Snowy Owl Project

Our Snowy Owl’s History

Thanks For Helping Me Move To Brighton!

Moving to Brighton on short notice will put an unexpected burden on my new servants. They’ll need to remodel quarters currently occupied by two other owls, and they need your help with that money stuff humans use for things that will make my life very comfortable and safe: custom-made marine grade netting from Seattle, one heavy-duty vinyl panel; special marine-grade cord; hardware costs; fuel funds, and veterinary expenses for a full blood panel, x-rays and neurological exam.

All this will cost about $3,000…what can I say, I’m worth it!


                Thanks to Our Snowy Owl Sponsors For Helping Us Reach Our Goal!
Thanks very much to the kind generosity of the following sponsors: Susan Anstine, Anne Barela, Karin Berglund, Owen Byrne,  P Carter,  C J Cress,  Mark Forbes, Bernie Hafner, Dennis Hedley, Bob & Roxanne Koehler, Robert Magee, Edward & Amy Martinez, Josette Mastra, Karen Metz, L Hamlyn, J Kaufman, Scott & Beverly Rice, Jim Reisert, Jean Smith, Brian Stanz, Ree Thompson, Howard Witkin,  and two anonymous donors. Thanks to several sponsors who have increased their levels, and special thanks to Kathleen Cottingham for taking us way over the top!