The End of The World: Demography is Destiny

No, sorry, the changing climate won’t kill us.  Being ignorant on a delusional scale will! Not understanding Endogenous Growth Theory is what will end the past accretions of human knowledge as population decline leads the way to our demographic destiny. Population decline?  Look past the obvious group think blather into the coming demographic trends, and you will  see something eye opening!

“As Romer explained to his Nobel audience on that lovely winter evening in Stockholm, Endogenous Growth Theory is the beautiful explanation of why, “on balance, it is better to have more people” rather than fewer. Limiting our population is not a progressive idea. The most sophisticated, cross-disciplinary science emerging from academia appears to tell us that the ancient Mosaic wisdom of the Judeo/Christian tradition, to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” is exactly the correct progressive prescription for the continuation of human well-being. And failing to do this is what the end of the world actually looks like.”

Gates Foundation research along with numerous other published findings point to all the fallacies of current popular thinking.  Take the time to read where our cognitive decline is taking us. Click here.