Raptor Reparations

If the modern western world’s cultures can somehow be blamed for the ancient curse of slavery, despite some of those cultures being responsible for the general cessation of slavery, then the same principle applies to those who are killing wildlife and wild spaces in pursuit of free, green, clean electrons. The massive amounts of dollars being spent pursuing the fatuous flow of magic electrons from wind and solar industrialized landscapes is directly linked to the death of raptors, whales, other wildlife and wild spaces. The politicians and activists pushing an agenda that cannot work, are not only responsible for the death of eagles, whales and wild spaces, they are also promoting the continued enslavement of those human cultures that live in energy deserts. They desire to keep us on their energy plantations.

Instead of enslaving electrons to human service, these people and groups are enslaving humans to the continuing poverty of electron deprivation. This energy poverty affects billions of people. Those responsible for depriving humans from sufficient electron consumption are energy terrorists and should be treated accordingly.  Africa is a prime example of energy terrorism at work. Knowing full well that their energy transition plans cannot work, these individuals must be held to pay for the damage caused by their self serving policies and hypocrisy as they jet from one earth saving conference to another and retire to their massive carbon footprint mansions.

Civilization has arisen as the progress in enslaving electrons to human service.  Anyone promoting the deprivation of reliable, safe, and plentiful electron consumption are simply modern day masters wanting to keep the human species from flourishing at the expense of their own appetites. They simply want to keep us on their electron plantations subsidizing turbine blades and solar panels along with their delusions of saving the planet.