Eagles Landing

Eagles Landing…our new home in Brighton, Colorado open and growing.


Eagles Landing, our new and expanded raptor sanctuary open to the public featuring a larger collection of raptors, and the eventual launching point for Eagle WorldEagle World will eventually display all the eagles of the world in a series of large open air enclosures.  Eagle World will be a genetic ark for researchers helping endangered eagles. It will be a cultural repository celebrating the long associations various indigenous cultures have had with eagles all over the world. It will be the heart of conservation for eagles world-wide.

Phase 1 Complete: As of January 2009, we have moved our entire operations from the Plains Conservation Center, and we are ensconced at the south side of Prairie Center in Brighton.

Because of the severe economic contractions that hit as we moved in, the development of Eagles Landing, has been slowed.  Never-the-less, we are proceeding to develop what our current resources permit as well as expanding our international relationships to facilitate future acquisitions.


Phase 2:  Eagles Landing, phase 2 of our project underway.

    Eagles Landing principle partners spent a couple of hours visiting the Raptor Education Foundation’s new Brighton headquarters at Prairie Center.   From left to right Dick McLean,  Jim Landeck,  Brighton Mayor Jan Pawlowski, Mark Heidt, Wayne Scott, Brenda Scott,  Wilma Rose, and THF Realty partner Jim Lewis.

Of course, our 37 year old female golden eagle is showing off behind everyone.

Watch for our Open Houses and other events to stay current with our progress.  See new birds as we acquire them into our sanctuary and look for them featured in our educational programs.


Just West off of 136th avenue and  Buckley Blvd you will find the entrance to our new home. As you can see in this larger perspective, our new facility, Eagles Landing, located in what has been referred to as the Prairie Center Regional Wildlife Sanctuary. The diagonal road heads northeast to Sterling right past Barr Lake State Park on the right of the road (visible just to the left of this copy block). The Prairie Center development web will provide a closer look at our location.

Information posted here may not reflect current development status.