Energy Scam Settling Into Colorado

Forget about how many raptors and bats they kill…if you can.  We can’t. And never mind about the other birds and insects in their path.  How about you take a look at your own pocket book?  Are these wind farms improving your economic outlook?  Are they improving your environmental outlook?  Are they improving your energy outlook?  The short answer is no!  Take a look at one man’s simple calculations that are shocking in their basic simplicity, but the results should cause outrage to anyone concerned about their pocket book.  Colorado’s governor and his ilk, think that rewarding the energy companies with production tax credits and guaranteeing a return on investment by forcing consumers to buy the expensive and unreliable electrons is the good thing to do. The scam is hereExcel Energy benefits, but not the energy consumer. How long will it take for you to wake up?  Oh, and note what happens to the wind farms when their life span ends.  You won’t like that either.