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Thanks for visiting and taking some time to meet the eagles in our care.  We’re often asked what they eat. Their diet in captivity includes rabbits, fish (bald eagles only), rats, geese, and venison. In the wild, they may also eat snakes, prairie dogs, other animals, and road kill. If you would like to help us feed the eagles, you can contribute by clicking the button near each eagle’s description.

Our Orphaned Bald Eagle Has Arrived!


   Goal: $7,500  We Made It With Some To Spare-THANK YOU!!
Thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors as they fund our eagle acquisition. Learn how you can continue to help
  this orphaned young bald eagle. Just visit our Facebook site on the right for the full story on this young eagle.
Please join us to support this orphaned eagle newly arrived at REF, you may use this link.

Sponsors Names: Developing…we are requesting permission from all donors before full names are published. This list will expand as donors respond.  Thanks to everyone for their generosity! We are receiving donations from all over the U.S.A.  Bald eagles resonate with everyone!

Anonymous (45) — Corinne & Yuri Ablin, Becca Akens, Susan Anstine, Hidden Village Property Association, Kim Baker, Karin Berglund, Karen Blackwood, Robert Booth, Cheri Bossio,  Chris Canipe, David Carr, Sarah Chilton, Michael Dalke, Gary Dodd, Anita Dove,  Lana Farrington, Susan Frank, Dorothy Gibson, William Hay, Kim Herron, Kay Jacobs, Pamela Jarvis, Kathleen Johnson,  Joan Kaufman, Amelia Keeth, Michael Leede, Lori Mahoney, Robert Martinez, John Martyny, Josette Mastra, Karen & Ken Metz, The McAllister Family,  Judith M. Miller, Sharon Minzer, Mary Monnet, David Mintz, Ann Harwood-Nuss, Juleigh Perona, Della Plume, Kathy Prinster,  Dusty Pruitt, Jim Reisert, Beverly & Scott Rice, Terrie Sajbel, Marilyn Stevens,  Kelly Tannenbaum, Skye Taylor, Susan Tumay, Karen & Tom Vaughn, Jill Williams, Millie & Richard Young

If you have contributed and  wish to see your name on this list of donors, please send us an  e-mail note with your permission.

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Bald Eagle:Haliaeetus leucocephalus 
 Date of Birth: 1990, Sex: male Weight: Avg. 9 lbs.,
This bird was found shot somewhere outside Kalispell, Montana.
He arrived in Aurora via private jet in July 1993.
His right wing is missing from the wrist joint out.
Help feed him for one month or more.
photo by Marilyn Stevens
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Golden Eagle: Aquila chrysaetos
Date of Birth: 2000 Sex: male Weight: averages 7.5 lbs., Wingspan: 5.5 ft.
This young golden eagle was hit by a vehicle on Interstate 90
near Bozeman, Montana.  The impact dislocated the right shoulder,
and despite all efforts to repair the damage, the wing cannot be
used well enough to allow the bird to survive on his own.
Help feed him for one month or more.
photo by Marilyn Stevens
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 WordPressFemale Golden
 Golden Eagle: Aquila chrysaetos
Date of B Date of Birth: 1981, Sex: female Weight: averages 11 lb Wingspan6 ft.
This eagle was two weeks old when someone chopped down her nesting tree. Found by a game warden, she was raised in captivity in Montana.
At 12 weeks of age she was released. Unfortunately, she had become imprinted on those who raised her, associating with them as her parents and food source. As an imprint, she was unable to take care of herself and became aggressive
towards people. She was subsequently recaptured.
Help feed her for one month or more.
photo by Perry Conway


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