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An honest crab fisherman knows more about the real world than the ex VP of the United States.  This man had the temerity to let the Climate Change con-man Algore in on the simple observational fact that because of his crab-fishing business he has not seen any sea rise since 1970. Gore’s response was to ask if the fisherman had seen storms increasing?  Not really was the answer.  The fisherman makes an honest living by being attentive to the natural world.  Algore makes a dishonest living by duping a gullible public. Guess who has millions and can afford to buy carbon dioxide “indulgences,” and  fly in in private jets to his multiple mansions?  And guess who pays for the con?  One of the comments to the linked report describe Al Gore as a “climate whore.”  I wish I would have made the observation!  How appropriate!!

Updated: August 4, 2017 — 10:27 am

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