Our New Web Platform Launches

After several years we have migrated from our old web platform based on Microsoft’s Front Page software to the universally most used Word Press platform.  Special thanks to the great people at ECentral, our ISP, and Chris Canipe, REF Docent, for making this evolution as simple and as cost-effective as possible.  Our old web site had grown to over 300 pages.  Although we are not completely migrated over to this new format, we decided to launch now, because  technical issues keep developing on our old FTP server hosting our old web pages.

For Facebook users, Chris has integrated our FB site with our web site.  This way you may have easy access to many of the videos we have published.  Those of you following our Eagle Brigade monitoring  will find this a very convenient way to keep current.

We are not making public comments available here at this point.  Public comments require a great deal of time to manage, and since FB offers its users that option, we will wait to see if adding that option to our News Worthy page confers any further benefits.

If you see the terms “under construction” or “under development” that just means those pages are still being built out. Please report any broken links to us.  Your comments are welcome.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Peter Reshetniak, President

Updated: May 29, 2017 — 12:04 am