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We are the only wildlife theater company in America promoting science to cure Nature Deficit Disorder.

The programs described here can be customized upon request, (we can mix and match to suit your needs…whether it’s a 30 minute seminar or an all day series) and program fees vary based on audience, location, and event. Please contact us directly for more details. No other raptor group in Colorado comes close to our level of knowledge, experience and creativity. Home school groups welcome. Call 303-680-8500.

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 Schedule of Consulting Services.

Workshops: Specialized workshops can be added to your normal programming to extend our stay. These workshops are custom tailored to your needs, and are priced accordingly. Do you want an intense raptor biology session afterwards? Raptor identification? Raptor ecology?  Or how about a super dose of  nature to help deal with Nature Deficit Disorder. Just let us know how many students and what you would like to cover.

Minimum charge: $125/hr, plus material production and development costs, or a per-person charge based on your group’s size. These workshops can be created for novice or expert participants.

The video below is from one of our popular raptor ID workshops presented at our Brighton facility, and the one below this video is one of our seminars presented to the Raptor Monitors for Colorado Parks & Wildlife at their annual meeting on November 18, 2017. Check out videos from a variety of our program offerings. School program videos here.

Mentoring: Research has demonstrated that students working with wildlife, and seeing their work connected to the real world outside the classroom, show healthy increases in their CMAP scores in science and math.

In ongoing studies by the Human-Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois, researchers have discovered tantalizing evidence for a new view of the syndrome. In a 2004 study published in the American Journal of Public Health, the laboratory found that children as young as five showed a significant reduction in ADHD symptoms when they engaged with nature.

REF puts this into practice daily.  We can create a custom mentoring program for your student(s). Prices vary according to each situation.  Please call or write us. We accept a limited number of students each year.

Face-to-Face Program

This half-hour program features one live raptor (except an eagle –see below). Designed for smaller groups, it is an ideal introduction to raptors and environmental concepts. The program is 30 minutes. Available only in the Denver Metro, Colorado area. Cost is $95, within a 15 mile radius of our office in Brighton…availability is limited. For locations outside the 15 mile radius there will be an additional charge for time and distance. The audience size limited to 50 with this program.

Eagle Face-to-Face: $225. This price is offered for schools, scout groups, libraries, and youth groups only. If you do not fall into those four previous categories, your price is based on location and an hourly rate of $175/hour with a three hour minimum, which includes travel, set-up/strike times. Base costs are calculated on a 15-mile radius from our Brighton office. For locations outside the 15-mile radius there will be an additional charge for time and distance. This varies on the type of program.

E-mail us at

 Our Most Popular Programs

Raptor Roundup:Our Most Popular Program

Program Base Price is $250 for groups of up to 200, within a 15-mile radius of our office using Google Map standards, using their shortest time mapping choice. This price is offered for schools and scout groups. Additional charges for greater time/distance and larger groups. Discounts available for multiple bookings. If you do not fall into those  previous categories, pricing falls into our commercial rates of $150/hour with a three hour minimum plus associated expenses. Our Raptor  Roundup for the Inner City School (Denver) above, was specially modified for their school mascot, the bald eagle.

Eagle Summits: This seminar is designed for groups and companies that want to give their members or employees a break from the day-to-day grind. Eagle Summits can be held over lunch hours, or at other convenient times where an hour or two of  free time can be scheduled. Eagle Summits are a wonderful way to infuse everyone with the eagle’s spirit, power, focus, and freedom.  Not only will your people get up close and personal with America’s two eagle species, they will learn about healthy environments, get some great photo opportunities, and be sponsoring a school or scout program for the group of their choice.  An excellent addition to your employee wellness program and a cure for Nature Deficit Disorder…please call for pricing. E-mail us at

If applicable, Time and Distance Surcharges are $125/hour.

I Love Owls: Understanding both the magic and reality of owls has become all the rage since the Harry Potter books. Meet four live owls up-close and in person. Find out which owl was probably responsible for the myth of haunted houses ,which one is is often referred to as the “flying cat,” and which is the smallest owl in North America. See these mysterious creatures inches away, learn about their lives, and how they relate to humans.

Raptor Roundup: Similar to the programs above, but instead of focusing on one group, a combination of owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles visit your event for a total of four raptors. The effect is just as awesome. This program is a good choice if space is limited. E-mail us at

Fabulous Falcons: Meet the speedsters of the raptor world. Often referred to as the fastest birds in the world (depends on how you measure!, these beautiful birds have a link with humans that goes back thousands of years. Meet four falcon species, and learn about their biology, ecology, and symbolism.

Falconry: Then & Now

Anne lure flying her hybrid falcon

Falconry: Then & Now. This program focuses on the ancient cultural practice of falconry and is very popular with anyone studying the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Presented by one of the few women master falconers in the world, author, President & Curator of Raptors for REF, Anne Price. Meet four birds used in falconry in historic and contemporary times; learn about their training, their use, the legal aspects of falconry, and the cultural components of this 5,000 year old sport. Anne’s knowledge of the historical aspects of falconry is comprehensive, including the history of falconry in Russia and the ex-Soviet republics. Learn more about Anne, featured in the oldest continually issued sportsmen’s magazine in the world published in Russia.  Find out what those little “hats” are really all about!

Pricing:$225 plus time and distance surcharges if you are outside of a 15-mile radius from our Brighton offices.

Falconry Program Plus Falconry Flying Demonstration

This special program includes a 45 minute lecture on historic and contemporary falconry, which is then followed by an exciting field experience shown in the video above.  Call for pricing and special requirements.  Seasonal requirements apply. 303-680-8500. E-mail us at


The Eagle Huntress

Anne Ashol-Pan400

Meet a golden eagle and learn about their use in falconry dating back 4,000 years with Anne Price, REF’s President & Curator, author, biologist, and master falconer.  Anne will introduce one of the Foundation’s golden eagles and talk about this ancient fascination that has been popularized in the movie,The Eagle Huntress.  Anne (left) is shown with the star of the movie, Ashol-Pan Nurgaiev, when they met during the Third International Falconry Festival in Abu Dhabi.  Anne was sponsored by the royal family as the only representative from a raptor education organization in the United States, and was part of the festival’s education pavilion.  “Anne’s knowledge about falconry, both historic and contemporary and her knowledge about raptors in the United States, has no peers in Colorado, and few in America.” Peter Reshetniak: Founder, Raptor Education Foundation.

Anne Price with REF’s male golden eagle

Pricing: $300 plus time and distance surcharges if you are more than a 15-mile radius from our office in Brighton, CO. E-mail us at

If applicable, Time and Distance Surcharges are $125/hour.

Encounter With America’s Eagles

Before any humans inhabited America, eagles soared above the earth and hunted along our ancient lands.  You can meet America’s two iconic eagles.  The experience includes an intimate meeting with a 21-year-old male golden eagle and an 8-year-old female bald eagle.  The program will take place at (your venue) over a period of several hours if the video option is selected.  Otherwise, the program lasts one hour.   Q & A session will follow with ample time for photographs.

Learn about the eagle’s roles in a variety of cultures; understand their biology, ecology, natural history, and current status in North America. As human civilizations arose and collapsed, eagles have managed to adjust, adapt, survive, and even thrive over a 150-million-year evolutionary history from dinosaurs to their current avian form. Their futures, however, are in jeopardy.

Video Upgrade Option.

Watch an exclusive 30-minute video featuring an active golden eagle aerie and a bald eagle’s nest on Denver’s front range. The golden eagle’s nest on Wildcat Mountain has been active for over 100 years by a succession of golden eagle pairs.  It is also featured in a diorama at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The Eagle Encounter, presented by Colorado’s oldest raptor sanctuary, is the only raptor education organization endorsed by Roger Tory Peterson. Anne Price, REF’s president pictured above, will share her knowledge and passion for America’s eagles and raptors in general. She has been working with raptors since she was 12 years old and is involved with raptor conservation world-wide. Anne is a biologist, author, and one of a handful of women master falconers in North America or the world for that matter.

Anne will be accompanied by Peter Reshetniak, REF’s Founder and current Director of Special Projects.  Peter established REF in 1980 and his previous employment as an artist and naturalist with the old Denver Museum of Natural History inspired the creation of REF.

