Alternative Energy Future?

It appears that the future of America’s electricity generation is headed the same way Germany has chosen for its citizenry.  Germans have taken their final energy solution to new levels of insanity by erecting more wind and solar capacity that still cannot produce one electron when the sun does not shine or when the wind […]

What Did Not Happen By 2020

The scientific process produces verifiable, repeatable results and accurate predictions arise from those who practice it honestly.  When the process is corrupted you get the type of predictions revealed in this short video.  The predictions come from individuals and institutions who gain from spreading fear and confusion.  Spend a few minutes to be reminded of […]

The Great Climate Modeling Crisis Looms

“Climate science is dominated by alarmists addicted to the idea that increasing carbon dioxide will cause dangerous global warming. How much warming is thus the central scientific question. This question has been surprisingly difficult to answer despite 40 years of research, costing tens of billions of dollars. Now the issue is exploding because two different […]

Fall Photo Safari

Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph flying and posed raptors in natural settings that would normally take hundreds of hours of field time to capture in the wild…if you were lucky. Limited spaces available. This one sells out quickly!