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All of our products reflect the very best standards in science and art.  We feature an exclusive line of products and programs whenever we can. Your purchases support our educational and conservation mission. Please go to our Store Front  to book our Raptor ID seminars, our  Photo Shoot work shops, and you may Donate to our mission as well enjoy shopping for wonderful raptor themed gifts.

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The best intro to raptors is ready for orders

After 32 years in print we are
very pleased to release this brand
new edition of our introduction to all
of America’s raptors. Thanks to the
University of New Mexico Press for
re-creating the original into
another masterpiece for the 21st century! Written by REF Curator,  Anne Price, and
illustrated by Don Malick, this book is a
must for anyone interested in learning the
basics about raptors.  Great for children
and anyone cultivating an interest in eagles, hawk, falcons, owls, and vultures!

From our archival collection we are bringing back these great raptor stickers.  They are a wonderful way for children to learn about these magnificent birds. Species information on the back of each sticker. Just go to our Store Front to collect all 16.  Only $1 each.  Lots of other exclusive raptor items also featured.

John Graves’ book sales of Broken Wing have already resulted in over $1,000 being donated to our mission.  Your purchase of his book continues those gifts coming our way.  Just click on his name below, and help us spread the word about the deadly results of Conflict Energy. Thank you!

John Graves (Author)

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