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Gallery Entrance: The Raptor Collection© is an exclusive gathering of artworks (including photos and crafts) devoted to one subject: promoting the appreciation of the magnificent birds of prey. In some cases, a percent of sales benefit the mission of the Raptor Education Foundation. In other cases, we just want you to see the best. To the discriminating collector of wildlife art we promise the best art depicting raptors. Artists for the collection are rigorously screened for their first-hand knowledge of raptors. This ensures that the collector is buying more than just copies of photographs. All limited editions never exceed 100 pieces. We also feature open editions in special cases. Those artists featured in our Crafts Gallery are exceptional craftsmen or women, and produce exclusive works for REF.  We guarantee you will not find anything we feature anywhere else. Take some time to browse our Art Gallery and our Crafts Gallery and we are certain you will want to add something to your collection or give someone special a unique and beautiful gift.

Our Contemporary Art Gallery is currently featuring the works of Vadim Gorbatov, Russia’s premier wildlife artist.
Our Historic Art Gallery is featuring the work of Donald L. Malick.

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Super Summer Savings Special for our exclusive license plates:$19.95

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