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Thousands of vehicles display Colorado’s first and only license plates which benefit wildlife by supporting our exclusive educational programs and Colorado’s oldest raptor sanctuary. Be part of this important growing trend: Driving For Wildlife! Put America’s national bird on your car’s tail or roll bar, and enjoy safe travels throughout our beautiful state!

You can race for the cure or walk for hunger, to name only a few things many of us are doing to benefit various causes in our communities. But what  is your car, truck, SUV or sports car doing besides using up natural resources at faster or slower rates? A lot!

It gets you and your family to a variety of places. These days your vehicle is one of the safest places for your family to gather and enjoy the great outdoors, or to simply travel from point A to point B. Public transit use has fallen dramatically, because many people recognize it is unsafe. Not only is it an environment full of possible viral and bacterial threats, it is also an environment prone to certain criminal elements. Your personal vehicle is also the most efficient way to travel (excluding EV’s), whether you measure efficiency using time, economics, or environmental costs/trade offs.

Your personal vehicle does so much and more efficiently and safely as each new model appears.  It enables us to accomplish much more within our modern and complex lives than horses ever could.  It is also comparatively easier on the environment than many environmentalists want to admit.  Just think of cleaning up after all the horses that would be needed to haul several hundred million people, freight, and food around America. That’s millions of pounds of manure and millions of gallons of urine every day. Phew! (see below) Then just think of all the soil that would have to be planted to feed all those horses with much less room for wildlife for sure, and less room for us to explore. How about all those flies, and in today’s viral times, how about all the associated diseases?  Using your modern car or truck has many advantages most of us take for granted.

From Thomas Sowell’s Economic Facts and Fallacies writing about horse transport in New York City in the nineteenth century: “Much of the muck followed from the still-unavoidable reliance on horses–forty thousand of them, who each working day generated some four hundred tons of manure, twenty thousand gallons of urine, and almost two hundred carcasses…It should also be noted that the replacement of horses by automobiles made it possible to restore more than 80 million acres of forest lands that had once been cleared for horse pasture.”

So why not celebrate this and all the other good and fun things driving allows us to do?  Join our Driving For Wildlife (DFW) campaign, and your car will contribute directly to the improvement of wildlife and the environment in our great state through education and research.  And every day your car is moving on our streets, it will proclaim that Colorado Respects Wildlife, by displaying Colorado’s first and only license plates that benefit wildlife by supporting our exclusive educational programs and Colorado’s most comprehensive and oldest raptor sanctuary.  Put America’s national bird on your car’s tail or roll bar to benefit the environment, which is something that all those animals on airplane tails can never do.  Sorry Griswold…

You and Your Car Should Be Driving For Wildlife!

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Tell your friends, and get them to join our campaign.  As our numbers increase, our message of respecting wildlife is growing into a subliminal presence everywhere you drive.  Help us deliver this message further and faster on your car or truck. Become a stealth agent for wildlife respect.

If you know someone who might wish to be a business sponsor of our Driving For Wildlife campaign, tell them to look us up on our web site, or simply call us at 303-680-8500.  Individual memberships are also available.

Put the symbol of freedom, courage, and power on your car today by becoming a member of the Raptor Education Foundation.