended or “timed out” when I try to pay using PayPal-what do I do?

A: Your session cookies are not enabled just click to learn how, or call us at 303-680-8500 and we will complete the process on the phone.

Q: Do I have to rejoin the Raptor Education Foundation each year to keep the license plates?

A: No. When your membership expires you do not have to join again.  Or, you may renew your membership at a different  level, or not at all.

Q: Is the membership fee tax-deductible?

A: Yes.  Because REF is a non-profit organization membership fees are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Q: Do I have to pay my county DMV office $50 each time I pay for my new TABs?

A: No. The $50 payment to the DMV is one-time only.

Q: May I get my plates personalized?
A: No. These are Specialty Plates and cannot be personalized.

Q: May I transfer my plates to another car?
A: Yes.  Plates stay with the person and not the car.  The name must stay the same on the transfer.   You may transfer them to different cars for whatever the current fee might be.

Q: Are there other environmental or wildlife license plates in Colorado?

A: Colorado Respects Wildlife is the first  environmentally/wildlife themed plate in Colorado, and the only one which supports our exclusive environmental education programs. Only REF members are authorized to display these beautiful plates. Other environmental plates are available.

Q: What happens with my membership payment?

A: Your membership fees support REF’s environmental education programs and projects like its facility development in Brighton.  Fees also support research projects, and of course, REF’s live raptors.

Q:  May I get a second,  third, or fourth set of plates?

A: Yes.  REF offers a discount for additional plate memberships to current members. Special offers are displayed on the web site or available during live REF appearances. Get as many as you want-Gift memberships are also available.

Q: Once I pay my membership fee, how long does it take for me to get the plates?

A: If you order and pay Online or via the phone with your credit card, your order normally gets processed and sent within 3-7 days, however, seasonal exceptions exist. Please call the office if you are facing a deadline.  If you pay by check, it takes 10-15 days to clear your check and send your materials. Rush handling and shipping are available depending on the shipping method you select and only with credit card payments. Call the office (303-680-8500) to confirm rush processing is available at the time. PDF Option: Select this rush processing option for $20 and we will e-mail your Voucher to you. Call the office to confirm this option is available,

Q: Once I get my materials from REF what do I do?

A: When your membership materials arrive they will include your exclusive numbered Voucher attached to an informational page.  Take this Voucher to your DMV office, and this authorizes the DMV to issue your plates to you. Make sure to bring your vehicle  registration documents. When you present your Voucher, you will be issued a special temporary plate, because Specialty Plates are printed on demand and then sent to you.  This process takes about 30 days.

Q: I already have plates. Do I have to wait until mine expire?

A: No.  You do not have to wait.  Your plate fees will be pro-rated based on how many months you have had your previous plates.

Q: Is REF an anti-hunting environmental organization?

A: No.  REF supports responsible use of our natural resources, including hunting, fishing, and falconry.

Q: I have donated to other raptor organizations in the past, will I be qualified to receive the Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates?

A: No.  The Colorado Respects Wildlife license plates are only available to qualified members of the Raptor Education Foundation. REF is the only environmental organization with its own license plates as a membership premium.

Q: May I pick up my Voucher by driving to the REF offices?

A: Yes. Anyone may pick-up their Voucher from REF offices.  You must call first, and if you want immediate processing at the time you arrive, you will be charged for expedited service.

Thank You For Your Support