1,000 Year Old Forest About to Vanish

Another part of the “final climate solution” in Germany is about to happen.

“About a year ago we reported on disturbing plans by the government of the German state of Hesse to clear 20 million square meters of 1000-year old “fairy tale” forest in one of Germany’s most idyllic, fairy tale-like forests: the Reinhardswald located in the hilly region west of the city of Göttingen.

The Reinhardswald is known as the “treasure house of European forests” or the “Grimm’s fairy tale forest”.

A total of about 2000 hectares ( 20 million m²) of the thousand-year-old Reinhardswald was designated for destruction by the state in order to clear the way for a massive wind power plant development.”

Germany continues to lead the world with the highest electricity rates as they pursue their current final solution to a non-existent climate emergency. Grimm’s Fairy Tale is about to vanish…read the story here.

Updated: February 7, 2022 — 6:57 am