DarkOwl Bubo Gold Adoption

The introduction to our great-horned owl, Bubo virginianus, begins in the evening under the watchful infra-red vision of our security cameras. Most owls are active at night and are consummately adapted for low or no-light activities. The great horned owl is one of those species. Technically, it’s not nocturnal, but crepuscular, with most of its activities taking place within the shadows of dawn and dusk. With vision one hundred times more sensitive to available light than the human eye and exceptional hearing, this Bubo is the most common large owl in North America. It is found down into South America and on some of the Caribbean Islands. They thrive in cities, and in all ecosystems from mountains to deserts, to forests and jungles. These owls are wildly eclectic in their dietary interests, taking prey as small as beetles and as large as skunks and porcupines. Their formidable talons, seen in this video, are almost impossible to escape from once they are locked into quarry. Ounce for ounce, this is the most powerful avian predator we have in our sanctuary. Even young eagles occasionally fall prey to this fearsome hunter.

With the exception of the segment at the end where you see your owl in front of a cottonwood tree, all the footage was captured over three days following your adoption. The last segment was filmed in 2017 when he was modelling for wildlife photographers in a natural setting.  In the opening sequence you will see another set of eyes shining at the viewer.  Those belong to the barred owl who lives next door; they are separated for the barred owl’s health and safety!


Great-Horned Owl: Bubo virginianus
Date of Birth
: 2015     Sex: Male  Weight: 53 oz    Wingspan: 48 in
This large male owl jumped early from his Michigan nest in 2015, and unfortunately fractured his right wing in two places. He was on the ground for about a week next to a barn before he was finally picked up by the landowners and brought to a rehabilitation center.
Adoption Date: November, 16, 2022
Adopted By: DarkOwl.com

Stay tuned to this page.  We will periodically update with more videos or photos to keep you informed of his activities.  You may also find out about the other owls in our sanctuary here.

We welcome any questions you may have.  Send them to PR@usaref.org.  Donations are always welcome.  We greatly appreciate the support your business has provided, and we look forward to visiting with you in the New Year.

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Visiting DarkOwl Denver Office

On the Ides of March, our great horned owl had the chance to visit its adoptive parents from DarkOwl.  This brief video captures  just a few moments of a very fun visit.  Thanks to everyone at DarkOwl for your support and your interest in our work!