Visitor Payment

Please note: We require that shoes be dipped in a bleach foot bath when visiting our facility, due to the prevalence of Highly-Pathogenic Avian Influenza.

Thank you for making your reservations to visit our facility.  We look forward to your visit. Pictures for your own personal use are allowed, commercial pictures are not. You have been notified which of your requested dates is available. Payment confirms this available date.

If payment is not received within 24 hours of your notice, your reservation is no longer valid.

Refunds (minus a 20% cancellation fee) are available up until 24 hrs before your visit. No shows who do not provide our office a minimum 24 hour notice of cancellation, will not receive a refund of their payment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Part of our facility has a gravel substrate, which may make walking difficult for those using walkers, or anyone with other ambulatory restrictions, such as wheel chairs.  Children, four and under, may have difficulty lasting the whole tour, and without adequate supervision they will need to have an adult or guardian sit with them in the office.

By submitting payment using our shopping cart button below, you agree with the above terms and understand the restrictions that may apply to your visit. If you are submitting payments for more than one person, adjust your shopping cart for additional visitors once you have made your first ticket purchase.  Each ticket costs $10 per visitor.  Thank you very much. Refunds are available only if you cancel with a minimum 24 hours notice, and you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee.
Visitor Payment: