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Lithium Mining Devastation

Electric vehicles, the saviors of the planet, right? For the moment lets not think about where the electrons come from to fill the lithium ion batteries in the EV’s that cost around $35K to replace when they expire. Lets take a deep look at the reality of lithium mining as just one of the exotic […]

Nyet Net Zero

The variety of delusions creating green halos swirling around the self anointed climate crusaders are many. Perhaps the greatest and most rewarding as judged by its acceptance by the gullible is the green washing scheme known as climate offsets, climate credits, carbon offsets,  or carbon credits. This remarkable report sheds light on another Ponzi scheme […]

There Are ZERO Zero Emission Cars

One of the great lies, among many foisted on a gullible public being fed the “alternative energy pablum” is that something as complicated as an industrial product, or almost any type of product has zero emissions in its creation. As it turns out, the zero emission electron powered vehicles produce more emissions in their lifetimes […]

Understanding Climate 101

To get an excellent grasp of what our current understanding of climate is, how it works, and where it is going spend 40 minutes watching this video. There is a semester of material in this presentation and you won’t have to read any difficult books.  Guaranteed to brighten your day.

Climate Perspectives That Clarify

When I hear the term “climate change” it generally comes from someone who uses it without having thought about the concept at all.  Ask them a simple question, “when has climate not changed?” They will be affronted by the question, because it points directly to the folly of the popular use of the term.  Climate […]