Celebrating Civilization Every Day!

The cultivation of energy shows a trend that is very revealing about human evolution from lives that were brutish, nasty, and short. When you look at that trend, you will see  remarkable improvements in conditions for humanity right around the period of the industrial revolution. The single cause of all those improvements was when we […]

Earth Day Utterances

Since Earth Day arrived 48 years ago, a variety of “scientists” have made an assortment of startling predictions about the earth’s future.  Virtually all of them involved doom and gloom of one sort or another.  All of those predictions, of course, were based on studies, models, and opinions from “experts,” so let’s see how those […]

Polar Bears, Climate, & Science

Indeed, a good puzzle for polar-bear science is to answer the question how polar bears survived during the ice ages, when ice covered coastal zones and large parts of the global ocean. Ice was piled miles deep on land, making it extremely difficult for eco-systems to provide enough food. Of course, areas of relative warmth, […]

Climate Warming: On Trail

“Until now, environmentalists and friendly academics have found a receptive audience in journalists and politicians who don’t understand science and are happy to defer to experts. Perhaps this is why the plaintiffs seemed so ill-prepared for their first court outings with tough questions from an informed and inquisitive judge. Activists have long claimed they want […]

Another Corrupted Government Agency

The past two decades have seen the progressive corruption of numerous government agencies in service of larger and more entrenched bureaucratic empires.  This is particularly apparent when looking at the various scientific agencies within government that have an obvious bias to support AGW, Global Warming,or Climate Change.  Here is just another example of one of […]

How Many Dead Eagles Are Acceptable?

  We are always amazed by how “authorities” establish acceptable levels for various species to be sacrificed in pursuit of some noble goal.  In this case, we are being sold another “final solution” for ridding the world of that evil hydrocarbon energy that has given the world our current state of clean water, clean air, […]

Australian Lessons

For those of you following our stance on the big wind industrial complex, you know we have been one of the lone raptor “voices” speaking out against these uneconomical, anti-environmental, and wildlife murdering contraptions since 1993.  Over those 25 years, all the claims made by the hysterical global warming, climate change cabal have failed to […]

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