Base Price: $750. Video Option: $450

Prices are quoted for locations within a 15-mile radius from our Brighton office.  Time and distance surcharges are added for locations outside of that radius. All fees are calculated from the time we leave our office until we return. Three-hour minimums on any engagement. Call for a quote: 303-650-8500.  Program is available anywhere in America. Overnight stays incur food, lodging, and transportation costs.  Special eagle accommodations required along with any state/municipal permits.  REF holds all necessary federal permits.

Continuous Event Programming

The only wildlife theater company in America promoting science to cure Nature Deficit Disorder

tstephotgroup.jpg (53043 bytes)

This presentation format is perfect for public events with high traffic and limited program space, such as fairs and festivals. Continuous 20 to 30 minute presentations normally feature three to six  different raptors in a booth-type setting. Audience response and photo opportunities are exceptional!

Pricing is portal-to-portal with a 3 hour minimum at $150-$250/hour plus expenses.  Discounts available for multiple day bookings and other factors.  Call for specific information and quote.

Raptor Photo Shoot Seminar

For the professional or amateur photographer, a variety of raptors are available for poses in natural settings, free flying situations, and close-up venues.  Pricing is based on an hourly rate, and dependent on number of species involved, any special set ups, etc.  Please call for an initial review of your concept or needs.  Office: 303-680-8500. E-mail us at

Or… mix and match programs to meet your event needs!

For more information, or to discuss your programming needs, call us at (303) 680-8500, or e-mail us at

Although widely imitated, nobody comes close to REF’s  level of experience, professionalism, and accuracy. If you want the best environmental education programs featuring live raptors, contact us.  We deliver exceptional value!

What people and peers say about our programs and seminars…

REF Founder, Peter Reshetniak, welcomed by V.P. George Bush at a special Bald Eagle commemorative in 1982. Past Governors of Colorado, Richard Lamm, and Roy Romer have endorsed REF’s conservation programs.

   From Governor Lamm

From Governor Romer

Nominated for the prestigious Awards For Excellence program (environmental category) by the El Pomar Foundation of Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2000, 1999 (one of 3 finalists), 1998, winning runner-up award in 1999.

From Faith Christian Academy Students: April, 2010 Thank you so much. This was my favorite field trip ever! I really enjoyed the Experience. I love the Golden Eagle! I think that saving animals and playing with them and helping them out is very awesome. The work that you do is very cool. I have never seen those kind of birds before! Thanks for taking your time out and coming to my school. God Bless you!  Love Riley M…


Thank you for bringing those birds to us at FCA. It was so, so, so, so, so cool! I liked the birds you brought. Also the food chain was fun too.

Weston D…


Thank you so much for coming to FCA to present the awesome raptors!  I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful birds and learning all of the interesting facts you shared with us about each one.  The fact I found most interesting was that the forehead/beak of the Northern Caracara changes colors according to its mood.  How amazing is God’s creation!  A few of my favorite raptors that you brought today include the Golden Eagle, the Screech Owl and the White-Tailed Hawk.  It is incredible to see the differences in size between each bird and know that God designed each one for a different purpose.  I have always enjoyed looking at birds, but I now have a greater appreciation for them and for God’s incredible works. Please thank your assistants, Kevin and Tom, for being a part of the presentation and handling the birds so well.   Sincerely, Emily M…

When you want the best science based programming for your students, Raptor Education Foundation has been the leader since 1980.

Hi! Remember me?  I’m Brooke. I loved the show you guys put on. It got me thinking for a hobby I might want to be a bird watcher! I especially want to work with Hawks. You know I’m not afraid of raptors or any kinds of birds. Well I wasn’t afraid of small birds like Robins or Pigeons. At first when you guys brought in the Eagle I thought it was one of the bigger Hawks. Before I thought there was hair on the Hawks head ,but then you told me that they were little feathers. Thank you for telling me that prairie dogs have Bubonic Plague cause somewhere in the near future I probably would have touched one. Also thank you for telling me that the stuff that comes out the raptors nose is the digestive stuff. I would’ve mistaken it as snot!!!!! LOL!!!! I also like the raptor that made the funny sound!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!

Sincerely Brooke C…

P.S. We are going to your Raptor place in the summer. I will bring a note book with me!!!!!

January 29, 2007

This letter is an effort to outline the benefits our environmental education program has realized through our programming partnership with Raptor Education Foundation (REF).

