Acoustical Tsunamis

The World Health Organization, Australian courts, and researchers are all issuing warnings about the damage wind factories cause to those humans unfortunate enough to live within their low frequency acoustical blast range. The research is clear and powerful, and is supported by the common sense of people suffering from a variety of health problems forcing them to leave their homes, as they lose their health.  The obvious question for all those alleged environmental warriors pushing these energy schemes is what about the acoustical damage inflicted upon all the non homo-sapiens living in the infra-sound zone.  Many species are much more dependent on the acoustical information they gather from their environments to live, to thrive, and simply to be.  Wait until researchers begin unearthing the acoustical sterilization that takes place within the acoustical tsunami range of wind factories.  It will be too late!

Updated: March 1, 2019 — 7:42 am