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Providing Sanctuary Through Adoption

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In Memoriam

“On The Wings of Eagles”

 Alan Stajcar by Pati & Dave Stajcar
Alvarado Martinez by his children
Sampson, Gandalf, Bilbo, & Rebel
Christopher Grosz
Benjamin Lovell
Andrew Conjer
Abraham Schumer
Kim Lee
Jack Bolster
Rostek Dowbenko
Larry LeDue by Nadine Cassata
Johan Sebastian
Johan Adler by his family
Sergei Kumer by Piotr Kumer
David M. McAllen by his co-workers
Albert Nystrom by Jennifer Nystrom 
Gonul Kaya by Necati Unit Kaya
Marguerite M. Puffer by Marcia Lyman & Berni Simmons
Nita Bolster
Vladimir Flint
Frank Swaim, by Bill and Dianne Brown
John Rosczyk, by his sister Gail Donaldson
Charles Freeman
Eugenie Reshetniak & Alexander Reshetniak
Otto, by his friend Liam Johnson 

One of the most important challenges facing the world today is the preservation, protection and appropriate use of natural resources. The environmental decisions made today will have a monumental impact on wildlife on a global scale and effect the overall quality of life for mankind. We must strive to restore and maintain a level of dynamic balance in nature and minimize the rate at which species of animals, plants and other natural resources are declining. Education will be the key to these efforts.

It is with this perspective that the Raptor Education Foundation (REF) was founded. Raptors represent an ancient romance and passion for the wild, free, and powerful. They also represent diversity in nature at its finest. Soaring provides a special way to sponsor these fascinating birds for one year. By adopting your favorite raptor, you contribute to its housing, care, training, feeding, and maintenance. In addition, your participation provides valuable funding to REF to continue its unique environmental literacy programs.

By participating in Soaring you will become familiar with raptors, their habits, and their distinctive roles in nature. You will receive a special adoption certificate, featuring a color photo and  background information on the raptor you have adopted.  Gold and Silver level adoptions will receive additional benefits as well. Gold and Silver Adoption certificates are framed.The Platinum sponsor’s commitment involves total annual support for one or more birds.

Soaring features four levels of sponsorship: Copper, Bronze,  Silver, Gold, and Platinum . All you need to do is select the raptor of your choice, level and type of sponsorship, complete the application and mail with payment to the Raptor Education Foundation. The Platinum level is our exclusive sponsorship of a particular species for an entire year.  Please request  information on the Platinum sponsorship for the raptor you have a particular interest in, and we will mail a separate packet of materials to you.

Memorial adoptions can be made in any category.  Just make sure you have included the name of the deceased, and since these types of adoptions occur on very little notice, we cannot guarantee your certificate will be framed in time for the funeral service-a rush charge will be applied. Unless instructed otherwise, your Memorial Adoption will be posted on this page (above) on a permanent basis as a tribute to the individual noted.

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Raptor Education Foundation is a Certified Mile High United Way Affiliated Agency

Mile High United Way: (REF) Designation Code: 0294

Admin Staff
Anne Price — Corp. Secretary, Peter Reshetniak — President
Raptor Staff
Anne Price — Curator
Research & Project Associates
David Goode, Architect:Eagles Landing
Mews Manager
Savannah Grout
Docent & Volunteer Staff
Elise Bales, Morgan Brantmeyer, Chris Canipe, Kevin Corwin, Bernhard Hafner, Kim Kistler, Linda Julia, Jennifer McAllister, Melissa Nesavich, Anne Price, Jennifer Redmond, Peter Reshetniak, Beverly Rice, Mitch Skinner, Skye Taylor
Eagle Brigade, 2018
Docents In Training
Karen Gonzalez
IT Support
Trey Spangenberg
Legal Eagles
Fairfield & Woods

Privacy Policy

REF holds any and all information it gathers regarding its members, clients, supporters, partners, and funders in the strictest confidence. We do not sell or give away names to any entity whatsoever, except as required by law.


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