Giving Thanks

It wasn’t very long ago, that a swarm of Scientology scientists swamped our senses with the soon to be absence of snow in our winters and the imminent heat death of our planet unless we converted to their doctrine of alternative energy as the one true path to civilization’s salvation. This was The final solution preached by the energy elites who continue to flit about the planet in their private jets in between stays in their massive carbon foot print mansions because they were the vanguard of the energy revolution. They would lead us to the promised land.  Green energy would be clean, cheap, and plentiful.  We just had to have faith. But like all articles of faith, they require a surrender of your cognitive faculties.

This was all built upon dozens of climate models proven to be dramatically wrong, except for one. While those that drank from the goblet of sustainability soon faced the highest electrical rates in the world and an energy grid facing collapse. Wild animals became the sacrificial lambs that were martyred in this holy quest, and those who questioned the dogma were branded heretics and blasphemers and suffered the fate of all apostates and energy infidels that came before them.

I’m grateful to all those who never drank the cool-aid, or are waking up and looking at the evidence around them. I’m grateful to the hundreds of scientists that were never part of this final solution.  I’m grateful to the many writers from varied disciplines who continue shouting about the Emperor’s exquisite new clothes, and I’m looking forward to winter’s arrival when the cold, hard facts of snowflakes, ice crystals, and snowplows reveal  the current state of Homo sapiens on Thanksgiving Day, 2018.

To everyone over these past 38 years that has supported our enchantment with and care of these remarkable jewels of predatory expression I am eternally grateful.

To that I raise a glass of my favorite carbon dioxide infused effervescence!  Cheers!

Peter Reshetniak, President

Updated: November 22, 2018 — 10:30 am