Owl & Vulture Adoptions

                                         Providing Sanctuary Through Adoption

If you wish to adopt one of the birds and do not wish to use the internet, please call the office ( 303-680-8500 ) and we can complete the process over the phone, or use one of our printed forms and mail it to our office. Thank you.

Memorial Adoptions: Any of the raptor categories below may be adopted in memory of a deceased friend or family member. If memorial certificates require framing, depending on time requirements, these will incur a rush charge. Our Gold, and Platinum adoptions include framing in the adoption fee-other categories do not.   If you are interested in a Memorial Adoption, please call the office: 303-680-8500.  We will be happy to personalize this for you i.e., for Silver levels and higher, we can add a photo of the adopting party to the certificate. We will need a digital file or a photo to scan.  We also welcome your suggestion. Adoption fees cover pro-rated costs of housing, feeding, veterinary care, and training.

*Copper sponsorships are reserved for individuals, schools, and other youth organizations only.

Dollar amounts are minimum pledges for each level and may be exceeded by any amount until the next level is reached.
Contact the Foundation for more information. Platinum Sponsor receives exclusive portrait of the specific raptor plus everything the Silver and Gold levels receive. Silver and Gold levels receive bi-annual reports on the status of their adopted raptor, and a framed certificate. Bronze and Copper levels receive a certificate.  REF Membership is included with each adoption category except the Copper level. Adoption periods last one year.**

You can meet some of the raptors currently cared for by the Foundation hereFor a printed adoption form, just click.

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Great Horned Owl
Increase your support in $10 increments.
Great Horned Adoption Options
 Short-Earred Owl:
Increase your support in $10 increments.
Short earred Adoption Option
Barred Owl:
Increase your support in $10 increments.
Barred Owl Adoption Options
Screech Owl (grey phase):
Increase your support in $10 increments.
Grey Screech Adoption Options
 Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture

Increase your support in $10 increments.

Turkey Vulture Adoption Options

YES! I’d like to adopt a raptor, but I want to use a printed form and I wish to mail it with my payment.  Just click for a printed form.

**Note:Enumerated gifts, privileges, or rewards for sponsoring any of our birds may be changed without public notice.