The first and most important benefit of partnering with REF is your support of our mission. Our Nature Center and naturalist staff strive to make meaningful connections between people and the natural world. REF programming facilitates these important connections by presenting a diversity of birds and using those birds to illustrate important concepts in environmental literacy.
An example of this type of relevant programming is when you used a bald eagle to discuss the importance of predators in ecosystems. Another example is when you used a diversity of owls to illustrate different roles these birds have in their respective ecosystems. It was a very engaging way to connect people to the idea that each owl has a unique niche. In this way, your program content is supportive of our goals as an Environmental Education facility.

Another important benefit of partnering with REF is the popularity of their programs. Live birds are very attractive to people and seem to draw an audience we might normally not attract without live birds. In 2006, REF programs averaged over 53 people per program. This is much higher than our average attendance for programs that do not feature live birds or other animals. By reaching larger audiences, we are better able to achieve our mission.

Another important benefit of partnering with REF is your commitment to good science. It is our desire to present scientific fact in an engaging way to our audience. REF is very good about presenting well-researched, scientific information. In many cases live animal program can become a discussion of what the caged animal eats and where it lives. In REF’s case we know the birds will be a vehicle for understanding well-research scientific concepts, which we hope will connect people to the natural world.

In summary, our programming partnership with REF help us better achieve our goals and helps us reach a larger audience than we would without this partnership.

We are thankful that REF is not only our neighbor here in Aurora, but also dedicated to providing professional science programming designed to help people better understand the natural world.


Mary Ann Bonnell, Lead Naturalist: City of Aurora Parks and Open Space Department

From Sandra Elliott, Children’s Librarian, Thornton Library, August 10, 2006, “Thank you so much for doing a program for the Thornton Branch Library this  summer! It was the most popular program we had, and we had to turn people away because our program room was full.  We could have easily filled two more programs that day. I may not have these names right, but I believe it was Peter and Alexis who did our programs.  They were wonderful presenters, patient teachers, and great ambassadors for your foundation.  I found myself as mesmerized as the children were during the program.  It made a big impact on our young patrons.  They still come in and talk about, ” Remember when…” and then tell me a fact they learned about raptors.  Thanks again for a great program!”

From Edward Rogers, Cub Scout parent, April, 2003: “The differences between REF programs and the others out there are easy to see- just look at REF’s book, Raptors, and its imitators.  REF’s book is a real book, the others are cartoons. If anyone wants a real environmental program for their kids, there is only one choice.”

From Brian Millsap, President, Raptor Research Foundation, and Chief of the Migratory Bird Division, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service reviews our new book: Raptors. March 1, 2003:  See full text of letter.

From Bill Buxton, Director Plant Operations, Rose Medical Center, December, 2002, ” A BIG thank-you for your recent presentation to our Leadership Group here at Rose Medical Center.  Our goal with this project was to inspire our leaders to have a bigger picture not only of themselves, but also of Rose Medical Center.  Both of these goals were met.  Your knowledge and skill in handling such a magnificent creature of God exceeded all of our expectations, and truly inspired us as we strive to provide the best patient care in Denver.

From Joan Watts of Ralston Valley Preschool, May 2, 2001: “This note is long over due, but I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your visiting and bringing the owl to our Magical Family Night.  We had a lot of positive feed back from our families that attended.  Your presentation was educational, interesting, and a lot of fun.  I look forward to working with you in the future.”

From Jeff Cozart, Committee Chair, Cub Scout Pack 736 writes in an e-mail on April 24, 2001, “The Face to Face program was thoroughly fascinating.  Our Cub Scouts not only had the unique opportunity to see a Golden Eagle up close and personal, they also learned some terrific lessons about the difficult task of protecting raptors.  Also, Peter’s presentation helped us reinforce the importance of the Scouting values to our students.  We were very impressed.”

From Amy R. Oaks, Assistant Principal of Skyview High School, Thornton, Colorado in a letter dated May 10, 1999 writes:” To Whom it May Concern,   The Raptor Education Foundation Programs that we hosted at our school this past week were wonderful!  Here’s why:  The presenters were very knowledgeable about their subject and they were able to present that knowledge in a way that made sense to our students… The presentations were engaging.  Students were captivated by the free-flying birds, they loved making the food web, and they were eager to volunteer to help.  Unlike many educational assemblies which require students to be totally passive, this one allowed students to interact, to respond, even to get up and move around–remarkable in a setting win which the only two ground rules were to be quiet and to keep body parts of out the way of the birds!  The raptors were beautiful.   Everyone in the room was treated to a view of these magnificent birds that most of us will only see on educational television… I recommend this group to you highly!”

