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Lessons From Down Under

The international crash test dummy on renewable energy is an island in the southern hemisphere.  What it has to teach us about green energy schemes has been encapsulated in this wonderful interview and report. Will anyone take heed to the reality of what is going on in what is one of the most energy rich […]

The Theory For Everything

AGW or anthropogenic global warming, the theory that morphed into climate change is now purported to explain every weather event that has ever happened or might conceivably happen.  Forget what the solar system is doing, which repeats certain cycles that create events like the Maunder Minimum or the Dalton Minimum.  Forget all of that stuff.  […]

2018: Year Of The Bird

When passenger pigeons vanished, and the fashions of the moment dictated that hats should be adorned with magnificent plumes from many types of birds, and market hunting of game birds slaughtered them by the thousands, wiser heads prevailed and created the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). This year marks a century of success. Leading the […]

Another German Final Solution

In pursuit of climate purity, German politicians have pursued another “final solution’ in their zeal and horrific inclination to achieve their national delusion of free, clean, natural energy.  With some of the highest energy costs in the world, the report linked here reveals the very real holocaust that is now taking place in a country […]

Germany’s Energy Disaster

Despite Germany’s well-known reputation as engineers that can solve any problem put before them, their legendary abilities cannot overcome the delusions that have been driving their politics. Those delusions have created disasters before, and their current energy policy is just the most recent example of how disconnected from reality German politicians have become.  Does American […]

Minnesota Learns The Cost of Wind

How many eagles is subsidized energy worth?  If eagles and other wildlife being slaughtered by wind farms are worth less than the industrial blight being erected whenever federal subsidy farmers want to make a profit, then let’s just cover the entire country with these robots from the energy industrial complex.  They will still not produce […]

Reality Reminder

How sustainable is the green, clean, renewable alternative energy theology?  It is time to remind everyone that the dream of the ecotopians is a nightmare for wildlife, for natural resources, for the poor who live in energy deserts, and the nightmare would engulf all but the energy elites.  Read this and remind yourself of alternative […]

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