Alternative Energy Future?

It appears that the future of America’s electricity generation is headed the same way Germany has chosen for its citizenry.  Germans have taken their final energy solution to new levels of insanity by erecting more wind and solar capacity that still cannot produce one electron when the sun does not shine or when the wind does not blow at the right speed. As Germany’s electricity grid fails the rest of Europe struggles to keep their own grids from collapsing.  Is this what America wants?

And, if the current German mess isn’t bad enough, instead of learning from their past, German politicians are proposing to pursue their insane policies at a faster pace. Industrial and cultural suicide anyone?

Colorado’s residents are not immune from this insanity either.  While government officials keep pushing new ways to build failing alternative energy projects, the failing projects don’t seem to carry any lessons for those pontificating about clean, green, free energy. Guess who pays for the failures?