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The Perfect Correlation

Understanding that correlation is not causation is, perhaps, one of the most important lessons anyone can learn when observing the world around them. The increase in ice cream consumption is perfectly correlated with the increase of shark attacks.  However, does one increase in behavior cause the other increase in behavior of two different species?  Understanding […]

When The Wind Stops Blowing

The house of cards built on sunshine and breezes reveals its foundations are built on sand.  This is the reality that the “green revolution” will not acknowledge publicly, although many of them know the limits of power density and intermittency will not be overcome in the near or distant future.  Alternative energy success is not […]

Its Is The Sun

Its always been the sun! A new report by a diverse group of international scientists bring back the logic of common sense. From one of the scientists, Richard C. Willson, Principal Investigator in charge of NASA’s ACRIM series of Sun monitoring Total Solar Irradiance satellite experiments (U.S.A.): “Contrary to the findings of the IPCC, scientific […]

Climate Tipping Point?

Have climate scientists finally reached the reality tipping point? “Last week, a group of scientists sent shock waves through the climate-science community. They boldly pointed out that current climate models exaggerate greenhouse warming. In other words, they confirmed what climate skeptics have been arguing all along: that most computer climate models forecast unrealistic warming — […]

What’s In A Name?

The history we do not remember, and the history we have not learned from is coming and we are condemned to repeat all the mistakes we have made before. Statues are being destroyed and disappeared.  Names and faces are being erased from the pages of history. Now they are coming for bird names. Will the […]

The Reality of Meatless

Getting into a discussion about the pros and cons of a vegan or vegetarian “lifestyle” as a way to save the planet generally  turns into a fatuous exchange of beliefs.  Homo sapiens, by their biological makeup are omnivores, i.e, they evolved to consume  diverse sources of nutrients. Based on where you appeared on the planet, […]

Green Hypocrisy Growing

It is easy to get depressed about the insane pursuit of free, clean, green energy especially when you listen to and watch the bloviating  public servants who never have to pay the costs of their inept and incompetent ideas put into action with someone else’s money. However, the reality of eliminating the use of fossil […]