From Mark Risner, Cubmaster of Pack 351 writes, “I want to thank you for the great job you did with your program in our Pack meeting on April 20.  When you get that many kids who are quiet for the whole program, something good must be going on!  I thought the program was very educational and fun at the same time.  As you will remember, that was the day of the Columbine shootings, and I thought your program was just what we all needed to take our minds off of the days events.  Had we canceled the meeting, I think that the scouts would have been at home watching the television coverage of the shooting to no avail.  So your program was a double bonus!”

From the Principal of Aurora Hills Middle School, November 8, 1998: “Thank you for your presentation last week on Raptors.  Our students truly enjoyed themselves and obviously learned a great deal as was evidenced by their “rapt” (no pun intended) attention.  The content was very appropriate to the 7th grade life science students.  The instructional strategies you employed were both effective and highly motivating.  The students responded well to the skills and knowledge offered. The opportunity to role play characters in the food chain was a big hit and should guarantee long range retention… The Raptor Education Foundation is one of the few programs we can be sure our parents will support without question.”

From Western Gas Resources, Inc., November 13, 1998:
“On behalf of everyone at Western Gas Resources, Inc.,  I want to extend to you our sincere appreciation for bringing the Raptor Summit to our backyard. We found it to be a great educational experience and a nice diversion for our employees over the lunch hour.

Some of the employee comments we heard were: “I  found the raptor program to be educational and highly entertaining. Standing that close to those magnificent creatures was an uplifting experience.”  “The presentation made me stop and realize how our thoughtless actions can impact beautiful creatures like those raptors.  That someone could shoot and leave for dead an animal like that Bald Eagle makes me want to impress upon my own children the respect we need to have for God’s creation.”

Or,  from Douglas A. Bell, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Ornithology & Mammalogy, California Academy of Sciences: ” I wish to highly commend… the Raptor Education Foundation for their sterling performances held here at the California Academy of Sciences, April 10 -19, 1998.  …The participation of REF was instrumental in contributing to the success of our raptor exhibit, Hunters of the Sky. The program that REF offers is unique in that it provides an opportunity for the public to see and watch raptors fly ‘up close and personal’, yet it also imparts to the audience an appreciation for the global ecology of raptors.”

And from St. Mary’s School of Littleton, Colorado, “On behalf of St. Mary’s School of Littleton and all of the room parents involved, I would like to thank you and your co-workers at The Raptor Education Foundation for the excellent program that was presented on October 30, 1999.  The 4th and 5th grade children loved the program. The parents and teachers in attendance felt like we had achieved a major coup. The children were having a great time and learning too!”

While a teacher from Faith Christian Academy writes: “As a kindergarten teacher at Faith Christian Academy, I would like to thank the Raptor Education Foundation for the excellent presentation given this year. Staci and Nannette gave a very clear, age-appropriate presentation.  The attention of the children was kept throughout as the birds were displayed. The children enjoyed taking part in the the “food chain.”  In the classroom the next day, as we reviewed the characteristics of raptors, the children had great recall of what Staci had taught them. She is a good teacher and handles the children with respect and efficiency. We look forward to the raptors each year!”

RAPTORS, The Birds of Prey, An Almanac of Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons of the World, published in 1996 by Lyons & Burford listed only 29 raptor organizations in its chapter, “Helping Raptors.”  The Raptor Education Foundation was the only Colorado organization included.

Best of Denver 1995, Westword Magazine: “What separates this organization from others dedicated to preserving wildlife is its focus on bringing information to school children. Since 1980, when the foundation got its start, REF representatives have presented a one-hour program about eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and other birds of prey to well over half a million students both here in Colorado and in in states such as Ohio, New Mexico, and Nevada. And these displays aren’t boring affairs filled with faded slides. Instead, falcons and the like are the stars of a show that teaches kids about ecological diversity without the kids realizing how much they’re learning.”

Although widely imitated, nobody comes close to the Foundation’s level of experience, professionalism, and accuracy. If you want the best environmental education programs featuring live raptors, contact us. We deliver exceptional value!