Soviet History & Glacier National Park

I’ve been re-reading  Three Who Made A Revolution written by Bertram D. Wolfe, “The best book in its field in any language.” as stated by Edmund Wilson.  Those of you not familiar with this author or title just need to know that it is the story of the Soviet Union’s birth and the history of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky being father’s of that 75 year experiment that was born to fail.  Shockingly the same historical revisionism is on display at Glacier National Park as National Park Service officials are quietly removing the evidence of signs, pamphlets, and displays that the glaciers in the park would be gone by 2020.  Soviet history is a legacy of how to re-write history to suit the current leader’s ideology.  Stalin was probably the most notorious and deadly of the historical revisionists.  The glaciers in the park are actually on the increase, which does not suit the the current ideologists proclaiming the earth is going to burn up from man-made climate change.  Peter Reshetniak, President