Printed Adoption Form

YES! I’d like to adopt a raptor!

Print this page, write in the information requested, then include a check or credit card information and send it to REF’s address below.

Thank you for your participation in Soaring. Your contribution will go a long way towards the care and feeding of these wonderful birds, and  the continuation of REF’s efforts.  All adoptions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Raptor(s) I wish to adopt:_______________________________________________________________________

Name of Sponsor_______________________________________

Name of Contact_______________________________________



Phone number:_________________________________________  

In Memory Of_________________________________________

Check#______________ Amount: $___________

Credit Card#_____________________________________________ 
Exp. Date:
____________________ Security Code________ Billing Zip Code________



Type of sponsorship: (circle) Corporate   Organization   Individual    School   Memorial

Sponsorship level: (circle)  Platinum   Gold    Silver    Bronze    Copper   Memorial 

Print this form, enter the information and mail it with your adoption fee to:

Raptor Education Foundation, P.O. Box 200400, Denver, CO 80220.

Questions? Call (303) 680-8500.  Or Fax this form to 720-685-9988 

Except for Memorial Adoptions, Normal processing time for adoptions is from 10-15 days.