Wind Power Oligarchs Face Community Sanctions

Big wind oligarchs harvesting federal and state tax credits are now facing the confluence of events which will seriously disrupt their corrupt business models.  The public is onto the scam and the schemes, and communities are saying NO!  Robert Bryce, who writes about energy, power, and politics reports about the 328th time that communities have rejected wind projects since 2015.  It is vital for anyone concerned about the death and devastation caused by industrialized wind schemes to read Robert’s article in Forbes magazine.  Not only are these alternative energy fantasies not clean or green, but they cannot deliver what they promise in the way of cheap and reliable energy when and where you might need it.  And after you read the Forbes article, take some time to view the video below on the tragic disasters caused by the toxic industry of current battery production to power a carbon free future.  Thanks to Wattsupwiththat for the continuing reality check.


Updated: May 5, 2022 — 10:37 am