How Many Eagles Deaths Are Too Many?

The current alternative energy oligarchs (Anshutz & Buffet to name only two) have been investing billions of dollars into wind and solar schemes that generate more tax credits for their portfolios than they can ever recoup with the alleged clean, green, and profitable energy they claim to desire. When these schemes are caught slaughtering eagles, token fines are affixed, while at the same time the Biden administration is about to raise the ceiling on incidental eagle deaths from 4,000 to almost 16,000 per annum. By the way, the “incidental take” regulations were changed under the Obama administration.

And, who believes these alternative energy oligarchs and their political enablers will see a problem with killing more than 16,000 eagles each year?  They have federal grant recipient agencies at a number of universities that will justify almost any number of deaths to support their research budgets. The eagles will just keep dying and which birders, rehabilitators, falconers or biologists are speaking out?  Virtually none!

Michael Shellenberger found favor under the Obama administration to advance billions of dollars of alternative energy schemes and the video below features him talking honestly about what he has learned. Take the time to listen and watch what he reports.  Maybe there are still some pockets of ethics and morality left to prevent eagle genocide in the west?  Isn’t it time we started sanctions against the American oligarchs and politicians killing our living national symbol?  How many eagle deaths are worth the delusion of the alternative energy fundamentalists?