President’s Updates

As 2020 draws to a close, it is difficult to add more words to what has been a tumultuous, terrifying and simply heartbreaking year for most of the world. Even if people have not personally lost a loved one, chances are they’ve lost their job, their social circle, or the ability to do the work and activities which give their lives meaning and pleasure. It’s no secret that many, if not most non-profits are struggling to keep their doors open and fulfill their missions. Volunteers and member/supporters, always key to success, have now become absolutely critical in the day-to-day survival of many charities.
If you are able, I ask you to consider a year-end donation to support our work and the care of our wonderful raptors. As we celebrate the holidays and huddle together on these cold winter nights, I am uplifted by the courage and optimism of friends and colleagues, and have taken to heart the words of Margaret Renkl:
“That’s the great promise of the solstice: Like steadfast friends who see us through everything a cold world can throw our way, the solstice reminds us…that light is coming. It tells us that darkness is never here to stay.”
Anne Price, President

Donations may be sent to REF, PO Box 200400, Denver, CO 80220 or call us at 303-680-8500.