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As with all non-profit organizations, our success depends on the support and involvement of our members and volunteers, as well as corporate and foundation participation. We’d like to introduce you to some of our  heroes…

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Seven Hills Veterinary Center

18511 E. Hampden Avenue, Suite 112
Aurora, Colorado 80013   
Phone: (303) 699-1600

Without a healthy family of raptors at our facility, our programming and mission would never be fulfilled. Caring for the daily needs of 20+ wild animals is a full time job all by itself, but our added challenge is to meet the special needs of our permanently damaged raptors. Although all of our birds have been through rehabilitation at other facilities across the country, their physical conditions require constant monitoring.

Enter the fine doctors and staff at Seven Hills Veterinary Center. Drs. Ley and Mullen opened shop just down the road from our present facility at about the same time we landed here, back in 1986. “Small animal” vets with a special interest in birds, they’d seen a few raptors in their previous practices on Colorado’s Western Slope. Little did they know what was in store for them when they agreed to add REF birds to their client list!

For over ten years, we have been fortunate to have the professional, personal, and even financial support of the outstanding doctors and staff at the growing Seven Hills center. They have performed astounding feats of medical prowess… like the recent surgery to remove damaged portions of our female Bald Eagle’s wing… and even more wonderful acts of gentle kindness when we have had to say final farewells to some of our precious charges. We have dragged the good doctors away from their families at odd hours and on weekends, seen them bloodied by the flailing talons and biting beaks of our sometimes uncooperative patients, and asked them to make “house calls”… all of which they unfailingly and smilingly do.

Our thanks and gratitude never seem quite enough… but they are heartfelt and unending.

Marie Bolster: Member Extraordinary

Since 1984, Seattle member, Marie Bolster has supported REF activities in numerous ways.  From providing help during Western Washington Fair programming to very generous financial contributions,  to gifts of equipment, and advise on business issues and practices.

Marie is a serious birder and world traveller, however, as a professional real-estate agent with nearly two decades of experience, Marie has recently written a great book about her profession: Things They never Taught Me in Real Estate School. Quoting one of the top producing agents in Denver, Colorado, Denice Reich, “An overdue book-much needed for the industry!  Not only is the book fun, it’s reality on the lighter side. A must for every Realtor to read. There are so many pages of situations that we all have experienced… A fun book to give to associates or buyers and sellers…”  The book is a must for anyone contemplating buying or selling a house, and Marie has agreed to donate to REF $5 from each book sold via our efforts, to go to our nature center development.

Please keep your eyes on our products page where we will be posting the book with appropriate pricing and ordering information.  This is a great way to help us get into our new home.

Thanks Marie… let’s help her make that book a bestseller.

MORE HEROES… Please look to this page on a regular basis as we periodically update our list of exceptional people whose help has been integral to our continued success..  In the coming weeks you will see the names of  Randy SimonsDavid & Nancy WymanRobert & Roxanne Koehler, and Pat O’Brien, among  many others who will be added to our roster of invaluable partners in our progress.  A special page will be devoted to our “Docent of the Year” along with our other volunteers whose great help and many hands help lighten our load.

Corporations have played a great part in supporting our mission.  Some of the most involved are Chevron, and Total Petroleum.  Others have included Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Southland, and Waste Management.

The Panwy Foundation of Connecticut has been supporting REF activities for over a decade, and the W.M.B. Berger Foundation and the Denver Foundation have become involved in the efforts to build a new home for our wonderful birds. We will feature profiles on some of  these businesses and organizations in the future. 

Jerry’s Leather Goods, Inc.

Since 1946, Jerry’s Leather Goods has provided a wide variety of services and products related to leather, including repairs and alterations. They recently donated some hides to REF, which we use to make the straps (called “jesses”) attached to the birds’ legs.  We will also be able to make some new, heavy eagle gloves with their generous gift. Stop by and see them at 4965 South Broadway, in Englewood.  (303) 781-0121.  Thanks Brad!

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